Saturday, January 10, 2009

i will survive...

safari craig has left for america. for an entire sixteen days.

and the house is quiet. and there is a large gaping gap. and we're all pretending we aren't sad.

and it's sunday. another hot hot white day, no rain in sight; heat, flies and dust. the heat is relentless. the land is brown, crackly and dry. baked.

and the children are addicted to pokamon cards.

sundays are never usually my favourite day anyway. because mondays the next. but in this case it would've been The Best Sunday Ever, because tommorrow is another public holiday. zanzibar revolution day. when the african shirazi party (ASP) drove the arabs (zanzibar national party ZNP) into the sea, literally, in the early 1960's. another little genocide in africa. an ethnic cleansing. another interesting political historic story. a revolution, i am lead to believe, encouraged by the departing colonials. but i suspect they didn't think it would turn out quite so badly. beautiful unguja beaches and seas, littered with floating bodies. another shameful colonial blip.

safari craig is apparently headed into a Deep Freeze. not the kind you have in your kitchen. the kind which freezes everything around you. i know he isn't prepared for it.

so instead of sitting mournfully on the hill, we shall go swimming. we shall eat pizzas. and come back later when the sun is setting and the moon is rising and the hot whiteness has dipped below the western hills.

and i shall ride my horse under the full moon.

and then its only fifteen days left...

the house is so quiet.

Kitchen Board: White Hot Sunday Morning:

Contributors: Veronica

Comments: i have heard there is a cyclone off dar es salaam....maybe it will rain soon.

toodely pip then. and bisous, sad good bye j


Lori ann said...

try not to be sad janelli. i know just how you feel. keeping busy is key.And red wine. is he anywhere near me? funny how its worked out heh? Chuck in Africa, Craig in the US.hurry time, please...
love and big hugs and do you need more pokemon cards for the kids?

Dick said...

'the heat is relentless.' Oh, so strange and dreamlike a notion, here in the white spindly wastes. Enjoy the heat and the pizzas, Janelle.

Mama Shujaa said...


Siku zitapita mbiyo usijali.


Mama Shujaa

Janelle said...

hey lori. i know! go figure eh? something missing out of this equation!? you and i..hah! xxx j

asante mama! ndio. ndio! xxx j

and dick..oh for some coolness...whew..everything is wilting... xxx j

Dumdad said...

So hot there, so cold here: the grass is always greener . . . although I suspect your grass is brown and scorched.

karen said...

poor you, well at least you have a fellow blogger in the same boat, and maybe can cheer Lori up by scanning your mountains with binoculars for her (might pass the time, too!!) Let's hope the time flies and he'll be back soooon!love that video!! :-) xxx

QUASAR9 said...

Ah well Janelle
One must pass the time the best one can
Funny how it seems to be, we can never quite have everything just like we'd want it to ne

Happy New Year!

Jeannie said...

That's a long time - I'd be sad too. It sounds like you have a good way to help at least the first day pass.

I see Nutella on your board again; it's gone up SO much here (nearly R50 a tub) that we've switched to a cheaper chocolate spread brand, and I'm trying to wean the little choccie sandwich monster off it...

family affairs said...

sorry your all alone with the kids - still at least it's temporary and you know he'll be back.....Lx

family affairs said...

PS Love the video!! Lx

Mud in the City said...

Poor you - but enjoy not being Deeply Frozen and riding under the full moon!

ExAfrica said...

Where oh where? Do tell us where! Maybe he'll be near some of us and we can pop by and say hello.

God knows it's a deep freeze round these parts.

Lori ann said...

so great the video! laughing,dancing,kids! I love it, i finally had a moment to watch it! thanks for the smiles here.Bighugsloveandcoldpacificoceanfog im sending to you!!

Miranda said...

Ah Janella you and me both. I'll pop in for a visit sometime this week? xxx

Janelle said...

DD. indeed it is. scorched and getting more scorched today. bah. x

thanks karen. much better today. just hopeless at goodbyes...xx

thanks starman. you know, i think we can have it just how we want it to be. its something to do with accepting what IS an bingo! x

hey lulu! yeah. i know he'll be back. you're right. thought you would like the video. um. was being a bit of a menace, wasn't i? hah! xx j

thanks mud. the moon ride was MAGICAL. to be blogged about! xx j

ex africa! hello! oh. now. he is in houston now. he is headed to new york and conneticut at some point...whew. not sure when. he has a packed schedule! it would be GREAT to meet up with him! xx j oh where are YOU?

glad you enjoyed lori. i LOVED your run blog...going to comment later...SO beautiful! xx j

yeah mo...yeah. PLEASE lets see each other this week..ok???? xxxx j

Val said...

ah Janelli - how wierd is that about you and Lori? how was the full moon rideout? were you riding spots or rhino? how many days to go now? sounds like you and Miranda need to get together pronto.... xxxx

tam said...

Come on you guys, jump into that powder blue number that Robbee is driving and make a great escape. Pack lots of nutella.
aah, sod it. Well, I'm sure the time will fly my dear. and the homecoming is always fun.
is that supposed to be dog bones? hehee.

Mama Shujaa said...


Hali gani leo? Just dropped in to say hey... :

Mama Shujaa

Tessa said...

Oh, I see another dog is born.

Happy days and the Happiest Ever 2009, Janelle. Those long hot Sundays are happy days even when they're a little bit sad. Pizza and swimming and setting sun does help though.

Janelle said...

val! indeed. am going to blog later today...been SOOO busy..yeah. um. ridin' under the moon...x

darling tam..oh what a wonderful trip it will be...groovy or what? yeah. its dog bones...sweet x x j

mama shujaa! asante sana mama. going to pop in today..just been as busy as busy as can beeeee ..buzzin'! xx

tessa! thanks SO much...going to make time for this later today..and swing by yours and see what you've been up to! xxx j

Reya Mellicker said...

The dancing vid is fantastic! More vids from the house on the hill, please?

Where is Safari Craig going to be? That's quite a long journey for just 16 days.

Though 16 days can be a long time.

Enjoy your swim, your horseback ride, and the setting sun. He'll be back soon.

Love to you, magic Janelle

ExAfrica said...

Hmmm --- Connecticut and NY are sort of close.... but not enough to pop down for a hello. That's too bad -my exafrian, snake loving, hunting missing, biltong addicted husband would have enjoyed meeting him. In fact he was off to buy another gun this morning and I said - "we live in the city for christ's sake -enough!". I'm not very understanding, am I?

I'm in New England in the middle of ANOTHER snow storm. Arggh.