Monday, April 28, 2008

So I have finally started the blog. Sally shall be pleased with me. She also told me that everyday 28 000 blogs are started. So I am just a drop in the ocean - anyway - what's new?

New beginnings and you have to start somewhere.

Had fabulous week-end but suspect i over imbibed on booze and food. So my run this morning was perfect and made me feel good about myself. Saturday the boys played rugby. It was too sweet...a little gaggle of geese chasing the ball! Then the big boys played. I sat with all the girls who seemed to be drinking wine and buying mexican silver trinkets on the side lines rather than watch the game. At some point someone swapped the wine with vodka. I was, needless to say, in bed and lights out by nine, only after realizing i had forgotten everything under the table on the shoes, my new trendy denim jacket and blah....

M sports a black eye. From falling when trying to pick up her handbag at the rugby. Because she had over estimated the height of the table because it was getting dark and, yes, because she had had one too many. Anyway - she told her ex when he arrived to drop the kids off that a bee had stung her.

Drove out to Usa yesterday for lunch at the Camms. It was splendid! Caught up on wedding photos and saw the new baby and people i have not seen in years because they live on the otherside of the mountain. Met some fellow tribesmen from Zimbabwe. Well. I know I am a Zambian but its things like the Chirundu Border Post and words like "ah mooshi man" and reading Don';t Lets Go To The Dogs Tonight which immediately make you understand each other.

And it has not rained for two days! So the road at the bottom of the hill was dry for a change. Seeing this is the opening page i had better introduce the idea a little. This will just be ramblings from a housewife who lives on top of a windy hill outside Arusha in northern Tanzania. The Hill is called Ngorobob with views far and wide. We can see Kili and Meru and all of the Maasai Steppes. Our neighbours are mostly Maasai and one mosquito net factory which we all despise even though its making things which save people from malaria. Our other neighbours are The Bakers, The Bells, Trish and Mzee Williams family, who Sally knows intimately and i, ashamedly don't. In our house there are five of us: Me Craig, Daniel, Rubin and Gabriella. Then Veronica our house lady. Then Laura Lilly Bell Little Claws Doria alias Paka Loo (the Cat), then Tigger and Pasha our dogs. Then four horses, Sirrocco, Hokaido, Rhino and Mr Jefferson and dear Godwin and Mwali who look after the horses. Mwali is on leave now so Hussein has stepped in to help for a month. And then there is Amnaay our driver and Mwita our askari who has to be the most useless human being in the entire universe but we just can't seem to get rid of him.

And here we sit in a little brave pink house on top of a very maasai tanzanian hill. So these shall be daily little anecdotes about life on the hill.

Sally has done the school run this morning to the Dorobos. She will also pick up the kids. Sal and Damian have two boys, Jasper and finley Titan. They are Gabby's bestest. And they all go to school together. The boys attend a school just down the road and they get a lift with darling Claire Baker who happens to teach at the school too. Craig has shot into town to do the shopping and the bank and the banana ladies and the butchery and collect the horse food and and kind of him.

So this is where we start. Today is a good day for beginnings. For good beginnings. the skies are grey so hopefully we shall get more rain to fill the tanks. We live off the are deeply grateful for a good rainy season.
Hmm time for a cup of tea and shall go and check my little vegetable garden to see if anything has sprouted.


N said...

I know I am late to the party, but I'm here now and loving it and Don't Lets Go oh the Dogs Tonight is one of my all time favourite books and eventhough I'm a South African - I know all about that stuff too. There's something about us African women, isn't there?

N said...

That was Don't Let's Go To The Dogs Tonight - excuse me - early hours of the morning here and lack of sleep is the cause of that!