Thursday, June 12, 2008

shifting thoughts.

it's things like this which make me so happy. simple things. little things can fix bigger things. i don't know what to write today. my anger has burnt all my words away. so i am sifting through the ashes and finding images and thoughts which make me feel happy. shift the anger. out. out. i think its working.

i deem it most inappropriate to go into the reasons for this anger. so tedious. and it only fuels it.

other people's muck can be very trying. boring. sometimes. like otherpeopleschildren.

just that. maybe we'll have a cheese fondu tonight. it's about as cold as frigging switzerland anyway. alpine conditions. keeps the cheeks ruddy, if anything. these pictures were taken when summer was still hanging about. just...

just the other day. fire is lit in the hearth. children are bickering and am contemplating boarding school. but know that the root of my happiness lies with these children of ours.
i love the way children talk to animals. i love the way children have secret languages which horses seem to understand. and secret imaginary friends. i love the way my daughter knows how to talk to horses. we love the feel of their warm tongues on our cold hands. she laughs. like sunlight.

i love the way children have no idea. they aren't ruined yet. they still have light in their eyes. unadulterated light. they still have their own ideas.

children laugh at embarrassing things. they don't even know. i love that.

i love wild places. i love it that my children love wild places too and can run naked, free, unashamed and barefooted. and brave. where the wild things are.

and i love it that c cooked the kids sausages for dinner. and that him and i are going to have a cheese fondu later SECRETLY sans enfants! i love it that we have our own secret language that the kids can't understand. they threaten us with spanish. i say pah to spanish. i love it that c is home and not on safari.

there you are. its gone. it has. it really has. HAH! it worked. give it a twirl one day.

Kitchen Board: Thursday Evening: 12 June 2008Contributors: Vero, Rubin

Comments: ahead of our time as usual and so advanced. it really is still thursday but we look forward to friday. very much indeed. special guest tonight rubin doria (of many medals fame) and yoyo (beyond frame)

there are horizons. there are futures. there are things to feel happy and content and excited about now. there are things to look forward to.there is nothing to be afraid of.

anger is a waste of time and energy.

there. i am convinced again.


Dumdad said...

In the top photo - is that a cat under the table?

Imaginary friends. This joke always makes me smile:

"I had an imaginary friend when I was a child. Hated him."

Janelle said...

it is indeed a cat. were you a PI in your past life? thanks for reading! x janelle

family affairs said...

GORGEOUS PHOTOS - lovely lovely and so the right way to get rid of your anger Lx said...

beautiful. i'm glad you wrote it out. better than ranting. though i am predisposed to ranting. and swearing. and then to feeling quite swollen with remorse. like yesterday. no water. no this. no that. too much of the other, loneliness. mostly. so i lay on my bed and thought of nothing. and then i swam. up and down and up and down until the spring wound tightly inside me was undone and i could speak to my children and not spit x

Janelle said...

thanks lulu! glad you enjoyed. and POLE SANA anthea...hate to think of you lonely out there!!!! big big hug darlin'! XXX janelle

Ernest de Cugnac said...

Absolutely brilliant photos. SO "horsey". Well naturally. But what I mean is you have completely captured that snuffly pushy way they have of saying, "Come on, I know you've got something for me, now hand it over".

Janelle said...

thanks ernest! yes. exactly. they were after the sugar in this case! very sweet indeed...hah. thanks for reading... x janelle

N said...

there are horizons. there are futures. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this. How much I needed to hear this TODAY. Thank you.