Friday, July 11, 2008

..awards and being tagged! cor.

and finally, here is My Award from Family Affairs!
thanks thanks THANKS lulu!!!!
and and AND - i have been tagged by millenium housewife! and am supposed to tag five blogs and say why i love them.
well: quickly then:(no order implied - they are all GREAT!)
1. Family Affairs (site as above) - funny real intelligent touching - a bloody gem.
2. The God Diaries ( - bloody funny, intelligent and confusing at, is this For Real? or is he just pulling our legs?
3. Holey Vision ( - real, intelligent amusing. an insightful account of having visual impairment. real and unsentimental. adore adore adore tanvi!
4.Piffle ( because she is a doctor with superlative use of language - and again enormously real, funny and clever!
5. and The Times of Miranda and Fleeing Muses because they are MY SOUL SISTERS! and they are both beautiful, clever, gorgeous human beings and i want the world to know them.( and (
6. and and and reluctant memsahib...our darling anthea stuck in the middle of nowhere, reeling out inspirational real tales from The Outpost...from her heart.
ok i know thats seven, but what the hell, eh??
more to follow later. news and whatnot.
toodelypip then.


family affairs said...

Thank you so much for your kind words - how lovely lovely lovely. Loved "Lion In The Grass" post too - so true we are so much less important in the great scheme of things than we think we are....hope you're not feeling too quiet now they've all gone Lx

pam said...

I love reading yr many marvellous words and thoughts and I am in admiration for your writing X pam

Diana said...


Thank you and you KNOW I adore your blog. It's completely brilliant.

Ernest de Cugnac said...

janelle - the editor of the Diaries thanks you for your very kind words. Actually I was tagged by MH at the same time so I am blogged out as it were. And I couldn't tag you 'cos she just had if you see what I mean.

However, I look forward to visiting the blogs you have listed here.

It was lovely reading about your family's visit. Not surprised you're shattered in both senses. Treat yourself - put your feet up for an hour (though I doubt you can).

ed said...


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