Saturday, July 12, 2008

"i had a dream i stood under an orange sky..."

(all photographs by andrew buswell, my dear brother in law - from our beautiful time together)

i love the pale blue goldness of an african winter - and the deep amber of the aloes.

and the crispness of the air. and the love in my heart.

pale blue sky, golden plains, inky hills.

to use a bob dylan line - it sets my heart a reelin'.

cart wheelin'. yeah.

over those hills - mini volcanoes, carelessly scattered over the plains - like coins in a christmas pudding. secret but there.

everything is distilled. and romantic. its those little yellow wild flowers, distant smudgy ink stained hills, the pale gentle sun - pushed northwards.

on the side of my face, on the edge of my elbow.

on my shoulders.

on the edge of my world.

ho hum. it's this time of year again.

and everyone's leaving. going.

we watched out of africa again, with myrtle. and i nearly lost complete control. i was so close to great heaving gut wrenching sobs, lying in a foetal position next to the fire, when they flew over the great rift valley...meryl is simply fabulous. but WHY WHY oh WHY did they cast robert bloody redford? which begs the question: who should have been finch hatton?

so by the time it was the funeral, on the ngong hills and she was harping on about garlands and curls and girls, i was finished. finished. god. i looked a mess the next morning though. great red puffy eyes, my skin taking hours to pop out (pillow creases and exzema). my brother in law commented : whoa. walking add for l'oreal coming in. bastard.

safari craig is back for three days. it is beautiful to see him again. to hear him again. to smell him again. and laugh at his funny stories about his safari. all the mis-translations by his clients which drive him nuts:

maasai are masiah

mt meru is mt mary

maasai boma is masiah burma

baobabs are boababs

and i say tomatoes and you say, um, tomatoes.

client: so um craig, where are the dunes?

Safari Craig: um bob, no dunes in the serengeti. nope. ah, no its not a desert. are you sure you're not thinking about the sahara?

client: oh yup. that'll be it.

Ten days later:

client: um so craig where are the dunes?

safari C: um bob, no dunes in the serengeti. nope. ah, are you SURE you're not thinking about the sahara

Client: oh yup that'll be it.

21 days later:

Client: um, so craig where are the....

so its the end of The Holiday and this great reunion. i feel shattered. shattered that they will all be gone. and i am already sad.


yes. everyone is going, going, gone. tommorrow.

there it lies. between every hello and goodbye. between each breath.

as i said before, i hate goodbyes.

i say.

" rose lipped maidens and lightfoot lads."

Kitchen Board: Saturday 12 July 2008:

well. they've all gone for a last drive out onto the plains then over to God's Toilet (pay attention Mr G) - which is a beautiful mini crater. and they took my camera. so i can't blip a shot of The Board. so instead ......below.

chin chin to these rose lipped, lightfoot people....yeah. yeah. x bisous x janelle


Miranda said...

Byadiful J, just byadiful! V happy to have you back on cyberspace. Oh and thanks for tagging me! xx

Eliza said...

hello, sitting on kili - cold and damp up here - loving your latest blog; laughing at the mgeni comments (yup, doesn't change), and the pictures, J, are gorgeous. Your 'instead of kitchen board' one particularly beautiful, back-lit, always makes almost-halos around their heads. Wishing you a great week ahead :) xxx

ExAfrica said...

Gorgeous post! Start to finish - excellent. Melancholy suits you.

Re: Robert B. Redford. I thought him quite dashing back in the day. Though have not seen the movie an 100 years. Can't think who else would have been better - not that I know these sorts of things. Who would you have picked instead?

pam said...

yay. love to have you back with yr lovely lines. Lovely pics so artfully chosen! I agree melancholy suits ya! X pam said...

you'll be sad. and you'll miss them. and i am so sorry they've all gone and left a big gap. fill it with your words; we missed you x

Janelle said...

thanks y'all!! bisous xxx mingi. j