Monday, May 12, 2008

sick bed with a view

been sick as a pike and camped out near the choo (loo) after a splendid friday and saturday. a dastardly tummy bug. won;t go into any details, but whew, its a biggie. had to sms dr sheriff (our shiite doctor who has the most beautiful almond eyes, i kid you not) with symptons, also explaining that i could not come in person to see him as i dare not be less than 5m away from the toilet. he has prescribed some dawa (medicine) which, when you read the small print, kills everything from anthrax to giardii. amazing. dear sal picked it up in town for me along with some white rice. i really hope the drug works.

frankly, i feel like, um, sh**.

i have the best sick bed in the world. i can lie and see kilimanjaro through my window. lucky me. darling c returned from camp to check up on me ( i think more the kids) because they had to make their own dinner last night (toasted peanut butter saamies), their own bath and put themselves to bed last night. i was incapable. hear the violins. hear the violins. at one point they were all bickering and fighting about who gets to sit in the deep end of the tiny bath and who gets the big towel, and i staggered in screaming like a true witch mother
" its bloody mothersday and i am bloody sick so will you bloody well just get into the damned bloody bath now or.,....blah blah blah!" total loss of control, you see. i might even have thrown in the "F" word somewhere in there. and then i heard them snickering when i walked out....

now. rubin was a champion yet again on saturday and won two medals in moshi at the swimming gala . how we beam, seriously. i shall attend the assembly on friday to see him receive them (unless i am otherwise incapacitated.)

bananas apparently are too heavy for a bad tummy. its rice porridge. dear veronica has been plying me with salty rice porridge today...she really is an angel.
whew. here come the cramps again....and a long night ahead.

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N said...

I am so pleased to hear that I am not the only witch mother. Huge relief, I tell you.