Sunday, October 19, 2008

mummy just missed her mouth.

when i say "cyberspace" i have visions of stars, planets, russians, clever americans and things far beyond my possible imagination , but not my yearning.

oh. ok. and if you insist, google wobbles determinedly, on a crazy axis, across the imagination screen. and autres choses americains.... a few loose stars falling from a limp flag. at a push.

but mostly the visions are of marble sized earths twirling hazily lazily crazily through a wildly twinkling darkness, ours spinning on a particularly unstable axis towards its groovy little implosion, a mona liza smile across its ocean blue face.

the blogosphere is part of this galaxe extraordinaire. this unkown twinkling " Space"

it's beautiful. and ample.

like somtimes i say to the children. righto. stretch your arms out. see? This Is My Personal Space.

load of rubbish.

so when someone who you don't even know from a bar of soap, drops into your Space and says things like:( i have capitalised the word space.)

But that's not enough. I'm not sure that I've ever come across something so brilliantly written and engaging out there in Space

Anyway, this thing of wonder, your blog, simply astonished me . . .

who cares what came before and after.

it made My Heart space burst open like a very big, very wide wild field of flowers.
it made me smile as i'm driving on a sunday afternoon.
and made me miss my mouth.

Kitchen Board: (Long Overdue It Must Be Said): Sunday Summer Tanzania East African October 2008

Contributors: Veronica, Gabriella, Bridget
Comments: tonight's dinner must be The Worst Dinner Ever Served On The Ngorobobs To Recoded Date. .... burnt scrambled black egg, very plastic square toast. and tight boerewoers.....

tant pis....bisous, lightening in clouds ones...x j



family affairs said...

Well. Now I'm jealous. That's not fair. Nobody has ever said that about my blog. I am going to start talking about twinkly stars immediately and see if that helps. I suspect not. A well deserved compliment - a rare jewel in the African heat thats what you are (although I hate to say it) . Lx


Hello, Janelle. I agree with Family Affairs (hello, Family Affairs), this is a well deserved compliment.

I'm glad to see this latest post, in fact, because I was starting to worry that I might be expected to say something shatteringly clever about wealth - the subject of your previous post. Even if it wasn't so late at night (here in Ireland), this is a task that would be quite beyond me.

Easier all round, really, to be allowed a simple chance to say hello and to clap happily at your description of this gob-smacking world we have created for ourselves, out here, in space. Who needs borders?

Kind regards etc....


(Do try to avoid missing your mouth, however. Not a good look, to be sure. Funny, though.)

Ernest de Cugnac said...

ah, how nice and how true. which i'm sure i can't say about your description of 'worst dinner'. though the wee mite does look a little down in the mouth.

ps thanks for coming to look for me! you are sweet.

Lori ann said...

i've been telling you are the word master! and lovely and sweet and, and you can sing too!!

a well deserved compliment indeed!
xx lori

Cyndy said...

I'm certain that everyone who reads your blog feels that way - whether they mention it or not!!!
I know I do.

Dumdad said...

Janelle, we bow before thee!

I've had similar comments made about my blog but unfortunately I was the one making them.

Dick said...

Good to see credit being awarded!

Thanks for the return visit to my blog and the link. Compliment returned and hopes for many future dialogues.

Janelle said...

nar nah nah naaar naaar, lulu! tee hee. xx janelle
mr periodic englishman! why thank you indeed. and quite agree, sod all borders. do you have a name or do you prefer the anonymity of TPE? i love your blog and wait impatiently for your next posting. xx j
and hooray ernest. hugely relieved you're back! xx j
thanks cyndy! XX
alright alright DD...hooah. enough bowing and scraping eh? and also to you...mightily relieved you have returned to the blogosphere! XX j
asante sana dick...! xx j

Janelle said...

oooooergh and lori ann! forgot to say thanks for your very kind sweet words!! xxx j

Val said...

ha ha - and yes a well deserved compliment; love your descriptions of Space - and the big field of flowers opening up. warm fuzzy feelings are the way forward :-)
ps word verification today mfoktol!!

Jamie said...

Mfoktol? I hardly dare allow myself to say what that brings to mind, Val.

Janelle, hello again. Hope everything is tickety-boo for you, your family and, in fact, the whole of Tanzania today.

Yes, as it happens, I do have a name, although it is a very closely guarded secret and I always travel beneath the banner of "TPE" - just to be safe, you know?

Thanks v. much for the kind words in return, by the way - all kind words are always gratefully expected. Expected? "Received", surely? No, I was right the first time - expected.

Sad to say, however, that my blog is a very stop-start affair and, in any event, I use up most of my energy writing convoluted messages on the blogs of other people. Hard to believe, I know, but there we have it.

Thoroughly autumnal greetings from a wild, windy, sodden Ireland.....

Your latest fan (in what is clearly a large and growing fan club),


Janelle said...

mfoktol???? glad you're back val.
has it rained yet? xx janelle
and Jamie! thanks for your delicious autumnal irish greetings...
off to zanzibar now...just checking in before i go...xx janelle