Friday, May 2, 2008

Location Location Location And All That Jazz

location location location. its all about location so they say. it suddenly struck me that if someone not from here was reading about our little lives on ngorobob hill they would have no idea where in the world we were. in the middle of bloody no-where, probably. arusha? tanzania? like my friend sal bernardi said " africa? are there lions and tigers in the streets eating people meat?" ( he is a great musician living in paris. and writes incredible music...beat angels with rickey lee jones.

so to be brief: east africa, northern tanzania (look at a google map to see where tanzania is located - between kenya and zambia and mozambique and it has a coast - zanzibar - and great lakes tanganyika, victoria and the serengeti plains with its famed migration) arusha, kisongo (a small grey village just outside arusha). our hill is somewhere in between arusha and kisongo. the views are stupendously beautiful - kilimanjaro (the highest single standing mountain in the world), mt meru, monduli mountain, the maasai steppes (highland plains) and on top of this we are lambasted with the wildest possible winds in september, skyscapes direct from heavan, angel neighbours, rainbows, african storms and mists and sunsets and moon rises and godsakes, a DREAM WORLD (did i dream this up?). i am of the opinion that we are possibly some of the luckiest people in the world. really.

yes yes. the jazz evening. craig and i managed to farm out all children to free ourselves together sans enfants...a novel experience really..naturally there was a rather bad turn out. as always in arusha. nevertheless, those that were there were high with life and vodka and excited about the evening of jazz. the first band - bloo blood - or something like that - was tight, funky, local and fabulous! david seng'enge (who has played lots with me in the past) was up there doing his maestro bit on lead guitar - just awesome - so was unsurprised to hear his new stage name of King David. Xavier on bass was incredible and i have decided he now has every right to be a French music snob. Canadian Dave on the drums was impeccable. Was not sure who the key boardist was.....he should not keep his apple mac in front of him on stage. It does him no favours.

So when Jonas The Star came on we were possibly expecting more. (we should have known better never to associate Danes with Jazz) He tried to emulate Eminem (who i depise mostly) by wearing silly glasses and a hat so you couldn't see his face - and then broke out into very bad soul music. but did all the rap dance movements (you know that sort of vague grappling around the crotch area but never really grabbing it?? so annoying and distracting, i say). sadly he was unconvincing. although he had a good voice. so when one of our arusha rasta boys stepped up on stage (after being invited, of course, yet unwittingly, by Jonas the Dane) and broke out into a feisty and perfect rendition of Is This Love by Marley, the crowd went wild, so to speak... and LOVED him. he joyously and untimidly stole the show... embarrassingly easily. the dane , after managing to get the star rasta off stage, sang a reggae song, which he wrote himself, about being broke, which had us all yawning and guffawing. he was whining on about being tired of cigarettes and coffee and he is only about 20 yrs what on earth is he banging on about in his new jeans hanging around his knees..? No. It was annoying. But not to be done out of a good evening, i managed to be a menace in my pink feather boa along with M, getting free vodka on ices from unassuming and very polite (and clearly very drunk) UN lawyers. and laughing a lot. which is what life is about, n'est ce pas?
we all take life way too seriously. its supposed to be fun, so the spiritually evolved tell us. but what about the starving bangladeshis and the haitians who can't afford to buy rice anymore? i bang on. . .how can you make that fun, huh? Answer me that one You Oh Angel Expert On Your Last And Final Incarnation On Your Way to Nirvana More Evolved Soul Than Me Who Has Fun In Life All The Time? Bet Bob (as in Dylan) could.
i wish sal would come and play some jazz in arusha with rickie.
now THAT would be a dream come true.

visualize visualize visualize with great abundance and gratitude.

and tonight M's Silver Birthday Party. More tommorrow.


Suzie said...

Fist off THANK YOU for the lovely uplifting and head expanding comment you left on my blog! I am so glad you have started reads already like the beginning of a novel- a remarkable situation and such amazing locations! You writing is gorgeous and funny and I would love to know more about your music. Did our paths cross in Zambia?
Tanvir Bush aka Chimera from Holey Vision (posting from my cousins account in her office in New York so all a bit baffling
p.s. there is a short thriller in Scorpion Gorge methinks!

Janelle said...

thanks suzie! yeah i know zoe from zambia..yes i am from zambia..luangwa valley but born in choma, for what its worth!!i wonder if we met!!?? HAH??

Janelle said...

godsakes! i am sooooo thick!!! hey TANVIR!!!!! NOT SUZIE!!! it took me at least half an hour to work it out...sis!!!!!