Tuesday, September 9, 2008

guess who came for tea?

well. lashings of apologies all round for not having posted sooner.

there are a number of excuses.

the main one being - Africa.

i have had no internet connection for over twenty four hours. i received a paltry little email on the safari email account saying i had to change some effing setting. some DNS setting 23598723459827QEROPI*WE (*wkjn\F098WER AND BLAH. my internet connection is about as reliable as an untied yo yo....its crashed about three times already. its driving me insane.

well. i nearly blew my top. i did sort of. i put my head in my arms and bawled my eyes out. and it worked. suddenly i had internet again. like when i was stopped AGAIN by the cops yesterday. about my windscreen. i simply had no more stories to tell. and neither did he. so he said, well. i am going to have to fine you. so i sighed, oh ok. and then he said, why do you say oh ok like that? and i shrugged my shoulders and burst into tears. he gave me a warning only. but oh it took so much energy, that last charade. i must must must get my windscreen fixed. but now i can't BECAUSE...read on!

- i am gainfully employed at school and had my first day today.

this time around - it's the secondary school english post - year 8's. and half time. so it's perfect. fits in with the kids' schedule and all.

but what's a simile again? and a metaphor? god help me. i have a mountain of revision to do.

but feel empowered by my decision as i can now help with family finances. i am terrified to take my first class next week. what will i teach them? as my dear friend GT says, "enter hot english teacher - they'll learn something, not to worry." jeez.

i have elsie, my friend who is a true healer, to thank. i arrived at her house on saturday to collect my boys - not for a consultation. and she quietly made up some homeopathic drops which, she said, would help me decide. it is empowering to make decisions and give your life direction and dimension. i am such a hippy. always have been. floating aimlessly along life's currents here and there. waiting for the big neon lit cowboy hand to point me in the right direction. well. it ain't out there. its in here.

so. yup. i am teaching.

and on sunday guess who came for tea? Ruby Wax! what a wonderfully funny lady she really really is! i was charmed and utterly delighted to have met her. see dear friend milz and ruby below.

Kitchen Board: Tuesday Evening 10 September 2008

Contributor: Veronica
Comments: my life. money. dogs. food. staff.
toodely toodely pip. and bisous xx janelle
oh and ps: if anyone has any bright spark ideas about Expressive Art and teaching it, please let me know PRONTO before Monday. I would be deeply obliged.
and PPS: ernest. you are welcome to comment at any time on any of my posts...


family affairs said...

OMG what was Ruby Wax doing at your house for tea?? I saw her only a few weeks ago, moments from where I live - how bizarre is that? That is v v cool I am impressed. More so with the fact that you are now a teacher! I'm very very impressed. Well done. Ps did you get my last comment all about relatives or has that disappeared with your internet crash? Lx

Reya Mellicker said...

Bravo on your new post. Get your students to start blogging. You have to use English to do it ... well, kind of.

Glad your voice came back and so glad the homeopathic remedy did its job. Bravo!

tam said...

I've got loads of stuff for you J. From the textbooks I wrote. Will send to yr email.

Mickle in NZ said...

Wow, Ruby Wax, at your home. Isn't she beautiful.

So the teaching is to pay for the new windscreen? Only kidding, and you'll do fine on Monday.
Huggles and care xxx

Janelle said...

hey lulu! yeah i did. as tam wrote that roy walensky was veryn political. my dad might know your grandfather..will send him an email. oh ruby is a friend of a friend who is a screenwriter and producer for bbc and they are out here making a movie.. XX

thanks divine reya! xxx

oh THANKS TAM!! YES PLEASE YES PLEASE!~!!! you are a star and LOVE your last post but my internet keeps crashing so couldn;t comment..will do as soon as i can!XX

and indeed Mickle it is to pay for new windscreen! jokes aside! HAH! xx janelle

Chimera said...

Hi love,
You are doing so brilliantly and juggling so much its no wonder you are tired and emotional. I hope the drops help. Bugger about the windscreen. Wonderful to see Ruby in your house!
T x

Dumdad said...

Ruby Wax - you hippy, name-dropping person you!

You must write a post about what you did with Ruby....

tut-tut said...

Teaching! I'm sure you will be inspiring. How exciting for the students.

Ruby Wax, too . . . you must follow up on it all. Internet connection willing, of course.

Caroline said...

Bravo Janelle, guess it's the old Feel the Fear and Do-It-Anyway thing isn't it, am sure the tears will dry up now.
Ruby Wax! funny funny FUNNY woman, but her face is looking a bit odd in that pic, hope she's not going down the Mrs Wildenstein road. Bet you made her laugh too.
Best of luck with it all, takes a lot of guts. Which you clearly have.

Janelle said...

hey T - thanks for visiting...and hope you have had some sleep!? xx j

and DD hello! HAH! indeed.! xx j

hey tut tut! thanks for the compliment. the kids are just great and i know i shall be inspired by them and learn heaps! x janelle

ah thanks caroline! you say such sweet things! XX janelle

Ernest de Cugnac said...

And here I am commenting. Plus I saw you saw I commented (at the risk of sounding convoluted).

So much to catch up on. The Wax, well, bloody hell. Teaching, wow, done a lot of it but didn't like it that much. But you, I suspect, are an extravert, and so should slip into it easily. Police and cracks; why would they bother? But clearly they do.

And come on, mail *me* some of your music, ernestdecugnac@live.co.uk.

PS - I read more than I comment you know!
PPS - my life's not my own, still ruled by drains, floors and heating, hence diaries well out of date.