Monday, September 29, 2008

strange days...

(pic by safari craig lake natron 2008)

there is something strange in the air. i can't quite put my finger on it.

is it the weather? the whiteness of the sky? the faint sexy scent of dust and rain in the distance?

i am beginning to know this mountain weather. this equatorial mountain weather - which whirls and swirls about the place, confusing you.

the nights are full of wild, hot dusty, mountain winds, battering the little pink house. screaming like a boiling kettle. and the stars are fat and still.

i am paying attention to my dreams. when sleep finally overcomes me. it's not that i am fighting it. the wind keeps me awake. (and so does the clanging frigging wind chimes! i must remember to take them down when the house guests arrive tommorrow. they won't get a winks sleep otherwise)

i am sleeping with my big zambian crystal.( and a stabbing knife under my pillow - nice. like i even know how to use it. ) the crystal has rainbow light and powers extraordinaire. i have been dreaming about really kind loving people. about someone who watches me sleep. who moves their arms quietly and carefully from under my head so as not to wake me. and when i wake no-one is there.

soul mates? angels? another part of me? who is that?

i dream of a wise man who lives in a small hut at the top of a dry wind beaten mountain. of an old woman (short grey hair almost a judi dench look alike) shooting bullets into the water where i am hiding...calling me, calling me.

apparently you can tell your soul mate by the light in their eyes.

one of my students wrote "my mother is fossilized every week." get it?

and gabby was stomping about the house this evening in full fairy regalia, saying," look! this is what japanese fairies look like," as she pulled her eyes to the side as far as they could go and wiggled her fairy bottom.

(pic by jake. japanese fairy on shela beach, lamu many moons ago)

people are strange. beautifully wonderfully strange.

The kitchen board is blank tonight because all the shopping is done done done! hoorah.

zoe darling zoe in ireland, sent me some beautiful music ..with some lyrics which flipped my heart like a pancake. a song called starlings by elbow off the album called the seldom seen kid.

STARLINGS written by Guy Garvey for Elbow.

how dare the premier ignore my invitations.

he'll have to go.

so too the bunch he luncheons with.

its second on my list of things to do.

at the top is stopping by your place of work and acting like i haven't dreamt of you and i and marriage in an orange grove.

you are the only thing in any room you're ever in.

i'm stubborn selfish and too old.

i sat you down and told you how the truest love that's ever found is for oneself.

you pulled apart my theory eiht a weary and disinterested sigh.

so yes i guess i'm asking you to back a horse that's good for glue and nothing else but find a man that's truer than.

find a man that needs you more than i.

sit with me a while and let me listen to you talk about your dreams and your obsessions.

i'll be quiet and confessional.

the violets explode inside me when i meet your eyes.

then i'm spinning and i'm diving like a cloud of starlings.

Darling is this love?

oh well. now. those are lyrics. this is poetry. and oh yes. this is love, darling. indeed, this is love.

toodely toodely pip and bisous xxxx wild windy summery ones x j


alex said...

god I love this pic. Ferocious take no prisoners up for it mischevous fairy! Just like her mama! xxx

Val said...

a wonderful uplifting post - just what i needed!! love the pics - face weathered by age and elements; and the beautiful angel fairy :-)

Mud in the City said...

Changes in the weather and the seasons do funny things to people. You are lucky that you are able to acknowledge them and not pretend that 'humans are above all that'. Much healthier to tap into the natural world around you and go with it.

Janelle said...

tati!!! lovely to hear from you..i know i know..isn't tha pic a classic? love it too. trust you to comment on this piece of writing. i suspect people are uncomfortable with it. same genre and mood of remember that night in the valley - no lights and an october storm and we were sitting in that little "library" in the old river house, with rain beating on the roof, talking of hearts and such things? xx janelle
ah thanks val!!! going to check up on you now to see if you've had any rain yet? XX j

indeed mud! you're so right..its weather shifting...i LOVE it...i love to feel it and sense it...and see the change in light...xx janelle

Lori ann said... are a poet~a word~artist~a talent still waiting to be discovered (the writing part, the singing you've got covered!) I love to read your writing. I always have to come back to it, read it through a few times, find the subtle meanings i may have missed first time you do that too? sometimes? you are beautiful, your baby is beautiful and i'm so glad to "know" ya.
xxx lori

Janelle said...

ah lori! you are so kind! thanks for your words! love xx janelle

Reya Mellicker said...

What a beautiful post!

Whatever they are, angels or guardians or beloved ancestors, I'm so glad they're gathered around your beautiful, magical head, helping you sleep, shielding you from the wind.

Thanks, guiding spirits, for taking care of Janelle. What would we do without her?

Janelle said...

XXXXX to you reya! XX