Tuesday, April 7, 2009

teaching mwali....

at least twice a week, i teach mwali.

riding lessons.

mwali is the syce.

he is a natural with horses. he never grew up with them. but he is gentle and seems to really love them...even though they are just a job for him. i want him to learn as much as he can possibly learn. so does he.

he is a young man. he is not more than 22. he comes from a poor family near tengeru, a long way from here. he supports his mother, his father and his younger sisters and brothers. he is the only one who has a job. he didn't manage to finish school. only because of lack of money. and a family which needed financial support to survive.

he is centered. grounded. quiet. to the point. respectful. kind.
he is fearless, it seems.

he not a person of many words. his english is poor. my swahili is worse.

in our lessons he is so focussed. and he has finally mastered the diagnol. so quickly!

when mwali smiles, or when he laughs, it's like a sunrise.

it's like sunbeams on waves.

it's irrepressible.

i love teaching mwali.


family affairs said...

He sounds like the perfect student Lx

nuttycow said...

How's he getting on?

Janelle said...

brilliantly thanks nuttycow!
and lulu, yeah, he tries hard and is a natural... X j

tut-tut said...

His portrait portrays all you've described . . .

Janelle said...

hey tut tut! yeah! glad you saw it..! xxx j

Bill Stankus said...

One at a time ... that's the secret to real and everlasting change.

Nao said...

He sounds wonderful~

His laugh "like a sunrise" how beautiful.

What important work you are doing.

Lori ann said...

I love this post. Mwali's quiet dignity does show in his photo. I think that this dear person is a bit of a teacher too.
Hi to Mwali! and love and hugs to you,

I hope all is well with Miranda? have you seen her?

Janelle said...

great comment Bill. indeed. X

thanks nao! it's fun. X

indeed wise lori, he is. oh miranda is fine. she has been away at her sister's wedding in south africa and am dying for her return which is imminent...XXX j

Mud in the City said...

He is lucky to have a teacher like you to invest time and thought in him.

Tessa said...

And I bet Mwali loves it that you teach him.