Wednesday, November 19, 2008


above pic by paul oliver

and there i found myself....chasing fleeting zebra, tearing through the whistling thorns. riding after wildebeest full tilt over volcanic rocks and aardvark holes...after many vodkas and blackberry juices over a lazy sunday lunch under The Remarkable Tortillis's dappled shade. licking salt off my lips, feeling the ache in my legs, watching. watching.
simple camping under The Remarkable Tortillis with all of maasailand stretched beyond us. stars twinkling in the filigree branches, like you dream it, a fire and distant flickering lightening in the north. watching. watching the moons of jupiter.
i thought of you. out there. and had so much to tell you. its impossible to truly convey, with words. how magical it was. how mindblowing it was. how wide. space. blue. it was. here i sit.

i love the scratches on my arm from the thorns and the beautiful ache in my back muscles. and my burnt cheeks and the faint smell of horse on my hands.... even the pepper ticks which i am still finding in, aherm, intimate places. like, you know, between my toes.

perhaps i found the wildness in me again. at least, a little of it.

thank god. i love it.

i want more.



Kitchen Board: Wednesday Evening: 19 November 08

Contributors: Safari Craig and Veronica
Comments: hmmm, essentials. garlic, oil and pepper.
i am recently returned from an enchanted land, people.
bear with me.
deeply grateful always.
bisous bisous bisous toujours. toujours. xx j


family affairs said...

How completely gorgeous - wild and free and so so so far removed from life in a London suburb. I cannot even contemplate the difference. One day Lx

Janelle said...

c'mon then...! and and and just bought some bold spotty apaloosas...and carlos will lend the truck...x j
hah verification is wumbillo!?

tut-tut said...

Your descriptions are so compelling and beautiful. I wish I could spin myself halfway around the world.

Bill Stankus said...

Sweet. Your live a dream.

Val said...

sigh... awesome....xxV

Mud in the City said...

Right - I'm buying my ticket today. Can I borrow a spotty horse?

Dumdad said...


Reya Mellicker said...

Wow, wow! and WOW.

I've never had that dream, I would never dare to have such a dream as your life.

You and yours are all the bravest people I've ever heard of.

Like I said, Wow!!

bellananda said...

how completely wonderful. i feel like i can breathe deeper just looking at your photos (the fourth of which i just stole for my desktop picture, hehe). someday, someday, i'm going to come visit you and your lovely horses and your wide-open plains and your little house on the hill. :) xoxo season

French Fancy said...

Janelle - this is so different from things I am used to reading. Go you!

Have you seen the film 'Out of Africa'? I loved that film.

Anonymous said...

my god you lead a charmed life - love it and live it always x

Janelle said...

thanks y'all for your lovely comments. seriously. if anyone wants a horse safari i know just the person...and i shall join you on a spotty horse!~ indeed, i live a charmed life for which i am so so grateful for...i love it. and i'm trying to live it all for what its worth... bis xxx j

alex said...

Ye with all the essentials..garlic pepper oil..but you forgot tea, whisky and mustangs..or apaloosas..oh yeah youve got them. And beauteous kids, gorg husband, magic land, little pink house on a hill...if you werent my friend whom I love i think I would have to hate you.

Tessa said...

Okay, now you've darn well gone and done it. You've made me cry. Buckets. I can't write any more 'cos I'm snivelling and hiccupping.......

I'm going to go to bed for a week...and it's all your fault!

(Brilliant blog. Just bloody brilliant. Sniff)

Ernest de Cugnac said...

You are so lucky - though of course we make most of our own luck. So few people in the world today can experience what you have.

Including the pepper ticks. I think I had these, or something like them, in the Northern Transvaal in my prospecting days. Small buggers, move up to one's underwear and dig in.

Lori ann said...

Inshallah indeed Janelle,you luckyhorsebackriding singingbeautifulafricangirl, I'm sure you will have more. What a gorgeous post.
xx lori

Janelle said...

alexi! well babes, you sure lead a charmed life too up in your snowy mountains, surrounded by mustangs and delicious cowboys...!? xx
tessa! thanks! just peaked at your blog..your paintings,. your PAINTINGS shine...oh they shine. xx

yes ernest. i know. but as you know, there are some very dark bits in between...but you see i think this is what makes the good bits of my life so good! africa has extremes always and is never predictable..its a risk, mostly...but oh the wide open spaces are so wide. so wild. xxx j
verification is CHANG...hah!

Janelle said...

thanks lori!! good to hear from you...comin' over for a visit now. xx j

alex said...

true, true...but the cowboys are not so delicious it has to be said.
Oh and I didnt mention that was seriously soul soaring stirring stuff J!! I just love love love your writing.

Anil P said...

Beautiful landscapes.

karen said...

Hi Janelle
found my way over here via Val's page.. i just love your blog, and this wildly enchanting post - awesome!