Sunday, April 12, 2009

elephant kisses.x.x.x.

pic by safari craig

we're back. the gary glitter gang. from out of space. as in did you hang my picture on your wall?
we had a heavenly time.
but before i carry on blahing (new reference for blogging. keep up keep up.)...THANKS for all the comments. flutter flutter - i just wanna thank my cast, my director, steve, and co star brad...but most of all, my mum who was with me all the way....thanks....(and she waves her oscar for most comments EVER) really. thanks!

the only people who did not in fact comment are:

1. ernest. (does anyone know what's happened to ernest? seriously? do you think god finally got to him? bloody hell....ERNEST? at least post for godsake...?)

2. miranda. (because she really doesn't care enough. and heavy with child.)

3. tim (because he isn't biodegradable.)

4. the periodic englishman( because, well, he's periodical.)

yes. so back to the camping in west kilimanjaro.
for me, particularly, all my favourite things in the world were thrown in together, in one scoop. and nothing sank to the bottom like all the best bits in a pasta.

my favourite things: (she sings)

family, horses, wild spaces and game, guitar, elephant, really really cool people and things; as in beautiful eliza, her fuscia hand beaded indian divine skirt which she bought at the market for LESS THAN US$ 9...(yes. she plays The Gourd exceptionally well thank-you). jamie, dirk and riccarda (the elephant trainers, occasional aardvark wheelers and keepers of bush pigs under the bed) safari craig, carlos, old stone walls, views, new roads.. parties (every second night). not boogie nights kind of parties, but guitars next to fires, (not quite nuts in may, ok???)marshmallows and LOTS of red wine and whisky and manymanymanymanyandmany CIGARETTES.

which reminds me its monday and i have officially Given Up. again. god. first day and counting. bear with me folks should i be a little "off". i am meant to be feeling celebratory....but i'm not. i'm just Bloody Well Not, ok? i am miserable. i feel like a scheming schizophrenic. i can't remember anything. i have become almost gaga, and dangerously doolaley.

so yes. where was i? saturday night. there i was, just back from a ride after the rain across the plains filled with game and distant storms and lightening and pastel skies and eagles like statues as we rode quietly beneath them in the twilight (keeping quiet for once. jesus. it's amazing what happens when you shut your mouth.) giraffe watching us curiously then following us, trotting next to eland, standing with zebra, meeting elephant (wild ones) (scary ones which watched us silently and rather too closely for my liking). my horse did not know how to tip toe......

there i was. there i was waiting in the little stone house for the rest of the family to return from their excursion, lighting the lamps, warming my hands next to the roaring fire, dying for them to come back to hear their stories.....wondering if they were feeling as thankful, fulfilled and ecstatic as i.

they had been to visit nkarsis (means princess in maa). nkarsis is a little ten year old elephant, who was orphaned. .dirk and riccarda had said it was ok for the children to meet her. she isn't very used to children but adores them and "gets a little over excited" and apparently "wants to hug them, take them with her trunk and hug them between her front legs..." Said Dirk The Elephant Training Man. i trust Dirk The Elephant Training Man. i so want to trust nkarsis hugging my children between her legs with her trunk and sweet little tusks but i must confess, it scares the shit out of me.

i heard the car arrive, then three sets of feet hit the ground running for the house, accompanied by shouts Maaa! Maaaa! Maaaa! Muuummmmm! all racing to tell me....their faces filled with light and spark; Life and joy and All Things Good.

each of the children had to blow into nkarsis trunk to greet her. she became very fond of gabby because she is the littlest. and kept coming back to greet her and kiss her. she gave craig high five and low five. she catches sticks and she talks! low rumbling and gurgling. dirk said that she hadn't talked to anyone for a while, until she met the children. interesting. don't you think?

the children burst onto the veranda -= holding their muddy legs for me to see nkarsis kisses in the lamp light. muddy smudges..gabby had a mud splodge on her heart. of course no one wanted to wash their elephant kisses away. who would? rubin said no-one would believe him at school. i said, tell them to ask your mother.

so we're back, in the little pink house on the green hill (beautifully irrigated from gentle steady rains now), savouring elephant kisses and dreamy memories....

god i was so happy when i was smoking.
pic by eliza

toooodely old hoodely pip, You. X.X.X. smacking elephant kisses on your rollicking old heart....


P. said...

Elephant kisses of congratulations to you! Quitting is awful, dreadful and absolutely no fun. My boyfriend still misses his cigarettes, but it gets easier every day.


family affairs said...

How utterly wonderful....everything but the giving up smoking, which too gave up yesterday and have already failed. Bollocks. Willpower? Moi? None. Whatsoever. But I blame the world. It's all their fault I'm stressed. Nothing to do with me. I can't help it. Lxxx

greenwords said...

Janelle, I had a dream last night that somebody gave me a gift of your book! It had the moon on the cover.

mighty jo said...

i could really use a big wet elephant kiss...
mind over matter! good luck with quitting the cigarettes--never underestimate their allure! stay strong! (that's my best advice at the moment...sorry if it sucks)

Mama Shujaa said...

Karibu nyumbani. Good to hear you again! Na pia hongera! jaribu tu!

Mama Shujaa

Lover of Life said...

Elephant kisses! It doesn't get any better than that!

Janelle said...

thanks P! yeah....will try and stick this out...sulk sulk sulk...X

me too lulu! its the world's fault. xxxj

ah greenworlds REALLY!???? wish you could remember the you think this is heralding me getting discovered and becoming instantly rich and famous??? xxx j

blowing you a big elly kiss mighty jo....thwack....there. XXX j

'Sante Mama! xxx

well lover of life...elephant kisses and a cigarette...? XXX j

Jeannie said...

Elephant kisses! How marvellous! I wanted an elephant as a pet when I was a little girl. I was convinced the back garden was big enough - it sloped down all the way to the river, for heavens sake... Imagine the mess the elephant would have made when it grew up... How incredible for your kids that they live somewhere where they can get elephant kisses for real, just a car ride away. Awesome.

Good luck with the smoking. Shout if you need lots of comment-y type support.

I also wonder what has happened to Ernest...

Val said...

one of the worst things about quitting smoking is that everyone who doesnt smoke apparently has the moral high ground on this! but thats not helpful so instead try to think less of stopping and thus denying yourself - and more of 'giving yourself health' 'freeing yourself of dependence' etc etc its all a big huge head game really, and the nasty little parasite inside that needs to be fed nicotine, only lasts 3 days without....
Hope that helps...
perhaps I will join you...

lovely lovely on the elephant kisses and the whole weekend sounds fab - and the fuschia skirt too :-)


Janelle said...

hey jeannie. thanks for swinging by and sharing sweet story! X j

hello val! thanks for fuschia spelling...just knew there was an "h" in there somewhere...god yeah..the whole thing is a head deal...the not smoking thingy...very rubbish at it...can't be BOTHERED...anyway pushing on through....sigh sigh..dull dull dull DULL...lots love xxx

Mud in the City said...

I miss Ernest too.

Ele kisses - how serendipitous! Gentle, steadfast, time-etched and utterly HUMUNGOUS! (sp?)

Glorious days.

The Family Julz said...

Oh Oh Oh I love reading your posts. I don't even know the sound of your voice but I can hear you singing and reading them. Fascinating. Thank you. xxx

Dumdad said...

Giving up cigarettes was one of my greatest achievements. I loved smoking but smoked too many and knew it was a BAD thing. It took me a year of agony before I finally knew I'd kicked the habit. But I still get smoking dreams now and then when I'm smoking a cigarette and feeling so disappointed that I'd started again after years of abstention and explaining to someone that I'll be giving up the fags in the next two weeks or so. I still like the smell of cigarettes, unlike a lot of ex-smokers.

Perhaps elephant kisses could be a smoking substitute?

Reya Mellicker said...

I have a client who has recently quit smoking and he is a basket case, though he says he feels like he "just joined the human race." I am grateful that I never became addicted to Brother Tobacco, very grateful.

What are elephants like? Are they funny or thoughtful or shy? Do they have bad tempers or are they great storytellers?

What do they think of our species?

Elizabeth said...

Such joy for your children with the elephants!
Yes, I would have been nervous too.

Good luck giving up the cigarettes......
I am reduced to having people send me Gitanes from Spain and longer available in UK and US.
Only smoke 5 a day........
But you are young and have young children
Strength (I haven't got myself) coming your way.
ps I am reduced to making a blog for my dog.....hah!

Janelle said...

great hearing from you mud! yeah. i wonder what happened to ernest...HUMUNGOUS ones back at ya! XXX

thanks Julz! loving reading about your sparkly life too...XX j

hey DD..i KNEW it...well done on can substitute smoking it seems..nothing..not even elephant kisses am XXX j

hey reya...elephants are all those things and more..they are more emotionally intelligent that they are given credit for...beyond words really...amazing animals...truly. if they no longer roam the continent, then the the earth will have lost an enormous part of her soul...XXX j

Janelle said...

elizabeth...lucky you to keep it to only 5 a day..HOW DO YOU DO IT!? adoring your blog as ever..dogs, shadows, flowers, people, new york, india, onadnonandon it goes..gorgeous..XXX j

Nao said...

Elephant Kisses sound wonderful. And then congratulations on the rains, you must be so happy to have water coming down from the sky.
Love you posts!

bellananda said...

just catching up -- can't believe it's been so long! SO glad you finally got your rain -- any possibility of pics of the sprouting gardens of africa coming soon? ;)

i'd like some baby elephant kisses...sometimes only the very biggest and sloppiest (and squeeziest?) will do. :D

and kudos on the quitting again! it took my dad a heart attack and the resultant pills to turn him away from cigs...couldn't do it himself otherwise. meh. SO glad cigs and me never got along during my high-school experimental phase... here's an upside: think of all the money you'll save, which you can use to buy lovely trinkets and gorgeous brightly-colored, hand-embroidered skirts of your own! i can just see you astride your horse in one, the wind whipping it out behind you like the petals of a hibiscus...

love from central USA,

greenwords said...

So sorry Janelle, no title. But of course I think it's heralding you getting discovered and becoming instantly rich and famous, I am known for my prophetic dreams! x

Janelle said...

hey beautiful nao - oh the rain is BLISS..everything is green and am sure i can actually hear the grass growing at night! XXX

bella! great to hear from you...aaargh the ciggies...god....the thing is that here they are SO cheap...anyway...onwards i smoking...phew...thanks for swining by! XXX

heh heh greenwords...let's see eh?? lots love XXX j

Miranda said...

You're right Janelle, I don't care. And why should I?

Lori ann said...

Oh wow Janelli, those kids and the elephants and the weekend and the rain and your story telling. You need a sparkly skirt. But no cigs no no no. Ok? :)
I've heard it gets easier.
lots of love, lori

Janelle said...

i knew it miranda. i knew it. see ya later you ole tart! XXX j

hello golden lori...i know i know..but its SO HARD..and am becoming foul tempered..hideous...XXX j

karen said...

My last comment refused to "stick", so having another go today! I loved your post and know that ecstatic and fulfilled feeling you are talking about! And nkarsis-kisses are too divine!

Another ex-smoker here! After 14 years, to be honest I still miss it sometimes, but only ever in a social situation.. It does get better, keep up the great work, it will be worth it, really! x

Elizabeth said...

don't start smoking until after dinner.
if you tell yourself you can never, never smoke again you will cry.
if you tell yourself you can smoke... but later....
you can put if off for a bit
R. was vile when he quit smoking. very nasty indeed.
If he still smoked they would have cut off his leg after the motorbike crash (vascular blah blah)
if he had only one leg he would be astoundingly grumpy all the time
so it is a good thing he quit.
hope all is going well
puppy currently asleep......

amandasearle said...

Oh how I miss elephants!!!!!! Give them a biggggg kiss from me! As for the smoking - I know just how you feel! I tried several times to give it up and finally succeeded a couple of years ago! The secret is that you actually have to WANT to give up and not just give up because you SHOULD give up, even though its for all the right reasons. Otherwise you end up feeling deprived and hard done by. One of the best ideas I found though to reduce teh dependancy is to limit your smoking to certain times and places, Janelle. I started off not allowing myself any ciggs until 10am. Also,try to find out the triggers and break them - mine were talking on the phone - could never talk without a fag!!! Drinking tea, coffee or alcohol - I mean, the two just go together! So change what you drink, i.e have tea if you normally drink coffee and dont smoke with it. (I cant offer any advice on the alcohol as that is truly the hardest test!!!!@#$$ - best to avoid it if possible but if you MUST, then only allow yourself a smoke an hour. Start doing these little things which actually break the habits, then you can give yourself a date to stop (about a month from when you start the changes) and stick to that date to finally give up)Mentally prepare yourself every day that you are going to stop on that day and keep telling yourself all the reasons why it will be good for you.
OK - now I have written you a bloody book! good luck!

alex said...

just say no

alex said...

oh also Daffs...just want you to know that I read your blog often but dont always comment (sorry!) know how lazy I am...whaah..but I really enjoy them...OBVS....because I read them often...but you dont know that... cos I dont leave comments all the time...but now you do...know that I read them...alot. ...and always such great pics...really really like them.
I can think of some well saucy captions for Eliza strumming that rather large gourd which would be unprintable I the way is Eliza that awesome phtographer? I looked at her stuff and was blown away and moved by her photos and I even tried to leave comment to say as much but failed....please tell her they are just fabulous.
waiting for your next scribblings with much

Janelle said...

karen, elizabeth and amanda..thanks for the giving up smoking stuff..hideous process...all of it....nevertheless am giving it a twirl. great to hear from you amanda!

hey phoebs!always delicious to hear from you darlin'! will certainly tell eliza...she takes really great pics...XX

SafariB said...

me me... trying.. again.. to post and hope it "sticks".

Just to say "I'm back"... can you belive, I forgot about your blogs!?! Goodness, my trip home must have seriously thrown me off kilter.

Remember my dad's smoking lectures (am sure you got one. he gave everyone one). As for hints - um.. I switched my brain off with my coffee addiction. It worked.. although I'm now back to drinking coffee again! ;o

Eles - 6th sense communication is truly powerful and opens up a whole new world.

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