Friday, February 6, 2009

smell of rain...

whew it's been a white hot day with a rainbow around the sun. again.

twice in one year.

something has changed. completely.

i can smell rain. far away. but i can smell it.

it's heady. sexy.

there is no wind. the night air crackles and tinkles with crickets songs.

and in the distance i can hear a nightjar, like liquid.

i think the rain is close.

something is.

if it's not the rain, then what could it be?

tentacles are out.

should i sing my song? soon it will rain? last time i did the raindrops were as big as golf balls and rivers ran where they hadn't before. i think i'll give it a twirl.

semi naked on her bed /summer rain in her head/in the desert/ there's no pain

in the stillness something dead/behind the curtain dressed in red/she's uncertain/when the thunder rolls.

horses run in midday heat/angels snapping at her feet/vultures spiral/in the widening gyre

soon it will rain/i can feel it in my bones/soon it will rain/ i can feel it i can feel it i can feel it /in my bones

feathers fall like raindrops lost/signs of angels unforecast/clouds are rolling/'round the mountain top

jasmine scent upon the air/windchimes spinning everywhere/streaks of lightening/ in her hair

summer moon behind the clouds/lights are out and so are owls/something lurks/ the black dog starts to howl.

soon it will rain/i can feel it in my bones/soon it will rain/i can feel it i can feel it i can feel it/in my bones.

what the devils going on?

could it be the watery moon?

could it be you, or the lack of you?

or just me?

yes that's it. it's just me.

must be.

and the distant smell of rain...

Kitchen Board: Friday Night some time in early february

Contributor: oh, completely veronica. perfectly veronica. veritably veronica. there. phew. satisfied now.

Comments: update on the Lady from NYC for interested parties is that she is still at it, apparently. relentlessly so. like after flying 300 feet above lake natron, thickly pink with flamingos, after soaring over oldonyo lengai volcano, the wings tipping so everyone could see this extraordinary sacred active volcano, after seeing game like ants flowing below the shadow of their own private aeroplane, stepped out of it and said, What the .... but in her way. and there are about five of her. safari craig been given strict instructions to notate all details where she and the rest are concerned for y'all....but he said he is too tired to even pick his nose... oh well.

tooooodely old pip, lovely You, bisous x.x.x. poetic nostalgic ones... j . . . x.


Tessa said...

Please keep singing your song. It is...the song of Africa.

tut-tut said...

I hope you post you actually singing. So much poetry; so beautiful.

Reya Mellicker said...

I hope your singing brings the rain closer. Even if not, it will bring beauty to the landscape.

i love listening to your music. I'm certain the land around your pink house loves it, too.

Jeannie said...

Beautiful, beautiful, evocative post. I hope the rain came.

Val said...

i love that song - i sang it alot when we were waiting for worked! xx

Lori ann said...

i always thought the stormymoodyrain was sexy too...african songbird :)
bighugsxoxox lori

Miranda said...

I woke up in the night to rain on the roof. Gotta be one of my favourite feelings. Did you get it?

Buy the fish food already!

word veri basoph!

Janelle said...

indeed people, it RAINED!lots in early hours of the morning...x j

karen said...

oh wonderful news! if i was the rain, i wouldn't have dared to stay away... thanks for the NYC update. loved the descriptions of that flight ...magical x

Dumdad said...

What a fabulous song. You're so talented.

family affairs said...


SafariB said...

oh my word... that FEEELING!!! Waiting waiting waiting for the rain... and then it comes!!! Gees man how I miss it!!! :) Thanks SOooo much for bringing me home Janelle!

Cant wait to hear more of Craig's storys of his client - what a nightmare!!

xxxxx Me

oh yes.. and Veri word Boofis! ?!

Ernest de Cugnac said...

Well, done a big catchup. I take it the song is one of yours? Love the photo of the team and see what you mean about the Obama look alike. Clearly some regional genes there. Went a bit cold reading about the riot at the factory. Seemed a trifle close for comfort! The American lady, now there's a whole story there, and I await the sequel. And the story of your painting, complete with footprints. Priceless.

Word veri is joyliter. I'm flattered.

Mama Shujaa said...

Dada I love your sexy rain song! mmphh. Wekelea kanyau! LOL. Have you heard that saying? Try it out on someone, I promise you they will laugh...maybe not, since you do live on top of a hill. Maybe next time you go to town, try it.

I want to know the response, sawa?

Lots love,
Mama Shujaa.

Janelle said...

thanks you all for swinging by. ernest. about bloody time, old chap. jeez. been slacking just because of a paltry storm which might have knocked a few puny trees down. no excuse.! great to hear from you and well done on catching up. impressive. here's a biscuit. (to quote a fine friend of mine)xxx j

ndio mama. sawa nita jaribu! habari gani? xxx j

Janelle said...

and briget bellabaloo! so lovely to hear from you...yeah. remember...that waiting in the valley when it was that intense heat...waiting waiting and the build up. its kind of different here....vaguer in a sense..if that's a word...? perhaps something to do with altitude and the mountains...Nightmare bad as they come! hah. at least its not me out there. safari craig is a gem at dealing with people. he already has the pschological analysis in love always b x

Jen said...

And so we all wait for rain.... it must be falling somewhere. We certainly need it in OZ where the land is parched within a spitball of its life