Wednesday, February 4, 2009

spot the pinky....

i love this picture.

it's Spot The Pinky.

it's I'm An African.

it's kids getting on with the world. with lives. with light. with love and camaraderie. with freedom and simplicity.

its real. like coca cola.
it gives me hope when i look at it.

it's so far removed from grown up bollox. from grown up fixations with global economic melt downs. and impending world doom.

so far removed from colour and race.

i love it when rubin argues in kiswahili and i can't understand him. i think he's getting somewhere. call me deluded.

his best friend, daniel, the one on the very right in the front row, reminds me of barak. he comes from kisumu in kenya.

and they played a blisteringly good game of footie today.

in their bright yellow bee suits. and afterwards ate ice creams victoriously.

i love africa for this.

Kitchen Board: Wednesday Evening: 4 Feb 2009

Contributors: Janelle, Veronica

Comments: must must get more petrol for the generator. we had another power cut this evening. damnit. but obviously its back on now. safari craig has left on, yup, a safari. his clients from new york thought he was joking when he said that there weren't going to be any computers in camp. (?) when they sat down for lunch yesterday - a grand top dollar safari lunch - one lady said well what am i supposed to eat? i don't eat red meat. i don't eat chicken or fish. i can't eat the quiche because i don't eat eggs. and of course i won't eat salads in africa.....
jesus. so they had to make her a special omelet from egg whites with mushrooms. why did she come, i wonder? does she have ANY idea where she is???? one can only hope she will by the time she leaves....
tooooooooooooooodely old pip, you. bisous xxx african ice cream ones....yum.


nmj said...

Rubin and Daniel are going to be handsome men.

A lovely photo.

Dumdad said...

Brilliant photo. No, you're not deluded. Why can't we adults be like that?

As for the New York lady - what?!!!!

She ought to be dumped in the middle of nowhere on her own and let's just see how long she won't eat meat or chicken or fish etc.

She'd soon cry, "I came on safari by mistake!"

Mama Shujaa said...

What a fabulous photo. Got me pining away here, for our 10 year old, what he is missing, childhood in Africa, like mine. Ah! :-)

Amazing how much the chick from NY will learn.

Rubin's getting a phone? Wow! He is very cute and he probably plays some tough football!

Mama S.

Janelle said...

indeed NMJ they are...indeed! thanks for your kind comment x x j

i tell you DD, that she should. she would most likely die a quick and painless death out in the bush..or maybe get lost and die of thirst..oh must stop thinking of these morbid scenes... xx j

mama shujaa! habari dada? sema. . yeah its a great pic eh? such a lovely afternoon...mad hot football under mt meru....lots love kabisa. xx j

tut-tut said...

beautiful photo! he does look like Obama, doesn't he?

Why, oh why, are there people in the world like that? And why do they seem to always have too much money? Send some of it my way, I say!

Elizabeth said...

Gosh, utterly blown away by the post below.
To silly safe(?) me in NY --which some people consider terrifying but isn't -- this was really frightening.
You are utterly brave. Yes, I think in Africa you are faced with such a vivid swirl of LIVING. You must be very aware of life's transience.
I haven't the courage for it any more - even though anywhere one only has the illusion of safety.
I think poor Bill Gates means to do the right thing it's just...........

As for the NY lady. It will all, indeed, be a super education for her. One sees her sort of like a bad child in Roald Dahl who will get her come-uppance.
What a silly person.
How one gets bored of spoiled BRAT.
Has she ever met a scorpion?
ps Did it ever rain?

Janelle said...

tut tut! HELLO! lovely to see you again. i know i know. re: silly lady...!? x j

elizabeth..hello! yes. am sure bill only had good things in mind. and he has done LOTS to combat malaria in africa and is highly commendable..its just that its irrepsonsible to throw money at something and then leave and not have follow up or accountability...and make sure the projects are as they should be...all quiet down there at the moment...not sure whats happening...this lady will most likely get stung by a scorpion...and STILL WAITING for the rain...we've had a little but not enough..and its REALLY hot again..unlike your icy new york! lots love xxx j

Nao said...

What a fabulous photo~ all those beautiful smiles, all that joy~mmmmm, soooo good.

family affairs said...

He looks exactly like Barack - lovely photograph Lx

Miranda said...

Ah great pic. Love your boys.

Oh dear. I'm not sure the NY lady WILL learn anything. She'll just be closed off to anything new and probably terrified. Poor thing. And hate it. But I hope not. Craig of course will be the pillar of patience and will perfect the grimaces disguised as smiles (although I'm sure he has that down pat!) He's a saint, that man!

Val said...

very cool pic - what a team! x

Mud in the City said...

Lovely pic! Just what I needed on a grey London morning (can I lease send you some of our rain??).

As for NYC Lady - PICKY EATERS!!!!!! So frustrating. Even if she has a weird faddy diet doesn't she understand that there are times one has to compromise such selfishness? Didn't she think to ask Craig in advance whether her daft eating habits could be accomodated? Goodness.

She's on a steep learning curve!!

Tessa said...

Does NY Lady also want a skinny-half-double-decaffeinated-half-capp-with-a-twist-of-lemon? What she really needs is to slip in a pile of wet hippo pooh, silly woman!

Love that photo - it says EVERYTHING about childhood. Perfection. xxxx

Elizabeth said...

We NEED to know what happens to the woman from NY......
do you have e-mail?

fush and chips said...

Hey Janelle,
Thanks for posting something, nice, warm, and shiny about Africa.

Puhleeze keep us updated with NY princess.

Frances said...

Hey Janelle,
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm really glad to come across yours. Loved your post about Rubin and Daniel and looking forward to catching up on more of your posts.

Their young freedom and connectedness in and to Africa is very liberating to read about. I was born in South Africa and feel very connected to Africa, but lived in Europe all my life. Love reading about it the way that you write it.

Pleased you got in touch and look forward to hearing more, especially about your horses!!

Dick said...

Sod the UN. In fact, sod nations. Give it all over to the kids. This is a picture of how it's meant to be.

Janelle said...

this is the second fruity time i am doing this...comments has something against me... well. THANK YOU ALL for your warm LOVELY comments....really. the first time i had the best very cleverest things to say but because i am late back from a dinner party down in the valley below, and survived stray bullets past mohammeds petrol station, its taxing to type...whew, ok. hope this time i my thankfulness gets to post....LOVING THE STRANGE BLOGOSPHERE and of course You, silly. xxx j

Reya Mellicker said...

My clever comments have been devoured by blogger several times today. I think Mercury is still retrograde. What a wicked little planet.

Love the yellow uniforms. Your children are all so beautiful.

And yes, why in the world did that woman go on safari? As for her food preferences, there are plenty of places, all over the world, where she would have to complain.

In a way I feel so sorry for people like that. If push came to shove, what would they do?

Lori ann said...

Bless bless Bless the children!! gorgeous beautiful blonde boy(could hardly be any cuter) and all his stunning friends, I love the smiles, LOVE the kids...
N.Y. woman, it is sad. I hope for enlightenment, then I think, I'm glad I'm me. lucky to like most everything(and to "get" it). Lotsoflove Janelli. Hug all those kids for me!
xxx Lori

Jocelyn said...

That picture makes my heart swoon. And the lady at the safari lunch needs to get kitted out and hit the field with all those glorious boys. She'd learn something.

karen said...

lovely photo.. and oh, that New York safari person!! grrr. hope ou are going to see her on the return, in her new changed format! :-)

pam said...

love the pic of Ruben and mates - gorgeous boy and thanks for your inspiring blogs

bellananda said...

hahaha -- when she started listing off all the things she doesn't eat, wouldn't it have been great if safari craig had pointed her to some distant tufts of fresh grass and invited her to join the gazelles? hahahaha

cheesy gameshow announcer voice: "for that TRUE starving-african experience!" lordy...

Linda S. Socha said...

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Janelle said...

oh whoops linda. just back here reading through comments...a following what? not very offay with all the techie stuff....will research... and let you know! THANKS! x janelle

Linda S. Socha said...

Still love this photo