Saturday, April 18, 2009

saving light...

i see your headlights
heading no-where in particular
on a dark hot night
cracking open by distant
there is no rain.
on you drive and on.
owls, like dreams
in the beams
flash before the screen.
but you don't see them
it seems.

you have so many words
lost to you.
because you buried them
in places you chose to forget.
you can't remember
what's important.
you live on past flights
nights, motobikes -
inner dreams -
it seems.

but i see the shafts of light
in your eyes
fleetingly across your face
like sunlight dance on sea
skidding grace

i want to save them
in a jar
for you.


Tanna said...

Janelle, your writing is just wonderful... and the life you lead captures my imagination. Thank you so much for the adventure!

family affairs said...

Good f*cking grief. That is beautiful and you need to publish a book of poetry (or is that a song?). Lx

ps my WV is "santly" which is a cross between "saintly" and a sanitary pad. Whatever that means. (this is why I don't do poetry).

Janelle said...

tanna! thank-you! x janelle

lulu darlin'! oh its definitely saintly..hah. it's a poem...and desperately searching the keyboard and fret board for a has a tricky rhythm j

Lori ann said...

making a new cd? your writing is lyrical, you brilliant smart girl. and you have cute arms too.

my word veri is diner, when can i come? :)

Bill Stankus said...

What can I say ... you are on a roll, both with words and images.

Janelle said...

hey lori...pop by any time you feel like it..! xxx j

thanks bill...a, erhm, blogroll? back to school this lets see...and i know you never called me kooky...(phew!) xx j

Eliza said...

hey babe, truly truly beautiful. we have to talk more...i am so excited to work with you xxx

Janelle said...

thanks e...oh man. so excited about it. yes. we need a session SOON..when you come to town j

Lover of Life said...

This is really wonderful stuff!

Reya Mellicker said...

Reading this made me want to listen to you music. In fact this "sounds" like a song. Is it?

Love the photo. You are so vivid. xxoo

tam said...

mmm. Brilliant, my wordqueen lyricist lady. Xxx

Mud in the City said...

Perfect for a song! I hope you find inspiration soon.

(ask the spotty horse - he looks musical)

SafariB said...

Beautiful Janelle.

I'm a bit behind here but have posted back on your other 2 blogs..

keep it coming.


Tessa said...

Sweet Jumping Jehosaphat! Janelle...I am speechless, nearly. That. is. just. sublime. Man, I knew you could write, girl, your posts are treasures to be kept and read again and again, but this takes you soaring into the dizziest of literary heights.

I'll swap you the mermaid painting for a copy of the c.d. Lori's got?

Mama Shujaa said...


A wonderful poem. Thank you for capturing the light for so many of us who take flight for sometimes, the rest of our lives. Inspiring. Your humanity shines through with honest and direct thoughts.

Love it.

Mama Shujaa

Janelle said...

ah thanks y'all! well. at the moment its just a poem...trying to find the music...not quite there yet...hey and tessa...ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS!? OF COURSE if you are! flip! asante sana mama shujaa...lots love to you all as always xxx j

Tessa said...

----> puts on serious face. YES! Email: Gimme an addy to send the picture.

Mud in the City said...

P.S. Tagged you!

PurestGreen said...

Those last three precious lines have all the curious, tender kindness of a child.

I love this.

Miranda said...

Ah Janella, I'm a bad commenter, and for that I apologise. Love it. You are one clever lady