Wednesday, May 7, 2008

spring has finally sprung

spring has finally sprung. not that this side of the equator we are entering spring or anything tulipy like fact its our autumn..but the rain has eased up (although secretly wish it hadn't as the second water tank is not full yet and i know everyone thinks that the first one has a leak when it doesn't...we simply have not had enough rain!! some beg to differ.) and the grass is green, horses are fat, yellow flowers are everywhere, kilimanjaro is covered in snow, resembling a large and overly iced sponge cake scoffing at global warming scares, a giant silver sparkle in the west.

And dear vero had the basket of onions out in the mild sleepy sun to dry off the rain mould them,...mwali had the saddles out cleaning off the green fuzz...and there is the newest sexiest moon you have ever seen hanging low on the eastern horizon, all knowing. all knowing. and just something in the air. an expectant and full air decorated with fat low stars.

so i nearly died yesterday by lighting the boiler for hot water for the kids bath...not that there was anyone around who would remotely care if i had passed on to other worlds. apart from the kids. maybe. ( husband is out in northern maasailand building camps and roads, dealing with black mambas and generally being totally cool and heroic and he would care if i died but he would have only heard the next day maybe)

anyway, not to digress. for those not in the know. a "kuni boiler" is an old fashioned geyser into which you load your firewood (we used eco friendly coffee wood before any eco facist jumps on the band wagon), light it and bingo it heats up the metal drum surrounding the fire which contains the water from your holding tank and you have hot water. see photo taken by daniel (my totally awesome first born - 11 yrs - who has just learnt about periods as in mentruation, at school today and he feels so sorry for me. i love him).

let me assure you..its not as easy as it the boiler.

oh no. damp wood from all the rain. Lucky Matches that are called Lucky Matches because you are lucky if you can light one in an entire box. Farasi Matches are the best because they are waxed. almost 10 liters of paraffin later and all you have are a few pathetic coals and a LOT of smoke and dead pan cold water. but here is the danger. so you think, damnit..more fuel..that'll do you chuck another 5 liters at the smoke hole and a couple of Luckies or Farasis following the fuel shortly, then WOUF!!! before you know it you are thrown 4 feet into the air and you have lost all your leg hairs, if you are a man ( or a woman that hasn;t been waxed for a while because its been winter) and your eye lashes and eye brows and all body hair. FORTUNATELY for me, i managed to spin around and received a large burst of flame upon my denim bottom and managed to save all facial hair and head hair. i just had a hot denim bottom. HAH! and hot water.

mwita our askari has relit the boiler tonight as i intend to have a hot shower before bed.

someone has thrown a rotten passion fruit into the toilet. and it wasn't me. or rubin or gabby or daniel. it must have been The Cat. hmmmmm.

my heart feels like it could float right over and beyond the new moon tonight. its full. of love.

and spring.


Phoebs said...

Daffers! Thankyou for giving me something interesting and yes, relax, tres amusing to read during my insomniacal nights here at the much better and far less sad than googling exes,obscure actors and the kid you hated at school. Love the trendy denim jacket by the way!
Phoebs XXX

Janelle said...

Phoebs!! HOW DIVINE TO HEAR FROM YOU!!! sitting sick as a dog but feel i need to work on the blog...yes my you have an eye..the denim jacket was a gift from a client and its ralph lauren...safi eh?? love love