Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Habari kuusu Mlima.(News From The Hill)

i swore to myself that i would write everyday. this is a good thing. because it keeps me busy all day thinking about what i am going to write on this site. and balking at the idea that i simply won't be funny enough. talk about blocks. never mind blogs!?

so before i knew it, yesterday slipped by in a green rainy bliss and i never got round to The Blooooog. Did my run around the track at the club (i call it 5 kays, they called it 5 kays but in fact its probably only 4.8, or so they say). Whatever. A good run but still felt and looked like a beaten walrus at the end of it. When will it get better? I looked sweaty and healthy, apparently.

Popped into the office to see dear B, who has given up smoking again. It's been five days now and bless, she was so relieved to hear that of course one loses one's mind when one has recently quit smoking. It's happened to all of us. B had forgotten to bring my tray of eggs. She offered up Pete's tray (who happened to be out at the time) which i neeeearly took but it was only half a tray. Anyway. Another excuse to pop by and see B tommorrow. Oh and B is now a granny! So exciting! Another Baby!

Then home - to think about the Blog and becoming ravishingly famous from it - or from my searing song writing. ANd ended up writing a new song! A Spring Song for C. All Yellow flowers and May and how muses sometimes are so obvious. I must confess my heart felt aloft and dippy during the wonderful process of jotting notes and finding a thread of a tune...Its seriously joyous. And addictive. So when the kids came home and started interrupting, i was seriously annoyed. I have always said that this was the parenting lesson..Patience and acceptance. Because what happened if tommorrow ...godakes... But anyway - yesterday was different. I was reaaaaallly angry about it...Uneccessarily so...My poor family...what they must endure. And they still end up being my greatest fans and muses of all time.

Craig and Daniel went to rugger practise while Rubin stayed at home to practise his words as Hitler in the school assembly. Both C and I have tried to peruade him to speak like "Unt vee vill rrroool zee vorld een vun foul sfooop, you sfinehond englees man kartoppelhooffing" whilst holding a good nazi salute. The boy lacks confidence.

Later we all trooped over the The B's. Rubin and Gabriella all squeaky clean from hot showers and the fresh rainy evening breeze in our hair and masses of snow on Kilimanjaro, who made a tardy sexy appearance en route. Sparkling. Sparkling. S and I caught up with all the news. Oh because i mean we hadn;t seen each other for at LEAST a day. Isn;t it funny with your best friends? There is always something to share and talk about. Boys simply don;t understand it. Delicious red vino and caviar..What a treat! Am so glad for this blog to remind me of my life. Wine and Caviar? Bliss. So told Sal about all the people I had seen who had had babies and that B was now a granny and and and...Then D came home with news of the Wildlife Department meeting with all interested parties, like the PH and the photographic guides and the lodge and camp owners, and members of the communities where all this takes place. How interesting! I would have loved to have been there. Such a hot pot. (www.tnrf.orf) Craig returned from rugby practise thinking he was sweaty and smelly and he wasn;t at all. He said that there was a great turn out of kids for practise and about 15 of the kids from the Burka COffee Village. The boys are so keen to get into a there stood a 16 year old squeezing himself towards himself and answering to the question of " and how old are you?" in a deep voice "eleven!" with daniel gawping silently "No he is 16!" from the back line.

Rain in the night again. Must do rain graphs. Yes GRAPHS.

School run this morning. No running. To B to collect eggs and see photos of new grandson with his dark hair pasted onto his new little head. So beautiful. B remembered the eggs! And thinks her brain has completely recovered. I didn't tell her otherwise.

Drove home on chocolate mud roads which are drying from a hazy spring sun. Veronica told me that a child was nearly killed in a village below when a kijana (young person) tried to cut his tongue out for witchcraft and that i shouldn;t let the kids go and play in scorpion gorge, not with people like that hanging about..And that a lady had her boobs chopped off in Ngaramtoni also for witchcraft. It's the Tanzanite miners searching for luck, Lady Luck who will fly them out of the pitholes of poverty. No. Actually I don;t think I will let the children go and play in Scorpion Gorge. Actually. No.

Craig attended a Professional Hunters Association Meeting. And i thought about husbands getting drunk in local bars and picking fights and getting their heads smashed in by bottles and being beaten up by security guards and getting thrown in jail and using that as an excuse why they had not remembered their wife's birthday.

We will make the jazz music tonight! Finally a night where Craig and I will be able to go out together without the kids! Fabulous. Kids are all farmed out for the night. And tommorrow is a public holiday (Workers Day) so no frantic school runs in the morning, or the dastardly early morning obsession of the perfect boiled egg. And "Bloody hurry up! You're late! Did you remember your swimming stuff, PE? Tie? godsakes you didn;t leave your sweater at school...oh hell...GO AND BRUSH YOUR TEETH NOW! What? Sign what? Detention form? ok...Huh? What did you get in detention for? Your homework? But you did it! We did it. In fact I did it...Oh you forgot it but i reminded you..Quick. Sun Block. You just have to or else you will get skin cancer and die..Oh WILL YOU HURRY UP!!!! I love you. Bye! Bye darling!" Whew. Tommorrow is a holiday. Craig leaves for Monduli for camp and road building. Boys will spend time out there with their terribly adventurous heroic Dad who we all adore adore adore! Tommorrow.

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