Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ngorobob ramblings.

i have just been sitting outside.
in the dark.
with four dogs. three cats. and six horses.
because the electricity went off.
under a sky packed tight with stars....not a breath of wind.
at least.
which normally would please me more than you could imagine.
but right now, it only heralds another hair dryer hot day tommorrow..
the air has a pink tinge from all the dust.

i walked around my "garden" this evening. actually "my" garden. oh whatever. you get the point.

i am not known as janelle green fingers for nothing.
the lawn is taking this all really badly. personally, i suspect. you know, the weather and all.
the only survivors are, unsurprisingly, the aloes and the whistling thorns.

my zanzibar jasmine and tiny pink climbing rose are deformed. (as well as completely exotic, neurotic and non PC) deformed not entirely from the weather. they aren't exactly suited to saharian conditions. or to my lavish attention. which is rare. or, more to the bloody point, being constantly slammed by a foot ball. i too would be stunted. in fact, i AM stunted. ah no, stun--, ooergh, stumped. yes that's it. stumped.

the acacia are rudely bursting out with yellow poms poms. it's disgraceful.

none of this floral flourish has anything remotely to do with me. obviously.

did you know that if you shake those fat bulbs on the whistling thorn a myriad of biting ants swarms out of the holes? and when the wind blows, it makes a whistling noise?
never heard it myself, if must be said. and i'm not known as Jan The Bush Girl for nothing, you know.

but i've seen the ants.

oh yes.i almost forgot to tell you. about The Main Reason, oh best beloveds, i have been too busy to blog.
of course i've been riding under the full moon this week. like i said i would.
for two nights in a row. in fact.

the first night was very elegant and planned. dressed in flowing white on a white horse. jingling silver, twisting moon beams.
and sober. and proper. and you know, It.

the next night i was in black, touting spanish leather boots. bareback. on a spotty horse. and sometimes hardly on a spotty horse. and a lot of the time half way down a spotty horse. but oh how we laughed. and felt like kings. of ngorobob. rather.
and, hic, high.
as the moon.

in fact, these days, it's the best time to be out and about the ngorobobs.

quite the best time.

Kitchen Board: Wednesday: 14 Jan 09

Contributors: janelle and veronica

Comments: please could someone fedex or dhl or hit their juju buttons, or Do Something ferchristssakes and send some rain. pronto. otherwise i will be this stunned: I
and from next week on, No More Nutella. only locally produced peanut butter. just say No to nutella. it's getting ridiculous.

oh toodely pip lovely you. and bisous, prickly ones. ow. xxx j


Bill Stankus said...

I've just come from cutting off broken tree limbs and a few whole trees, smashed to the earth from our recent snow.

A box of moss and mist is being prepared as I write this!

tut-tut said...

oh I hope it rains. But such rides you're having . . . beautiful.

Janelle said...

deeply appreciated. hurry! xxx j

nmj said...

'sky packed tight with stars' is quite lovely.

no acacia pompoms here, but the snowdrops are just just just starting to flower, i love to see them so optimistic and brave.

The Pink Cowboy said...

The Pink Cowboy would be delighted to have pink dust floating around. Reading your post I felt I was under African skies right here Texas. That plant reminds me of the aliens in the War of the Worlds.

Angela said...

I`ll be doing my best rain dance for you tomorrow. Must get a good sleep under our cloudy, cold, starless sky tonight - here, I wish for a cloudless, warm, starry sky, and a spotty horse to enjoy it with.

Mud in the City said...

LOVE th espotty horse pic - he looks as though he's smiling at the camera. Hope you spend more time on than almost on his back!

I haven't managed moonlit rides this week - but a couple of moonlit swims. Not as much fun - but so serene.

Plenty of rain here - I'll ask some to come your way.

Val said...

i hope you get some rain soon - i can so relate to that feeling. we are finally getting some ... must must must come your way soon. loved the moonlit rides xx

Mama Shujaa said...

Come Again
Go Away
Another Day!!!
Lotsa love
Mama Shujaa.

Janelli - nani anacheza mpira kwenu?

I wish I'd learned to ride a horse back in the day.

karen said...

wonderful! those pods are totally fascinating... hope you get some rain soon! and loved the moonlight riding descriptions!! No more Nutella? oh nooooo :-)

Lori ann said...

have you begun counting down the days yet? chuck will be home saturday night. i can't decide if time is the enemy or the friend right now...would you like me to send you some plant fertilizer for god's sake??
XXXsending bigrainfilledhugs

tam said...

Some evil strict little aunty voice spoke up in my head, saying, "well quite. you can't have nutella AND rain, Janelle, youre going to have to choose." ooh, where do they come from, those voices? boarding school ghosts no doubt.
I do hope it comes soon. We've had some here. your weather systems sound weird over there by those mountains.
bisous xxxxxxxx

Lori ann said...

have you begun counting down the days yet? chuck will be home saturday night. i can't decide if time is the enemy or the friend right now...would you like me to send you some plant fertilizer for god's sake??
XXXsending bigrainfilledhugs

Lori ann said...

what the heck, my comment came up twice? its past midnite here, i need to go to bed!!

word veri=soregass, what i would have if i rode your horse.

Dumdad said...

You can have all our rain as far as I'm concerned. I'll have a quiet word with a couple of clouds I know and ask them if they'd like a holiday over your way.

Angela said...

Tam, these voices you hear don`t come from THIS auntie! For sure. Janelli can have rain AND nutella! And I did my most energetic rain dance, so now soon it WILL rain! Basta! (Stern auntie voice,hahaha, so I HAVE it!)

Tessa said...

Whew...exhausted. Just finished a highly energetic and complex rain dance for you. My people tell me it'll rain within the next few days. Possibly. In the meantime, happy celestial canters, Janelle. Will it be Godiva next moon ride?

Janelle said...

rain wizards! keep on doing whatever you are doing! it's working. i can see it far away and i can smell it. which means that for the first time in the last however many moons, there is Rain About!!!! Sooooo people. listen up!:

bill - keep on packing those magik boxes please! angela - KEEP ON DANCING!!! mud - ask some more and more and more, kindly of course. mama shujaa - keep chanting (oh and its my boys football! they last about one day with all these acacia about...?) lori - visualize that fertilizer with piles of rain on top of a lush GREEN lawn please.
tam - weather here strange. very. all whirly and unpredictable...not like the valley....visualize please! ah THANKS DD...! will take as much as you can give if you don't mind. angela - keep jigging baby! and tessa, if you wouldn't mind, please do a re run if your people wouldn;t be mortally offended...oh no. wouldn;t want to do that.(and um, nope. definitely no godivarish antics thank you very much! ow ow ow!)

visualize it pouring onto ngorobob hill. onto the green peely roof of the little pink house, and gushing merrily into our water tanks. i would be ever so much obliged, oh best beloveds!

i have also talked sternly to myself, to APPRECIATE the heat, the sun and the star packed skies (thanks nmj for the compliment) and for making me grateful for whatever is now. you are SO right!

and pink cowboy, indeed, sending you puffs of pink dust! xxx

oh and karen. no more nutella. UNTIL IT RAINS! hah! xxx

loving ya all xxx j

tam said...

Bloody hell at this rate its going to rain nutella!

Elizabeth said...

Wishing you lots of rain.
Liked 'hairdryer hot' days - the description not the reality.
Below freezing in NY and snowing.
The spotty horse a delight.

Miranda said...

Hey, it rained here. For about 15 minutes. Did you get some on the hill?

Janelle said...

oh ever so slightly mo...but STILL...this is WORKING people! keep it up! visualize at least an inch of rain..yes please! HAH.
and elizabeth THANKS...! yeah. the spotty one is indeed a fine fine horse... xxx j

Connie said...

Those thorny things on that tree look sharp. I love your horse. Beautiful color. I used to have 2 horses, an Arabian and a black horse.

herhimnbryn said...

Hallo there,
Here via neo's blog. Much sympathy about the heat. We had 45 degrees of heat esterday and more of the same today. it knocks me sideways.

Love your blog. No nutella? What is the world coming to?:)

Nao said...

What a beautiful world you describe, and so far away from mine way over here on this misty green west coast. Your images are beautiful, I can feel the heat from the photographs alone. Loved your description of the stars, moon lit rides on horse back sound like something from a novel. Great Blog you have here!

May the rains come soon.

Janelle said...

those thorny things are indeed sharp, connie...and harbour red biting ants inside them..and i have HUNDREDS in the "garden". they are indigenous and to me represent this part of the world...they have a beauty of their own! thanks for popping by. and yes, my horse is FABULOUS! xxx j

herhimnbryn! why THANKS for visiting. wow. your heat sounds stifling...yuk! well. might have to go out and get some more nutella. MIGHT. xxx j

thanks nao..well i love your magical blog...your hobbit house in a snow laden wood...have a great day! xxx j

Jeannie said...

Ohhh, I want to ride a horse under the stars now too. So evocative, so beautiful.

My monsters are crying when I offer them Black Cat. I've pointed out that it would be cheaper to melt Lindt and spread it on bread, but the three year old looks at me in incomprehension. Bah.

Dick said...

If I could puff this bloody rain your way, Janelle, I would blow with a will. Please - just a therm or two of your warmth!

Chimera said...

Ha! loved the pom poms exploding ut the the acacias! they are camp are the not!
Riding under the wonderful it must be and how lovely to be able to ride when ever you so choose! I loved my horses but they were in 'rented accomodation' and i was not allowed to go gallavanting at night at the showgrounds. Ho hom.
Sorry Safari Craig away but he will RUSH back. its cold out there!
T xx

Janelle said...

dick - blowing until my cheeks puff out - warm thermal winds your way! xxx j (and you send the rain my way in torrents please!)

tanvi - those show grounds..i know them exacterry - yeah. it's a life i dreamed up. i am surely one of the luckiest people on the planet... xxxx j said...

hairdryer hot days. simply, simply perfect. i am having those too. x

Charli said...

This post is very beautiful. The poem was lovely. And even your prose sounds like poetry. Love it.