Thursday, September 18, 2008

a veritable menagerie (and growing)

well. the picture says it all. paka popped into 5 little pakas....thank god safari craig was still here. her labour howls completely freaked me out. we moved her into the bathroom where she howled to the moon. so i said to craig: "OH. MY. GOD. she doesn't want to be alone. she doesn't want to be alone." my eyes wild and wide. to which he replied: no indeed. she doesn't want to be alone. off you go then.

"oh i can't ! i can't! please please please go to her. you're used to being on the other end!" i wailed as i simultaneously phoned darling mo - god honey! she is having the babies...! i felt so wretched for the poor darling cat.

mo smsed back: i am coming right now! you see, mo is like dr doolittle.

anyway - by the time the process was in swing i was like an old mother hen, checking up on her, cluck cluck clucking stroking her, encouraging her as each little kitten was born. truly miraculous and aren't they DARLING? (um don't mention the dad..he is a rough character from down the hill - large, wiry haired orange tom and smudgy nosed - the children won't be knowing him or mixing with his kind - needless to say - i am particularly fond of the first born - who looks remarkably like a mini tiger - orange with black stripes...)

so. latest animal count stands as:

horses - 4

cat adult - 1

cat babies -5

dogs adult - 2

dogs babies - 2

fish, fighting siamese (vaguely responding to bob) - 1

human adults (en famille) - 1 (at present)

primates, juvenile - 3 (excluding one visitor from troop next door)

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toodelypip and bisous bisous bisous xxx got to rush to the stables now...animals coming out my ears...whew. xxx


Adrianne said...

Hey there, Janelle. I read your blog regularly (Reya sent me) and love it. I also really enjoy your tunes (again courtesy of Reya).

I thought this post was great -- "you're used to being on the other end" had me in stiches. And the cats are darling. I have a cat named Leonard who looks very similar to your mama cat.

I also have quite a menagerie -- 2 dogs, 5 cats, and 6 fish, all in a small row house in DC. I'm not sure about the fish, but all the others are boys. I'm surrounded! But they are so much fun to have around.

Good luck with the new babies.

Miranda said...

Agh they are so sweeeeeeet!

Ernest de Cugnac said...

love the photo. I'm very partial to tabbies. Best cats!