Sunday, January 18, 2009


dedicated to reya: (not because she's an airhead, you understand...) because of the genre of the photograph...duh.

Oh Rain Wizards! at present i am weather obsessed, as it turns out....this comes from being a farmer's daughter.

yes! you are indeed Rain Wizards. we have had a teeny weeny sprinkling of rain...(like 5 mls in total - although today is burning white again and my eyes scan the mountain tops searching for cloud build up...) so don't stop whatever it is you are doing. of course, you are entirely responsible for this latest change in weather. nothing at all to do with moon phases or the fact that a low pressure drifted past or the time of year or anything like that. i know it. it all happens out on the blogosphere. let's not underestimate the power of thought and intention. i simply KNOW that you have been dancing those rain dances continuously since we last spoke. that my weather predicament is completely central to your radar screen... and that you are totally responsible for this latest sprinkle...yes. perhaps, there might be a low pressure passing through, but only because you've wished it so.

whoever believed the weather man anyway?

loons. the lot of them.

Kitchen Board: Sunday Night: 18 January 2009:

Contributors: Veronica, and Danu P (sneaky!)... just say no to nintendo DS whatevers...NO!

Comments: another Big Shopping Day . oh and BREAKING NEWS: i have been asked by Very Clever People At School to teach an A Level Literature course...ME? me? are you SURE? apparently they are. they said, of course! you've read Jane Eyre, haven't you? me (nodding head way too vigorously, which should've alerted them immediately: oh yes yes! (actually NOT is the case) hence the reason a cop out blog tonight because i make haste back to charlotte bronte's extraordinary book which, by the by, i am loving and adoring. i mean, these days, no-one uses expressions like "i was loaded with general opprobrium" and sweet phrases like "she blunderingly confessed" and "The sleepers were all aroused: ejaculations, terrified murmurs sounded in every room..." and "ladies keep off or I shall wax dangerous..."

alas. i must make haste while the night lasts. monday looms and i'm only half way through. page 206 to be exact. aiming for page 447 before dawn. do you think i'll make it? it's a fat book with the minutist tiniest print you have ever seen. away with me. i must desist from this constant confabulation....

so toodely pip, oh best beloveds, bisous - slightly rain fragranced ones xxx j

and keep up the rain dances please. thanks ever so much. x

ps: it's the next day. and i never made it to page 447, damnit....


SafariB said...

Way to go Janelle! What a gas. LOve your Charlotte Bronte extracts. I admit I've also never read her. But some nincompoop in our family lost a family diary from my great great great great grandmother from that era never to be seen again - man the tragedy.. In fact, perhaps I'm not actually related to such a moron.

Oh so know that waiting for the rains feeling.

xxx B

Janelle said...

thanks B! oh terrible to lose such a diary...but somehow i always think there is a reason behind j

family affairs said...

Wow - I'm really impressed! A level literature!! I did that once and then forgot that I'd done it and then decided that I'd like to do it and then whilst looking into it I remembered that I'd already done it....and then realised that there is no way (because I'm such an idiot) that I'd ever be able to teach the subject!!! Excellent job for you though twinkly star person Lx

Dumdad said...

Professor Janelle arise!

Val said...

airhead?? ..noooo. i am impressed! you have a portrait! and the teaching bit going from strength to strength. After Jane Eyre - the Wide Sargasso Sea is another take on the story. Love it. Creepy stuff and those quotes...makes me want to revisit it too :-)

Val said...

actually the reflect on your portrait looks a bit cleopatra... glad you getting some rain x

Tessa said...

Aaah, Jane. Feisty lady that one! I just LOVE all the URST (UnResolved Sexual Tension) in those Bronte and Austen novels.

------>Whirling off in vigourous Rain Dance.

Tessa said...

or is it vigorous...?

SafariB said...

ha ha.. I'm just loving everyone's comments.

Professor Janelli here we come :)

More please more!

Ernest de Cugnac said...

janelle - that's an effing good photograph (I bow and scrape).

Wil Robinson said...

What kind of school is this you'll be helping at?

I'm living in Mumbai, and working with an after-school project for slum kids (my wife is also teaching first grade at an NGO-school in the slums).

We are planning a trip through East Africa to visit some schools to learn/share some ideas about education and development.

Can you give me some details about the students at this school? The families, income levels, etc.

I've been checking out your posts - very insightful photographs.

Janelle said...

ah thanks lulu! yeah. well. to be honest. a little terrified about it...but will give it a twirl. nothing to lose. only to gain! xxx j

DD, why thank you! I dip my very academic hat in your direction. xxx j

hey val. well spotted. i was hoping no-one would notice. my friend did it for me because she needed the practise. she is a portrait artist. usually in oils. but i thought i could get away with it because you can;t really see the face, because of the reflection. yes indeed! it could be cleopatra...but i prefer the airhead! xxx j

hello tessa! it's vigorous. i also spelt it vigourous but spell check saved me...and i\m supposed to teach the language!? jesus! XXX j


wow! ernest! are you serious? THANKS HONEY! xxx j

hello wil. well actually it's one of the more priviledged schools around. most of the students are from africa...west, east, north....fees are not too cheap. they run A level, IGSCE's etc etc. it's called BRAEBURN ARUSHA. there are other Braeburn schools in kenya. it's worth a visit. for sure. i love teaching there. it's very dynamic. great kids. xxx j oh and thanks for comment re" pics!

The Pink Cowboy said...

Chief Pink Cloud, a permanent resident of the Pink Ranch is intensifying his rain dance. I'm sending you a virtual juicy cloud full of abundant rain.

Miranda said...

Ah J, just watch the movie - it's the same thing isn't it. Ha HAAAA. The movie I saw has got that old James Bond bloke it - the guy with the unbalanced face. I think I did Jane Ayre at school AND uni. Still love it tho. Agh, I've told you all this already but am brushing up on my commenting skills. Have been a little lacking of late in this dept. xxx

karen said...

i love Jane Eyre - one of my favourites! I was thinking of you yesterday, while sitting on the coffee bar verandah having lunch during enormous rain storm - doing a lot of mental rain dances for your part of the world, i promise!

I see Nutella has been rubbed out - did you find any, or have you given up hope? I still can't find any Early Grey tea here - but I think Feb will be the month of hitting a city and a real shop!!

Angela said...

I`m having a serious cold from all this cold and ugly weather. Are you sure you want to share it? Ah, Jabe Eyre and old diaries...I have one that my grandmother wrote in 1910, aged 17. She went to dances every weekend, coming home only at six a.m., can you imagine?!, just to find a suiting husband! (And then it turned out that the very decent husband she found would amuse their dinner tables with sausage stringsa round his neck. Tough luck. He`s the one that Mo got her cheerful spirits from.

Mama Shujaa said...


Mwalimu, congrats on the teaching post. Wuthering Heights was required reading in my lit class when I attended high school in Nairobi, miaka mingi ago. :-) Heathcliff was my man. I must say you've brought back some sweet memories.

I may have to write to Gov. Purdue - his prayers on the steps of the mansion worked for us here in Georgia.

Baadaye basi kipenzi! Na piya, I love the photograph.

Mama S.

Nao said...

Cheering you on over here! The Jane Eyre Marathon sounds like a laugh, you've actually inspired me to pick it up again. Yey for the sprinklings of rain!

To Jane and Rain then~

herhimnbryn said...

Ah, Jane Eyre! Always a winter read for me. I have to be curled up in a deep armchair by the fire!

I spy Milo on the kitchen board.....I deduce Australians in the house!

Janelle said...

thanks pink cowboy..make it Pink Rain! hell. why not, eh? xxx j

mo. do you still have the movie!? and THANKS THANKS THANKS for taking rubin to the dentist this morning. rubin said that he was VERY kind...sweet. at least a positive experience for him...and am sure you had a LOT to do with it! love you angel woman. xxx j

hey karen. thanks! yes. send it this way! xxx j

geli. yeah it probably IS from him..sausages round the neck and all...!? xxx j

yeah mama was certainly a day to remember yesterday. amazing! we went and found a tv to watch...glad we did. xxx j

thanks nao...the sun is blazing again..not much moisture around. again. still. it will come...she declares j

herhimnbryn...actually. nope. no australians here...a few south africans though! we LOVE milo! XXX j said...

clever old you. and you can speak Bronte! x

ps my word verification for this comment is ''typhode'' which is quite brontesque for the shits. don't you think?

Reya Mellicker said...

Level A Lit? OH YEAH. I would love to take that class from you.

Rain dances coming up.

Jeannie said...

Ah, Jane Eyre... I went through a Bronte phase (although I never did manage to wade through any of Anne's) and love that one. I wish I could sit in on your class!

Before we left the UK my mother in law drove us up to Haworth Parsonage (about 2 hours from where my inlaws live in Yorkshire) and my mind was blown; despite it being a really pleasant English summer day, the sheer loneliness of the place, up there on the moors, really brings home what it must have been like to grow up there. The graveyard, which used to flood and all the bodily juices would run off into the water supply, was right next to the Parsonage, and the little cobbled roads have a sewage channel running down the centre of them. Not a wonder they all died of consumption. It was fantastic to see it, but not even all the curio shops and Ye Olde Tea Shoppes could take away the essential bleakness of the place. The books suddenly made a whole lot more sense!

Let us know how the course goes - I have a strong feeling you'll be great!

Elizabeth said...

But it is the most amazing book!
You have probably finished it by now and will want to read
Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rees who grew up in w. Indies
it is all from the point of view of Bertha Rochester

Your kitchen notice board made me remember I need TP damnit!

Charli said...

Janelle... Thank you for swinging by Broken Mannequin and asking after my health. I am doing okay these days, thank you!!

And now I can't remember how I found you... Someone gave you an award and described your blog. I think. It sounded really cool so I came on over. (You didn't disappoint!)

(I am sending you RAIN! Snow? You some snow too? I have plenty of THAT I can spare!)