Thursday, August 28, 2008


(pic by tim walker - very inspirational photographer)

so. i got the fever. started yesterday.
i lie flat on my back under 2 blankets, 1 velvet throw and 1 (dare i say it) tree hyrax rug (53 pelts...) at midday. and i'm still cold.
i want to stand permanently under a hot hot shower.
i want to lie flat on the hot stones in the courtyard, face down, under the sun.
i am so cold.

the fever broke briefly last night.
the sheets were soaked.

it can't be malaria. it feels like malaria.

but as sal says, what about all the workers at the mosquito net factory who hale from tabora, lake victoria , tanga? all that needs to happen is for the wind to blow one teeny little mean anopheles mosquito, who has just had a fresh munch from a tanga leg which has malaria up our way - into the pink house on the hill and then nibble my ankle as i sit and blog to you all and bingo. well quite but still. chances of that happening are? she also mentioned a story about a man in london, who had never been out of england, who caught a taxi with an escaped anopheles mosquito buzzing about (must have escaped from someones bag returning from africa or india or wherever) - cold and hungry (the mosquito that is - far from home). and the man got malaria. not to make anyone panic or anything like that, you understand.

so if this fever persists i shall go for a blood test tommorrow.
i really don't want to. its horrible.
you stand in queues and queues of sick africans. there is nothing comforting or gentle about it except dr sheriff's eyes, once you finally make it into his room.

the laboratory is in the same grimy grubby place where i went for a scan when i was pregnant for the unbelievably third time. i saw the somali gynaecologist. who wanted to know why i had come for a scan.

me: well. to RE confirm that i really really really am pregnant, sans doubte, kabisa, 100%.

somlia doc:(looking ever so slightly perplexed) well. when was your last period?
me: um you know, i can't quite remember....?

he looked so taken aback that i didn't dare ask if this could possibly be an immaculate conception because i couldn't remember having any sex either?
i was pregnant. and not immaculately either.

am sure i already wrote about that. you see? fever does that to you...

right. back to bed. shivers descend. but first kitchen board.

Kitchen Board: Thursday (really really?) the 28th August 16:00hrs

Contributors: Janelle. Niamh. Gabby. and Bella (one of the puppies)
Comments: Niamh is our neighbour and she broke her arm while playing at our house. i, of course, told her she was perfectly alright and nothing was the matter and please stop crying mummy is coming home now and can you wriggle your fingers? you see? nothing wrong. now darling please stop crying how did you do this? what? you heard a "crack"? now don't be silly...blah blah blah. poor darling. she fell off the sawdust bags at the stables and really cracked her arm. 8 more sleeps apparently and the cast comes off. behind the girls is The List. ploughing on preparing for back to school time..lunch boxes, juice flasks...oh oh oh boring old school and routine....its a killer.

ok. panadol really is wearing off. sweat has run out and fever takes its grip...indeed. feel sorry feel sorry feel sorry for me..because i feel VERY sorry for myself...

toodely fevery pip and all that...bisous xx janelle xx


Mud in the City said...

Poor you! I do hope it isn't malaria. My granny caught malaria during a stop over in the Congo in the 1940s. She said the worst bit of it was not being able to drink. Everyone else suddenly seemed really boring!


john.g. said...

Hope the fever breaks soon!

If you want a giggle visit todays blog! xx

Dumdad said...

Get well soon, Janelle. Fingers crossed it ain't malaria.

tut-tut said...

Oh dear! Hope it's not malaria.

I've been listening to your CD; when does the next one come out??

ciara said...

why is it that people always tell you stories of how someone had something when you're sick or have fever? lol quite funny, but not really. if you know what i mean.

hope it's not malaria and hoping nothing more than flu! fingers, eyes, legs, toes, and anything else i can cross for you. xx

you have a cd??

tam said...


Hope you feel better.

Lynda said...

Oh poor you, Janelle - I hope that you feel better soon ! (Nothing that a stiff G & T won't cure though, 'eh ?!) Sending you healing (((hugs))) from West Kili ...

Lisa L said...

Hoping its not Malaria. I had that alot in Papua New Guinea. The sickest I have ever felt in my life! Go for the test!

Jocelyn said...

Holy Bajeebus. It could be. I might be. I hope it's not.

But how did you ever manage to type so much in such a bad state? You clearly are a mother.

Val said...

eugh.. hope you feeling better today? and its not the dreaded M!
if not DO THE TEST as Tam says. Cant you get those home test kits there, and Coartem?? want me to send you some??

Ernest de Cugnac said...

Bad luck. Wretched business. But part of the fever is your immune system getting going, I'm told.

Janelle said...

ah thanks thanks you all! wobbly today and managed trip to town for don't THINK its malaria...lets see how i am tonight. anyway OPPHIS...other peoples health is boring...but THANKS for all your sorries...soaked them up! XXX janelle

Janelle said...

OPHIB i meant...

Chimera said...

Will worry about you until you tell us otherwise. Poor girl! please make sure you get treated for whatsoever the sod it is.
Sending lots of cool flannals and quinnine,
T xxxx

Janelle said...

ok ok ok you can all stop worrying now..THANKS ain't malaria...asante mungu. a lurking virusy thingy...and feeling much better today. xx janelle

Reya Mellicker said...

Thank God!

I am visualizing a bubble of healing and protective energy all around you, bringing you relief and recovery from the virus.

(I think the bubble is ... pink? Very pretty pink. Nice.) said...

poor you. glad you're better x

Ernest de Cugnac said...

So, come on, how you doing dude?

Janelle said...

fever gone and so has voice!!!? just in a deep blue post comin' soon to computers near you. xxx janelle