Thursday, September 11, 2008

for my danu pops.

it was daniel's birthday today.

he is already twelve.

i remember when he was born. he almost died.
two out of ten on the apgar test.

my golden touseled haired boy.

my spaghetti thin baby. with a big head.
who i kept under blue sheets in the hospital so i could look at his extraordinarily thin legs and his perfect new face. on his ET shaped head.

who never ate anything.

is twelve today.
somehow he grew. despite never eating anything.

he received today:

one samurai fighting fish.

one fish bowl.

two fake corals (one blue one orange) for his fish bowl

one fish net.
one small tub of blood worms (to feed fighting fish)

one shark key ring (from miranda and mark)

one bow and arrow made by rubin.

one queen cd (greatest hits)

one wind up torch (from sal)

one manchester united cap (from tati and PO) and i suspect the most favourite present.
one rock hard home made birthday cake.

he went to bed the happiest boy on earth.

and i shall go to bed the happiest mama on earth.

toodely an' all with enormous love and gratitude.




Miranda said...

Ah Danu. I remember when I first met him - he came off the plane with you as a tiny tiny tiny thing in his little push chaie, he looked like a spider. I was SO sad when you all left Zambia but am DELIGHTED to be part of your lives again....seriously. You have humongously special kids. They are angels. Seriously. Love love love xxx

tut-tut said...

A birthday is such a time of reflection for the mom. L had her 17th last Friday!

Janelle said...

oh mo mo mo!you are always part of our lives..but you were far away..and we are SO SO happy you are near wonderful crazy love LOVE you xx janelle

tut! that's really grown happens so fast eh? its mind i wish i loved him more at three in the morning changing his nappies...xx janelle

family affairs said...

I too have a spaghetti thin 12 year old. She nearly died from pneumonia at 10 days old. Aren't we the luckiest women on earth? Lx

alex said...

Belated birthday greetings to Danu from Tatties! How I remember your distress when he wouldn't feed - and just look at this gorgeous golden Adonis he has become! Hugs and kisses if he remembers me!?! Adn to you J, i read your blog from time to time and love it and thought Danus birthday the perfect time to drop in and tell you. How I would love to see you all day one day...XXX

Dumdad said...

A shark key ring? I'm jealous!

tam said...

Please give him a big squeeze from me. Lots of love.

Val said...

hey happy birthday Danu!! what is a fighting fish? i suppose you can only have one at a time?? love the good energy of your blog - more addictive than the black box I tell you :-)

john.g. said...

Who is the fighting fish going to fight?

Happy birthday, and MAN.UTD rock!!

Reya Mellicker said...

Birthday cake is always good. Many happy returns to your golden child. He is gorgeous!

ciara said...

happy birthday, daniel! glad he had the happiest of days. :)

isn't it amazing the strength kids have? when i gave birth to my son, i didn't know if i was going to survive. i had eclampsia and had seizures during labor. i was lucky both in the fact that i made it through and my son was not born w any defects from being in the birth canal too long. he turned 21 on june 13th. my oldest girl will be 12 in feb. youngest 10 in feb, too.

i love cake, but not sure if i'd like it rock hard LOL

Lori ann said...

ah!uh huh, when our babies are happy, then we are happy. That's pretty much it. which explains why i am always all over the place. i have 5. my first born son is going to be 27 on 16 sept. he lives 2 hours away now, but he's coming up tommorrow for dinner and cake. which i've already made(the cake) because i can't wait.Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy.
x Lori

Janelle said...

ah the blogoshpere is so wonderful! thank you ALL for your kind heartfelt greetings! and compassion.

alex!!you made it...HOORAY! finally a comment! you cracked technology from your montana mountain..! heaps of love tatti!! XXX

dumdad - AND its an opener! seriously! XX

indeed lulu! The Luckiest Most Blesstest. XX

will do tam. will do!! XX

john g and val - its a little irredescent blue and red fish - siamese fighting fish. you can keep it with other species but no male of the same species and it will go to war..its very beautiful. and called Bob. and Daniel is certainly a Man U supporter! XX

thanks reya!! with lashings of nutella the cake was YUM! XX

wow. ciara and lori..your babies are big...and how wonderful to have five i wish i had so janelle

Chimera said...

Happy birthday Daniel! I too was going to ask abotu the fighting fish but now content with the knowledge its name is Bob. Lets hope he never does!
Lovely post of lovely stuff.
Tanvi xx

Ernest de Cugnac said...

You both done well!

Mickle in NZ said...

Yes, echoing Ernest - Well done Janelle and Danu. I was only 3 &1/2 weeks early at birth. To quote my dear Mum, I looked like a skinned rabbit.

Despite not having put on that "last few weeks" build up, I did have a full head of hair. 1965 - Mum took a bit of recovering, meanwhile "Nursing Ward Sister" showed me off all around the hospital as i had a Beatle style mop top of brunette hair.

Took the folks a wee while to agree on a name for me. They eventually agreed, not sure that I do with it. Never mind..........

Millennium Housewife said...

Lovely post, what is it with Manchester United? Don't get it. Happy Birthday to D, nearly cried reading about his birth. MH