Monday, October 20, 2008

zanzibar, obviously.. . . .

(above photo by claire chan 05)

so the kids and i are off to zanzibar tommorrow.

and i have a socking great stye in my eye. more like a dozen carbuncles. i look like someone's given me a hefty punch. i look hideous. i am popping panadols like smarties, like marilyn, and dying for someone to feel overwhelmingly sorry for me. me? needy? get outta here.. .

i hope the clear zanzibari seas shall wash all this infection clean and away. wash away all the ngorobob dust...and the white coral sand shall clean my feet. and i shall i have clean brown feet again. and late in the afternoons, lounge in deep purple shade on lilac beaches, or so they seemed.

oh we are so excited. the children can barely sleep and are thundering about upstairs playing hide and seek, in a room no larger than a small shoe box. the fun police shall be paying them a visit like, any minute now. and boy do i look like the fun police, or what?

it seems everyone has fled the ngorobobs lately. some to kenya and the rest down to the sea. with me following hot on their heels. i hope the little pink house, with its delightfully clueless menagerie, shall survive sans moi.

i have booked a little palm leaf "banda" (word for hut) on stilts on a perfect little white moon crescent of a beach. . . . situated on a sea urchin infested bay, north east of the island, where we shall bob about snorkling. at high tide of course.

the beach artists will be there again. with their paintings of maasai. every single painting is the same. tinga tinga. the fishermen will be mending their boats, in between kneeling at prayer times. and in the late afternoons, when the palm tree shadows stretch across the width of the lilac sand, there might be a game of football.

at night the tide sneaks right up to our rope staircase - or sometimes the tide is so far away, it's almost quiet. you wake up sweating from the heat, no wind, no fans. far away you can hear the waves on the reef. and the whine of a mosquito weaves itself between jasmine petals from last nights pillow, all tangled in your hair.

so. that's where i'll be.



Kitchen Board: Monday Evening: 20 October 2008

contributor: gabriella lara rosa.

comments: "happy loving couples make it look so easy."

oh and important, very important notice, to anyone who read the post on wealth. um doc cairns is still very much in heart. . .thanks Chantal...whoops bloody whoops eh?

and for the rest, "to rose lipped maidens and lightfoot lads..." and back on sunday evening, inshallah...

bisous, deep ruby red ones. xx j


Chimera said...

Have a wonderful time and draw in the sand for me!
So jealous of course but so happy for you ..apart from sty. Bloody sod.
T xx

family affairs said...

Have a completely lovely time - that salt water will get rid of the sty in seconds....I'll miss you Lx

tut-tut said...

I didn't know there were so many different blues in the world. I'm envious of your trip. Have a wonderful time, sans stye.

Adrianne said...

The ocean heals everything, including icky styes. Enjoy this trip to the fullest (somehow I think you will), and send a little Zanzibarn salt air my way, will you? (: )

Janelle said...

ah thanks y'all! and adrianne i will blow some zanzibari salty air your way for sure!
tut tut - the colours are unbelievable off the east coast...and change constantly. too beautiful.
bisous bisous xx

Val said...

wow have a truly great time in that heavenly place!!! hope the stye vanishes with the salt and sea air; will be thinking of you xxx

Dumdad said...

Have a great time - missing you already!

Reya Mellicker said...

Have a wonderful holiday. What a beautiful place! About the stye, you know at the beach you can always wear sunglasses so no one will ever know.

"fun police" - made me giggle. Your kids are so lucky.

Mud in the City said...

very very jealous.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Hope you have a wonderful time snorkeling in those turquoise waters. Hope the fun police go easy on the kids! ;-)

Jocelyn said...

I just flipped open the medical book I keep on my shelf (it's a hefty tome), and it informs me the ONLY way to cure eye styes is by renting a hut on stilts in Zanzibar.

nmj said...

i'm with jocelyn, zanzibar sounds like the cure for styes, the cure for everything! it sounds truly fab. enjoy...

tam said...

urrghhhhhh. i'm not jealous. I shall think of you while staring at the traffic jam outside my house..

love to all of you and have a ball. send me some vanilla pods.

word verification: astra. cool, hey?

Ernest de Cugnac said...

you'll have a great time. When I was a kid used to take the slow boat to SA, which went down the East coast of Africa. Still remember some of it, including Zanzibar (couldn't make that name up could you???)

Once had a persistent sty. Eventually took a surgical blade and removed it myself. Did the trick. So give me a call if it won't go away.

ed said...


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