Sunday, July 20, 2008

robin hood rules & rude lillies.

and it's not an official tongue twister.
robin hood rules. he has lived in our lounge since yesterday morning. the boys have watched the series for, ouf, must be 20 hours, with a night's sleep somewhere in between. amazing. it must have something to do with going cold turkey on the PS. todays journals are filled with sketches of bows and arrows.

i have escaped these bizarre screen addictions by riding my amazing white steed. ditched the prince and stole his horse. common around these parts. my. he is a fine horse, my rhino. (his name). he impressed a dressage fundi no end today. flipping intelligent.

sat and drank coffee under the african winter sun next to the lillies in the yard (lillies are delightfully rude and beautiful). i love them.

i am feeling grossly rotund, red faced. and sweaty. like a, um, big fat eastern european man. don't even begin to ask! refusing to change out of my grubby white jodphurs and chaps when i took the kids out for cabbage and beer today - (oops, i mean pizzas) - is not what people refer to as Helping Oneself, is it?

people were staring a bit.

so i say tentatively to the kids, " god. i feel like a big fat eastern european man....." sigh sigh a brave testing of the waters, i say.

so first born says, in all horrible honesty, " that jacket you're wearing, is like a gestapo jacket hey ma?..."

thought bubbles: "oh blast. buggar. damn. whatever," as i goosestepped to the loo.

Kitchen Board: Sunday Night: 20 July 2008

Contributors: Veronica, Janelle and Gabby.

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Reya Mellicker said...

It never occurred to me, but it's true, that lilies really are rude and beautiful!

Your horse is beautiful.

Got to catch up with your blog. You're back. Welcome back.

I would pass along links if I could for my training in soul retrieval, except that I'm learning this skill from spirit guides, so there is no official text, at least yet.

Janelle said...

reya! hooray! thanks for visiting.lovely lovely! X janelle

john.g. said...

Strange, but you don't look like a big fat European man!

Caroline said...

Janelle just have to tell you that if I've spent the morning in Customs/got stopped by the police again (I must inform you that I am forced to impound your vehicle madam,yes, Reckless Driving madam)/no sugar in Kitwe Shoprite/have had enough of school holidays only two days in/had no power all day and dinner to cook for 16..I come home and log onto your site and feel sooooo much better. Thank you dear Eliza for pointing me in your direction. And while i'm on, what happened to yesterday's, eh?? xx

Janelle said...

hey caroline! man! POLE SANA about your car...jesus. how bloody annoying...aaaargh. stressy stuff...oh more to come today - or rather later this evening..had fab dinner party last night chez no time to scribe...are you in zambia (my home it)?? xx bisous xx

Janelle said...

why thank-you john g!

tam said...

you will never look like that fat man in your head. gestapo jackets and lion mane waistcoats or not... you'll always be the fabulous gypsy hearted songstress I know you as...

Diana said...

Leave it to your kids to take every self-depricating comment you make and run 10 km in the wrong direction with it.

Janelle said...

so right! SO RIGHT!
love it.! THANKS diana! xxx janelle