Tuesday, June 3, 2008

kilimanjaro and karibu eliza . . . .

hectic morning over. thank god. blogging early because i couldn't possibly go one day without at least touching base.

of course missed the seamstress. oh kesho kesho. (another good swahili word used often...meaning tommorrow tommorrow)

attended the poetry reading at gabby's school where i congratulated my dear friend, s, who attempted to climb Kilimanjaro and ALMOST made it. i throw flowers in her path. the only wounds she has are bruised toe nails. kilimanjaro is the highest single standing mountain in the world. i have no catholic need to reach the top. mountains look lovely from the bottom up. i suspect its the spiritual quest which makes people get to the top. very emotional apparently. i am almost in tears just thinking of my friends who made it. maybe i should try for meru one day....it takes courage and strength to climb a mountain. even to be on a mountain. deeply respectful of all those who have made it to the top and experienced a spiritual shift.

gabby recited her poetry beautifully. my heart grew terribly large for my chest.

safari craig is back to day and doesn;t have to go to the airport to drop the clients. hooray! he gets to baby sit while i am at the gig. which will finish early. so i can get home fast and early enough to hear all the bush stories!

so here i go. wish me luck! if you are inclined to. oh. doubt bono will make it. apparently last night there were 6 people there. all belonging to the cafe owner's family. oh well. i have sung to one person before. an old man selling cigarettes in the old zanzibar stone town. we had set up in a small lamp lit square in the old town, next to his trolley (filled with cigarettes and sweets) . a new crescent moon hung sweetly and aptly amongst the fat lazy stars above us. in fact, i think he was the most appreciative audience i have ever played for. his face was in rapture and he said that it had been many many years since he had heard music like that. i took it the right way.....he stood in front of us, the guitar and violin, swaying to the music, eyes closed, and a wide wide smile across his face....what an honor. what an honor.

now, he would be The Perfect Focus Person. (as mentioned in a previous blog)

here go i...tra la tra la.


Kitchen Board: Tuesday Afternoon: 3 June 2008

you see how plain and boring efficiency is? personally i find a busy board far more challenging and interesting. (actually i forgot the cooking oil and the juice. sigh sigh) so couldn't bear it (the blank emptiness) and took another photo for todays posting. a shiny smiley bunch of faces! well it's an auspicious photograph as well. eliza from kisongo village has joined our ngorobob hill house for two months to help dear vero with the mountain of work when my entire family and their relatives descend joyously upon us! so KARIBU ELIZA! (karibu - another common word meaning WELCOME!)


Frankofile said...

Loving your blog - not an easy read (good, but not easy for obvious reasons). Just to let you know!

Not even mountain climbing is morally simple - http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2002/11/1115_021115_KilimanPorters_2.html I don'[t want to take away from anyone's achievement, but congratulate those who take care that their porters are safe.

Janelle said...

thanks for your comment! at least you love my blog. yes the porter issue is a serious one. if anyone is going to climb the mountain they must go with a reputable company known for their guidelines re: safety to ALL. where unemployment and poverty levels are excrutiatingly high, abuse and corruption are rife along with desperate measures.... look forward to more of your very succint remarks! thanks! xx janelle

Mickle in NZ said...

FOund your blog via Dumdad, via that wicked Antipo. So entranced by your writing, and by all that goes on there. I spend so much time enjoying blogs like yours that I've yet to set up my own. Bestest wishes to Veronica and Eliza.

Antipo will be back here in Wellington, NZ soon, we will catch up after 26 years.....
Keep writing, your writing style and subjects are incredible. And I'm enjoying comparing shopping lists
Huggles from Michelle in NZ

Diana said...

I'm loving this. I'm loving you. I just spent the morning reading your whole damn blog (in 5-10 minute intervals because work intervened, supplemented by my free time before work and during lunch, lest you think I'm a total slacker) and it's all so glorious. Now I must go google those not-spider Ferrari things you mentioned several posts ago, you know, just to give myself nightmares.

Janelle said...

diana thanks for your great comment..so happy you love to read me. yay! oh to google kalahari ferraris - google solifuge..think that is there proper name...ooooorgh. just back from gig...more on this tommorrow! take care XX janelle

Janelle said...

hey michelle! thanks for the comments! waiting patiently for your blogging to begin...and glad you pay attention to the shopping lists! think i might start a learn to speak swahili section too...! lots love x janelle

family affairs said...

you see? It's not difficult for you to pick up readers with your very evocative writing style...and I love HOW ENTHUSIASTIC YOUR COMMENTS HAVE been re: my AWARD Yay!! and THANK YOU and good luck with your singing to one mightily moved mountain of a man x

Memarie Lane said...

My kitchen board is worse, it's a plain white board. All that's written on it is a website I heard about on the radio and wanted to look at. About a year ago. Why do I even have a kitchen board?

Janelle said...

i have one to remember things. and so visitors think i am efficient. well you see. now it's come into it's own! HAH!. thanks for visiting!! X janelle