Tuesday, March 31, 2009

argencourt en arusha et des lapins jaunes...

those are not flowers...but feathers.

from arrows.
the boys are taking a course in archery this week. their teacher is an ex judge from france called Monsieur Michel. who fell in love with an australian teacher in arusha. and who now imports frommages and du vin magnifique to these barren little backwater towns in afrique. as well as teaching everyone how to shoot an arrow or two... if he had been at the battle of argencourt perhaps the french would've stood a chance. lots of "mais c'est bien!" et "pas comme ca" et "zut alors!" et "chapeaux!" et "formidable!" one of the boys asked, "can i hit the rabbit now?" to which he replied " mais oui...eef you see eet..." my son was talking about the big lapin jaune target. he was talking about a real one which he has seen hopping unwittingly about the green field.

all the robin hoods of the neighbourhood are blatantly out and about around 9:30 every morning, in a little green field, in the middle of a coffee plantation, shooting arrows at various targets. orange frisbies. un lapin jaune. a "moving target" (box swinging in the wind), a gnarly old buffalo, a sack with pretty patterns on it and a man mowing the lawn. who was told that perhaps he should leave this task to later.

some people don't think it's a good idea to let kids learn any art of weaponry. i am not sure. all i know is that boys will be boys and Will Make Weapons. out of their bloody fingers. so why not let them learn properly...how to breathe. focus. stand. aim. shoot. sigh sigh. next week-end it's frigging paint balling...i will not be attending. i hate getting hurt. i always had an aversion to hockey.

so happy easter y'all.

bisous bisous bisous comme toujours....um, chocolate easter bunny ones.....? X.X.X.


nmj said...

... not the real lapin, please no shooting of the green field bunny! i agree, it is much better they are learning these skills properly than, say, watching violent computer games... and archery has that robin hood romance...

Mud in the City said...

Looks like tons of fun! Can they shoot chocolate bunnies as well?

Mama Shujaa said...

Brilliant photos! Ah, I miss home! My brother had a pellet gun growing up in Nairobi and Moshi.

Now, living in America, in the South, in this "bible belt," this belt of hypocrisy, where no tolerance laws in schools hamper children growth and communication; where there is a "right to bear arms" that allow folks to bring guns to work; I can't give my 10 year old a straight answer when he asks over and over again if he could have an airsoft gun, because he wants to learn how to aim and shoot.

Yaani narudi nyumbani very soon.

Mama S.

karen said...

Lovely photos and story. M. Michel sounds fascinating, and great that all those young archers are learning their skill! Yes, I agree - boys will be boys, from experience!

Bill Stankus said...

I grew up in a family that hunted and I learned to shoot rifles, shotguns and pistols at an early age. I had a BB gun. I played "Cowboys and Indians" and I loved to watch John Wayne type war movies.

I never killed anything, never liked hunting and I'm opposed to war, the military and I'm a non-violent person.

Love, baby, love.

Janelle said...

nmj! not to worry..the lawn mower man is in far more peril of being hit than the easter bunny, at this stage... xxx j

yes. they had an enormous amount of fun...more tommorrow and the next day....chocolate bunnies? no ways. they are only for eating. stuff that!? xxx j

hey karen. michel is tres amusant. x j

hey bill! hello! yeah me too. and i was just a girlie wirlie...indeed. lurve baby luuuurve xxx j

Janelle said...

oh OH! mama shujaa...miminesahau kuandika..pole!...thanks for swinging by...yes. karibu nyumbani dada...! njoo kupiga sunguraxxx j

Dumdad said...

What a lot of fun!

P. said...

Your boys are so beautiful! I would love to learn how to use a bow and arrow. There is something very romantic about it.

Elizabeth said...

Hope the boys had terrific fun learning the arts of archery.
and French..........
spent most of my youth in the woods with long bows cut from yew trees as per defending the land in Saxon times.......
Son did paintballing in teen years.
However we are pretty peaceful
though target shooting might be fun
people always think there are lots of guns and gun play in NY// but--thank God-- I never see any

ps any rain yet?

Lori ann said...

Brilliant idea! It looks like they are they are having a great time learning a new skill, look at those beautiful smiles! Did you try it too Janelli Hood?
xoxoxo and ♥

Janelle said...

hey DD..yes terrific fun had by all..they are back there again today! xx j

thanks P..yes they are completely beautiful. xxx j

oh lovely utterly talented elizabeth..nope. no rain yet. its desperate now. not even funny...at least i can afford to buy water..most people can;t...no more grazing...no more water...time are about to get horribly desperate. xxx j

hey lori ann..nope..didn;t give it a twirl...give me a hoss any day! XXX j

family affairs said...

Great photos - can I borrow your son - got some people he could use for target practice!! Sorry still no rain xxx L

Tessa said...

How cool - I'd love to try that. Gorgeous photos, gorgeous boys.

ed said...


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