Friday, July 18, 2008


(pic by buzz)

to add on to last night.

see miranda's posting from yesterday. it's about the same story but from a different angle..a great read because she got it exactly right...all the good bits too!

but, more importantly, much more importantly, THERE IS A PICTURE OF THE FALSE LION MANE WAISTCOAT.

and the band.

i have batteries finally. just back from town.

tp and xx. j


Miranda said...

Hey, great pic. LOVE your blog and your posts and everything everything. You rock! I must check if I have a better pic of the lion waistcoat. hehe. We should do this more often. Same activities different posts, different views. Know what I mean? Yea, whatEVER...

Janelle said...

um yeah. whatever. don't you have a Life?
love ya mo. xx

Miranda said...

uh huh, uh huh. Are you med? yawn yawn

Mickle in NZ said...

And this is all just in a days living for you.

how is Sirroco, if my spelling is wrong, is coz I what to check on the loverly horse and his healing. (-please is Sirrocco healing up okay?)

Mickle is not a horse person, or a dog person-yet a carer about our animals.

my own love is for domestic cats, especially rescue cats - like Zebby who loves me too..xxxx

Dumdad said...

You is a bizzy bee.

ciara said...

you're just busy, busy, busy...wish my life were a bit busier. but then again if it were, i would want it to be more settled. no winning w me i guess lol

i've been keeping up on all your stories..just fabulous. i love all the photos, too! :)

Janelle said...

hello!! YAY!! you are all still out there! mickle, yes. thanks for caring. vet saw him yesterday evening and wound is healing really well. thank the goddess of horses.

hey DD - yeah sure am. but enjoying. i think. nice to hear frmo you.

and hey ciara..! lovely to hear from you...long time. and great to know you've been there all along...makes me happy.

love to y'all....xx bisousxx

coupdecoeur said...

A small mark of sympathy during my visit to your beautiful blog.
All my congratulations. I do not speak much English, so I only use Google's translator.
Very good day, Chris Cheers from France

Janelle said...

merci coupdecoeur! went onto your site but couldn't navigate....not very good with techie things. but thanks for visiting! aha. let me try sweetmelody...a bien tot. x j

eliza said...

Hey babe, you HAVE to come and do Moshi mitumba with me. Just returned from there with acres of gloriously coloured sari fabric, and a host of sparkly tops. So much fun!! And the sun is shining, first time in days!! Loving life up here xxx

Janelle said...

ah joie di vivre!! so so glad eliza! guess you never made it over to ireland for the party its going to be a blast...moshi mitumba sounds MUCH nicer than arusha mitumba...will do will do with miranda one of these days..lots love x janelle

tam said...

Aah, I can just SEE the lot of you in mitumba mode. All you need now is B the shopaholic to join you, he has stamina!!
lots of love and a little bit jealous I'm not living the Arusha wonderland with y'all.

Janelle said...

aint no wonderland here honey! x bisous x mingi x