Friday, May 30, 2008

fuschia and chocolate suede: do they go?

so i'm off to a party tonight. m (m of the silver party fame) said she was going to dress for boogying. she is such a good dresser. she always looks a million dollars. and sexy as hell. although of course she doesn't think so.

what has happened to me? i am so unsure about how i dress these days. i used to be so confident about it something about being 40 ish and heading upwards, while the body heads south for winter, like you're on the cusp of um, dear god..... something...? or is it that i now lack imagination and drive - oh so comfy in my levis, white T-shirts and north stars? you know, jeez - isn't this fuschia a bit young - mutton dressing up as lamb - clang clang go the alarm bells? or is it too barbara cartland...oooergh the eye shadow? do boots really go with the fuschia kaftan? (it comes to the knees and is indian, deep YOUNG fuschia silk, and brightly embroidered...does it go with chocolate brown suede boots from cannes? with square heels? HELP - ALL COMMENTS WELCOME PLEASE) see pics above....what do you think?

its just ridiculous. i mean. when i was about 17 i used to walk around public swimming pools like an arab. with literally only my eyes revealed. now i walk around in a bikini and i could't give a shit. how did THAT happen? my boys sort of nervously say," maaaaaaaa your boobs are hanging out. i think that bikini is too small ...maaaaa..." ME: " oh stop being ridiculous rubin. honestly. its fine. its so not too small..." and wobble out of the change room into the splendid sunlight and a crowd who i assume couldn't care less either. with my two boys clearly distancing themselves from me. walking on the other side and lurking in the shade...for a bit. then they too get over it.

when i was 5 months pregnant with gabby, craig was on safari in the selous for weeks, so i decided to head for two entire weeks to zanzibar east coast (Paradise Beach Bunglows - chez Mama Saori - a terribly polite and wonderful human being). and i wore a tiny kate mossish bikini. and i was quite large. everywhere. but the boys were little then and they didn't mind. we played on the white sand under the palms .i could have written a book called " 283 Sand Castle Designs".
i even had the notorious beach boys harassing me. they MUST have been desperate. quite times. " Hey mama how about it?" i was so outraged. ME: " Look. Will you puhleeze leave me alone? can't you see i couldn;t be less interested? now buggar off and leave me alone. i could be your MOTHER!" everyday after that they would ride by on their yamaha, stoned, rasta hair flying, and shout out " Jambo Kali Mama! Don't be so kali mama...mwah mwah..." ah, whatever....those weeks were bliss. i lay on a hammock and ate coconuts all day, ate fish and sea weed soup and piles of fruit. ... me my boys and the butterfly in my tummy.the big fat butterfly in my tummy...!

if craig was here he would tell me - if the pink and brown and the entire ensemble worked or not. he is dangerously honest - "ouf! yes. your bum looks HUUUUGE." or "hmmmm yeah - tight round the hips..." or " are you really going out in that nightie?" and i trust him. but there have been times when i have popped into the loo to check up that my face is still straight on my head, that both my eyes are looking in the same direction still and diligently noticed mascara literally half way down my cheek and my zip undone. and he hasn't said anything. remarkable.

won't be drinking tonight. the halo is getting very big and heavy. tempted by the mango vodka natasha brought back with her. it's in the deep freeze. but no. no. bad idea. bad idea.

gabby on the pink kaftan: yes you look ok mama but PULL it down!

anyway. can't be too worried. its the kaftan and the boots. here go i....

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Contributors: Veronica

Comments: gotta run! party time! toodely pip and love love. always


Dumdad said...

Oooo, I'm first to comment, which, for some reason, is always a thrill. Note to self: must get out more. As you are doing. By the time you read this comment you will have been out and back. Hope you had a great time.

As for sartorial advice, I'm very definitely the wrong person to ask. My idea of bliss is spending all my time in T-shirt and shorts. Nothing else. Summer is coming and it's warmer now in Paris so I'm attired thus as I write. My son has inherited my complete lack of interest in clothes.

I know when I've made a faux pas regarding clothing is when as I get ready to step out of the house my wife says: "And you're going out like that?" I look at myself with despair but can never fathom what's wrong. Oh well. It's the weekend and beers and the backyard under the stars beckon.

ciara said...

brown & pink go well together and the boots really do look nice w the pink caftan. hey, at least you can WEAR boots. my cankles are too big for boots and so are my calves!

p.s. fuschia is only for the young?? if ya look good & feel good that's all that matters. of course fashion advice from someone who doesn't give a crap what they look like and doesn't like anything cuz she's big as a whale is prob not the best advice giver LOL

Janelle said...

Looove you guys for commenting! thanks! yeah just back...OH what a night...extraordinary i kid you not. extra bloody terrestrial that's what it was....jeez...anyway - i digress, the kaftan and boots worked.! hooray. and i did not drink. apart from some cognac over the ice cream...beers under the stars in a T shirt and shorts sounds perfect in my books.
night night then.

eliza said...

Oh my lord!!! I have found my spiritual home. J you will not believe! I have found my nirvana in a little Indian duka in downtown Moshi...i went, i bought, i spent..lots. The most beautiful sparkly tunics, and kaftan type tops...glitter, and beads, and sparkles, and so fabulous over a pair of raggy old jeans. I will share the secret with you some time...I could have moved in :) xx

Janelle said...

ouf!! share share share please!!! how exciting..! a treasure trove in moshi and excited to hear that you have moved into your misty coffee farm above the clouds. lots love xxx j said...

funny. so so funny. bet you looked great: boobs, bum,boots and all. i went out once in incy wincy trousers. so tight i could hardly sit down and walking was reduced to goose step. the dinner i had gone to was a waste of time, i could fit anything else in behind the miniscule waistband i'd squeezed recently post-hat tummy into .i thought i looked fabulous. friend (can i really call her that i wondered afterwards?) said i looked like ''mutton dressed as lamb''. i thought that was unkind. you never tell your girlfriends that. you can tell them anything else (like, perhaps, you'd look even nicer in a skirt. or your pajama bottoms, even?). but never that. i pretended not to care but i threw the trousers away and our friendship was never the same afterwards. mine and hers, not mine and the trousers.