Saturday, May 31, 2008

witchcraft, happiness and things...

so i must be the only person in the entire region without a hangover today and boy am i smug and self righteous about it. hah!

much juju in the air since last night...(more on this another time - maybe). witchcraft exists. lately there has been lots about arusha. a man found with a bucket full of chopped off boobs and a head or two. kids getting their tongues chopped out. nigerians and somalians are blamed. but it happens right here. some say its the miners. looking for luck. luck to find the biggest tanzanite ever to end their hard and brutal times. how heads, boobs and tongues achieve tanzanite blue luck is quite beyond me. and frankly i don't like to dwell on it.

once in the paper (Arusha Times) it was reported that two witches were found in a mango tree near kijenge (an arushan suburb). there they were in the newspaper, pictured in a shabby little mango tree surrounded by police. it was alleged that they flew in from tanga (coastal town and miles away) on, i promise you, flying mats. their mission was apparently, to steal people's crops. one of the witches denied these what he called false allegations and said he had only come for the ride and for a change of scene. they had an accident and fell from the sky into the mango tree. you might think, yeah right, two psychotic stoners. maybe. but as i said previously, anything is possible in africa. absolutely anything. i've seen and heard some seriously funky things. (oh lots to tell here but not now)

anyway - the juju i am experiencing is different. and being outrageously obvious.

oh and a word of advice for those out there who love masks and wooden congolese effigies stabbed all over with nails - don't buy them. and if you do, don't keep them in your houses.

someone said last night that what i needed was a trip to new york.

"this town is not normal, you know..." she said, speaking of arusha and looking at me sideways.... no shit sherlock. but where in the world is "normal"? what exactly IS "normal"?
happiness (or sense of peace) comes from practising detachment. and being ok with it. I THINK.

so am off on a little mini safari this afternoon to spend the night on west meru (the western face of the mountain - overlooking northern maasailand) with my friend N who is a writer and a huntress. the picture above is the view from her place. a little wooden house in a sea of hills. the wind is wild and the mountain is close as are the stars. and you feel high just on the air. and the views. and on being alive.

i love sleeping there. the wind screams and you can see stars through the windows and it feels like you are in a boat in a green rolling sea...without the sea sickness. it's so cosy and far away.
taking the kids and marshmellows for the fire. and a kite.

Kitchen Blackboard: Saturday afternoon: 30 May 2008
Contribtor: Veronica (pictured)
Comments: shopping to be done on monday. we're off to fly kites on the mountain. vero is off for the rest of the week-end. we are off the ngorobob hill until tommorrow...wishing my dear few readers, a wonderful happy week-end. toodely pip then....kesho.


quatrepattes said...

hey, this is really quite scary, but you need to hang in there, what a beautiful place you live in - there is no place called normal, but if it exists it will be BORING.

Mickle in NZ said...

Scary, beautiful, completely strange to me in Wellington, NZ. But wot isn't strange compared to now winter here.

So happy to have found your blog (thanks Dumdad) via soon to catch up with school matey, antipodeesse.
My blog will happen soon,as promised to many. I'm just in awe of all the others I've read, including and especially yours.

indeed hang in there.

many huggles from me, Michelle, and my domestic rescue cat, my darling Zebby

Janelle said...

merci quattrepattes!! yeah it is sort of scary - that's why one doesn;t like to dwell on it...and THANKS mickle! yes start your blog site. thanks for your very kind and sweet words. we look forward to reading yours! let us know. love x janelle

family affairs said...

That looks beautiful and good luck with your gigs this week x said...

love the picture. fab picture.

tam said...

Loving your posts as always darlin. Wish I could toast a marshmallow or three over your crackling flames. kiss the sky for me xx

Retiredandcrazy said...

It's wasn't your head in the bucket was it? Only I just happened to notice that it was missing in your photographs.

Janelle said...

heh heh heh! exactly. no head to be seen...i lost it somewhere. x janelle