Friday, August 8, 2008

"sweet suburban sky..."

nairobi skyline by buzz 2008

so had all this stuff planned today..and guess what? it's nane nane. (pronounced naaneh naaneh - translated literally as eight eight: 08:08. eighth of august and imagine? eight minutes past eight on the eighth of the eight month in the year 2008 - auspicious or what??) - a public holiday in tanzania. in case you were wondering. have no idea why. so bang went The Banking. The Shopping. Collecting The Car from The Fundis (yes!~ the car is re-wired and back on The Road- allegedly apparently and all that..the car which had the steering wheel leant up on the front seat and which no longer had a dashboard as we know it, the car which should have gone up in a ball of flames along with me and the kids...yes. the very one. i spoke with Koga, the fundi (expert) this morning and i shall collect her on monday - CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? no doubt i shall document the occasion. watch this space. hah.)

(in passing, we also have saba saba - which translates literally as seven seven (7th of july) which is also a public holiday in tanzania...again. have no idea why.)

so instead of crossing off things on The List - we went to visit Lieve, our dear vet (blogged about when sirrocco the horse cut himself) and there were four little "poppies" - dear dear little scraps of staffiecrossgodknowswhat. ended up taking two home. TWO. named nyota (star in swahili) and bella. they are wrapped up in baby blankets behind the kitchen tonight with grand old pasha being Guardian Dog. sheltered from cold mountain winds and such. gabby (last born and emotionally linked to all animals) is beside herself with responsibility and keeps going on about it being a dog world up here. no shit. and please can they sleep inside and blah. have just put her to bed in tears crying for the "poppies". please please let them be there in the morning or else i am fucked. nevertheless. i stuck to my guns. i told her, emphatically:

(guardian dog pasha)




i found out that it was nane nane when i went into town and realized everything was shut. including the bank and the only two bank machines in town. bummer.

but everything was not lost. i had an interesting conversation with first born. i learnt, as we pootled through town in the landrover,( dodging the Mad Man at the pedestrian crossing who, i noted with amusement, was pretending to be a policeman, bossing and harassing all pedestrians) with fascination, that daniel, first born, thinks nairobi is The Best City Ever.

Because:(according to daniel, 11yrs, born and brought up in the middle of bloody no-where)

- there are neat clipped hedges in the suburbs ( obviously referring to karen - he hasn't been exposed to kiberu slums. yet)

- of the smell (???)

- of the cold mornings

- he loves the sound of a million dogs barking in the morning ( ???)

- of The Junction (a shopping center with movies and excellent book and toy shops)

- and apparently, they (?) finish buildings in nairobi. (admittedly there are many unfinished buildings in arusha)

of course, he does not know about the armed robberies, the rape, street kids throwing human shit on your windscreen when you don't give them money when you're stuck in the traffic jams. i won't mention these things. not yet, anyway. let the kid dream. of sweet suburbia. i did. along with fizz pops, lawns with no thorns and fat ponies lounging in lush green fields under apple trees.

so the second born says " why don't we have moja moja (one one) mbili mbili (two two) tatu tatu (three three) etc etc as public holidays too?" man. i don't know....???

it was also the second born who said, as we drove for literally miles and miles passed the world's grandest wildlife spectacle ever - the Migration ( over one million wildebeest and zebra on the trot across the serengeti's short grass plains)

"boring boring boring. all you see are wildebeest, wildebeest and wildebeest....where are the kudu?"


at least he wasn't his sister (little and about three) who only saw the door handle because no-one thought to lift her to window height the entire journey.

Kitchen Board: Friday Night: NANE NANE: 08 AUGUST 2008

Contributors: Veronica and Miranda.

Comments: sing it like it is, i say. hah.

ps: love flumaxes me. sometimes. . .

oh. whoops. nearly forgot. xx bisous xx and toodely etc etc j


tut-tut said...

Wow wow wow! a migration and everything else

Dumdad said...


Bon weekend!

Reya Mellicker said...

Popcon! Yum.

I love it that you have official holidays based on numerology. Very cool, even if inconvenient.

Your horse is so BEAUTIFUL. WOW!! I have an animal ally that looks something like Rhino. Wow.

john.g. said...

That migration is something else! I've seen it on tv many times!

Don't fancy having shit thrown at the windscreen though!

Janelle said...

thanks for visiting tut tut! still haven't got into town to post album for you and reya. will do next week though!

reya! yeah. i know. and i think there should be a public holiday for one one two two etc etc. cool. i love hols. my horse is DIVINE. i call him my unicorn horse. what is an animal ally??

hey john g...yeah the migration is really really incredible. quite something to see. incredibly moving. an awesome spectacle. thanks for visiting!

xx bisous to you all xx janelle

Irene said...

It is amazing how your kids take for granted what is so exotic to us western Europeans. Where were the kudus anyway? And is popcon a local specialty?

Janelle said...

hi irene. nope. no kudus there. . wildebeest only. and popcon is popcorn. not a local speciality...rather a cinematic one. thanks for visiting! j

Miranda said...

Puppies? PUPPIES??? I'm coming over immediately...

Ah, the Gabster must be DELIGHTED!

Diana said...

All lovely and oh, so entertaining but the thing that pulled me up was that the BANKING MACHINES were closed. Surely that's the point of banking machines--they don't sleep, don't need bathroom breaks and seldom strike if deprived of national holidays.

Guess not. Hope the machines had a lovely time at a picnic or something.

Miranda said...

Oh and PS - I suppose we DO have moja moja don't we? 1st Jan? Yea, whatever

Chimera said...

Mien gott! look at your free counter compared to mine!! I have to find a way to cheat and wind it on like a dodgy garage mechanic trying to sell bad car.
Your posts are gorgeous janelle. you are really developing your style and the music in you is trickling and singing through 'em! Crafted, fast and sweet stuff1
Love it,
T xxx

Janelle said...

ah thanks diana, tanvi and darling m! you say sweet things indeed..and yeah diana can you believe it? those effing machines...? bloody ma useless...! love love always xx janelle