Saturday, May 24, 2008

the kitchen blackboard concept: a step towards domestic goddessism

what a sunday its been. jogging, riding, eating, laughing. eating. eating. eating. and eating. i can hear my friends all saying, "well no wonder she can't lose her belly and her arse...she should try laying off the food a little..." man. those oat honey biscuits at sal's house are lethal. i ate six. and an enormous lunch and still at it...scary. just because i went running this morning (more like staggering this morning) and have sanctamoniously given up drinking, i am under the incredibly incorrect impression that it gives me licence to eat solidly and randomly until i roll into bed. call me betty the vacuum cleaner.

my poor horse. i should really be more considerate. rubin rode with me this morning on sirrocco and hokaido came along too, riderless, bucking and farting alongside the two of us which was really annoying. although he looked magnificent. he made rubin a little nervous on sirrocco coming down the steep hill...but rubin was brave and strong and rode splendidly.

lunch at sal and damian's...always good. lots of laughing especially about the planned Shag Shack. but that is another story entirely...

i was like the pied piper this afternoon (and betty the vacuum cleaner). all the hill children ended up chez moi. spent a faded pink and entirely delightful afternoon trailing FTB (finly titan bell - sal and d's youngest) and OTB (oscar tom baker, claire and marc's youngest) - star wars or what? - FTB calling OTB roger roger over and out - around the stables because they are the littelest and not to be trusted. last time fin ended up in the molasses bucket. and before that he walked into the lounge naked and covered from head to toe (balls and everything!) in thick greasy red make up stuff...still not sure what it was....something like granny's wax rouge from the 1920's...and then he wanted to jump all over the white couch...(ftb in the photo on the left after a busy busy day, power napping...a while back) and OTB (pictured with gabby in the RHS pic ) is highly likely to swing off the side of the stable onto a horse...or get his little fingers nibbled off by one of them or plop off the edge of the water tank like a ripe fruit. craig calls him "mr mimi anguka (sp?) hapa" which is swahili for i fall here... T was there too de ticking her horse. and i played my guitar for the horses. they seemed to really like it!? sang Billy by Dylan for them and thought they would like Wild Horses by the Stones. they seemed to. otb and ftb looked at me as though i'd finally gone totally potty. but they hung about anyway to see what would happen, probably.

there is a new term floating about with a very hidden meaning: it means letting people know that you are going to have sex...apparently its "Making Cookies" or "Baking a cake." i might as well just say "oh we will be having sex" because the likelyhood of me baking a cake or making cookies is as remote as me having sex. does that even make sense? and anyway, who wants to know?

it's been a shiny day. except that craig left on safari for ten days. he will be riding horses for three days in maasailand..lucky him. and then off to the Crater and Serengeti for five days...camping amongst the migration. and won't be making any cookies i assume....

you will notice that from today onwards, at the end of every bloggedly blah, there will be a small photograph, centrally located, of my kitchen blackboard. i solomnly promise not to tamper with it and shall portray it in all its honesty and disarray.

craig thinks its a really bad idea and that no-one will look at it. but it's the kind of thing that i would read or squint at. anyway - comments appreciated. let me know if you read it at least. it can say a lot sometimes. and it changes every so often. and hopefully this will force me to pay attention to The List more regularly so i don't embarrass myself with my domestic ineptitude on the blog...i am a domestic goddess. i am a domestic goddess. i am a domestic goddess. i am a....

contributors to the kitchen blackboard: Veronica (Main Scribe), Daniel, Rubin, Gabby, Janelle and Craig. (when he is not on safari) and sometimes my passing they will add " good looking funny sexy single man x 1 for n. URGENT! Monday." and silly things like that. or the boys will teach other kids how to draw naked ladies using W X Y and brackets.

up above is saturday nights'...and below is tonights'. promise to zoom in more for future postings.

toodily pip then.

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