Sunday, November 9, 2008

rainy day frida and hot chili peppers. . .

pic: Chapter 12: The Frida Years by janelle

my friend sue jones as Frida.

..." I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best..."

- Frida Kahlo

the rains have arrived! life giving and refreshing like mint and ice on a summer's day. great rain promising clouds give dimension to what was a white heat sky. now, in the mornings, puddles lie like round glinting silver discs down in the valley below. the air has been washed of its dust and is like champagne again. there is snow on mt meru and at night, i lie cosy, and listen to the rain hammering down on the peely green tin roof of the little pink house on the hill.

sometimes, when the rain stops at night, and everything is still, i think i can hear the grass growing. and the stars twinkling. i watch my world turning emerald green. someone painting as fast as lightning...

satiable saturday was simply sensational. sassy and lacy.

we walked down the longest, oldest (it seemed) avenue of jacaranda, lilac petals under our feet, to watch our football star take on champions.

we jumped and shouted and ate strawberry lollipops and chestnuts from albania. jacaranda castles were magically and lovingly built in the moss green shade. and we flew the flag.
we worked like mice in the afternoon to make the little hill house sparkle with light and scented with jasmine, to induce and welcome the spirits; and of course to please our visitors and our hearts. we scattered red rose petals, burnt jasmine incense sticks near the Buddhas, lit endless candles and lanterns, positioned crystals for auspicious occasions, chopped extra chili into the beans, sliced sun warm lemons for the tequila, applied mono brows,wigs, granny's jewels and red lipstick and wore high heeled black shoes and long, full, fire red skirts....
... they rode in from the north, south, east and west on apache hosses from beyond the rio grande, searching for hot chili peppers in a blistering sun. i fell in love all over again with Jose Diamond Texeira Perreira (even though he's really portuguese) he has loads of mexican friends (and russian and chinese). he allegedly does illegal diamond and ivory deals with jonas savimbi and grew up in luanda. everyone says he's dodgey. he wore his ray bans all night long. but i could tell he fancied me. i fancied the hell outta him.

frida scattered her jewelry like petals, and spent most of the evening searching for bits and bobs, her pretty mono brow unperturbed. sue (my friend who was frida) felt she was being channeled. well surprise surprise. in fact, we could all see it happening before our very eyes. i could see her autobiography: Chapter 12, The Frida Years...

on sunday i was kidnapped by two random mexicans, who happened to be at the hootenanny the night before. i knew they looked suspicious. but with names like carlos and marina, and a hoss called santiano, it was irresistible.

we galloped over the hills on sunday - our hearts wild and racing with the clouds and passing aeroplanes. i was nervous to gallop but felt exhilarated when i finally let go and risked it. wildly free. the horse checking his stride to fly over an aardvark hole, hidden in the grass. what could have happened flashed past me in the blink of an eye. and was gone in a nanosecond as santiano and i flew to the top of the hill. winged and sunlit. laughing. alive.

hello monday! hello wet rainy day monday. my body aches from my sunday ride. i am preparing for my horse safari next week-end on west kilimanjaro. i already long for smokey camp fires, wide open spaces and horses.

but for now, its monday morning. and school begins. my woken heart and head reach out towards my students. for now, the inspiring creative space at school, whilst thoughts of camp fires, wildness, hosses and mexicans lean against sun warm walls in my dream scape...

Kitchen Board: Monday Morning 10 November 2008

Contributors: me.
Comments: buenos noches watu wote.
toodely old pip. xxx bisous - hot chili peppery ones! j


Dick said...

A wonderful picture of an extraordinary sky and a breakneck Kerouac-y account of the celebrations. Who are the celebrants? They seem like a remarkably hip bunch or ravers to be drawn from one corner of Tanzania!

tut-tut said...

Oh, your words fly too! Beautiful, like magic carpet ride over your part of the world. Your rayban man seems dangerous to know . . .

family affairs said...

Love Rayban man - the others look fab too x

tam said...

Woohooo! What a jol. Whenever I need a heart cleanse, when things are all knotted in me, I play that track from the Frida sound track at top volume... "Burn this House" Love it! Mind you, that gallop seems like an even better method.

Mud in the City said...

Wow - what a party! I can feel your exhileration and energy in your words.

And it is always good to see a luxurious monobrow come out to play!

Wish I could be there on your horse safari!!

Reya Mellicker said...

Is it really true that you, your kids and every single person you know are all so completely beautiful in face and spirit? Doesn't seem possible, but every picture I see of you and your life illustrates all the beauty of you and what you're surrounded by.


Bill Stankus said...

So, where's Frida's mustache?

Lori ann said...

janelle, you are a babe. didja know if you play frida in the ipod you will run like a gazelle or at least you'll feel like it!
Love~Love~Love ;)

fush and chips said...

Hey there,
An evocative, charming, post about what sounds like a wonderful weekend.

This, and a cup of Zimbabwean coffee brightened my hungover morning.

Janelle said...

dick! thanks for the kerouac LOVE it. indeed, all these delicious people are living in this funny little corner of tanzania. imagine how fortunate i am...x
tut tut..thanks. rayban man rocks!
thanks lulu. rayban man is The Man...terrifically cool. oh yeah! x
hey tam. indeed. the sound track is completely inspirational moving and uplifting...x
mud! oh WISH you could come on horse thinking its going to be quite rainy...anyway. will let you all know.x
heh heh heh reya...well. i think they are...! x
ahhh thanks fush! xxj

Janelle said...

and LORI ANN!! so glad to see you back..been missing you! xx janelle

alex said...

Oh I enjoyed that J! Bloody bloody marvelous! and great pics And what i wouldnt do to come on your horse safari. Feel the wind and ride like the devils behind you! Gloriousness!!
Rubin looks killer - as does his dad. Phoooor!
(who comes up with these word verifcations...lififec?!