Thursday, June 26, 2008

it's all my eye and betty martin....

by god. it's certain that we will need a double decker bus to move us out to maasailand tommorrow what with all our kizigo (luggage and shit. oh and planets full of children). but landrovers will have to suffice, it seems. we hope. so armed with passports (for the paltry yet irritatingly efficient roadblock at oldonyo sambu), 72 bread rolls, ten loaves of bread, 28 chickens, an entire orchard of mangoes, bananas and paw paws, chilli, garlic and ginger, a brief but quantative selection of booze (BEER and NOW), a sprinkling of cheese biscuits and lashings of peanut butter, rice, cookings oilS (note plural), tray after mrs tray of eggs, we depart these mountainous climes (and the scratchings of nocturnal polar bears) tommorrow at eleven for the dusty wide plains of northern maasailand.

i have a crush on the indian restaurant owner.

and my father DEFINATELY has selective hearing.

Kitchen Board: Thursday evening 26th june 2007.

Contributors: not sure.
Comments: not tonight josephine. its too late. too late. shoppings all been done. so toodely pip then to my few, dearly cherished and sorely missed readers. i return monday evening, undoubtedly saturated with safari tales and dust. x bisous x j
and PS blog site of the day: the god diaries.


Diana said...

Ah, my thoughts are with you and yours and am delighting in the fact that, without all the fuss and muss, I'll get to read all about it in a few days.

Ain't technology grand?

Have lovely travels.

Reya Mellicker said...

I'm so happy to find your blog (after you found mine). Scanning through your posts is like finding a treasure chest full of jewels and pearls. Wow.

Like you, the weather and the phase of the moon (also the solar location in the sky) are my guides. The way I say it is, "The weather explains everything."

What a life you live. So exotic sounding. How did you find yourself in Tanzania?

Have a great journey!

family affairs said...

Missing you! Welcome back. Was it wonderful? Lx

pam said...

amazzzing!!! Love it all and HOW do so many people in the world find your blog?? Its so great I also love reading it

Chimera said...

Dad over too. Phew!
Mum next week.
T x

family affairs said...

You have an award to collect Lx

Mud in the City said...

Really enjoying your blog - I was born in Africa, but left a long time ago. Lovely to feel a sense of the place through yout writing!

family affairs said...

Sorry, it's not my favourite picture, but nevermind, it is an award just drag the image from my post with it on to your desktop then go back to your blog - new post - new image - and drag it over - save and then if you want to save it in your sidebar you go to layout and do the same thing. Good luck Lx