Wednesday, April 8, 2009

&*(#ing well comment will ya?

look people.

when i post i expect at least 5 comments in the first 5 minutes, ok?

(just pretend if you have to.)

30 is break point.

get it?

what on earth are you all doing?

waiting anxiously for my next post?!


i knew it.


oh. before i forget. if you have the time or inclination, swing by these two blogs: a relatively new blogger...but with perspectives from the heavens...truly.

and eliza...with an eye for beauty.... extraordinarily beautiful pictures...

give them a twirl.

and bloody well don't forget to comment, will ya?

you shall all be mightily relieved.

we are off camping tommorrow.

where the views are wider than you could possibly imagine.

on a clear day.

i'm making time, babies.

carlos, the beautiful spanish vaquero has (mistakenly) invited us en famille for the week-end. we will be camped out next to his very little, very old, boer west meru stone house, nestled between kilimanjaro and mt meru....all set about with the oldest gum trees you could ever imagine.

the lady is my spaghetti thin riding buddy who was SUPPOSED to be coming with but has instead chosen to go to europe...and has apparently bought herself some italian riding boots of which i am already envious. and is on an Astro Travel For Beginners course.

we will be riding horses and hangin' out with dirk, the elephant man, riccarda (elephant man's wife) and their elephant, nkasis. who is still only ten. but, aherm, big.
we will be camping in the rain.

toooooooooooooooodely old pip until sunday when i shall be back menacing the blogosphere.
bisous bisous bisous...showering you in them...X. X. X lovin' ya all madly and kickin' my heels in the rain...

oh and HAPPY EASTER! hic hop hop. hic.

ps: you don't have to comment of course. love you anyway. honest. X


Mama Shujaa said...

Yaani una raha kwa wingi, heh!

Happy Easter to you and yours!!

Mama S.

Janelle said...

asante mama! ndio, kabisa...wewe ni nyota moja! (is that right?)HAH! thanks darlin'! HAPPY EASTER TO YOU AND YOURS TOO...when you going to come back so we can meet????? XX j

P. said...

Happy Easter and happy camping. I hope you can stay dry. xoxo

Janelle said...

flip. me too P! xxx j

mighty jo said...

i know your anguish. i stalk my blog for new comments. alas, to have a following like yours!

Sophia said...

Hello! I follow along with your blog but I don't comment very often. Actually I don't know if I ever have. But I'm commenting, I'm commenting! Please don't hurt me.

I always find your stories engaging I especially enjoy the intimacy in many of your photos.

happy camping!

Janelle said...

aw shucks mighty jo..comin' right on over man! XXX j

oh sophia...this made me LAUGH so much!!!! funny bean! THANKS for commenting...i so love to laugh...THANK-YOU! XXX j

Mukosha said...

How can I not comment after that bit of free advertising!! :) Have a good camping trip.. but really, camping with the whole family is a brave venture if you ask me!! Love to everyone x

Janelle said...

thanks robbi...and its pissing down. still. and i'm still happy the rains have finally arrived! you know how craig and i looooove camping....(??) in the Rain (???)xxx j

alex said...

god, demanding as ever....great photo of you..blah...great blog...blah.. great everything...blah blah blah....ok?
happy camping daffs...(your name is so appropriate for springtime..) big fat daffodil kisses from Phoebs
ratfumo is the word veri today

Bill Stankus said...


thefamilyjulz said...

ooh. You are wonderful. I am beyond ecstatic to make your lovely acquaintance. I can't wait to experience life through your beautiful eyes!

Reya Mellicker said...

Ahhh the picture of the rain is beautiful! Thank God you're finally getting some.

I always comment when I have nothing to say. Sometimes I'm struck dumb by your luminous writing and pics...and your luminous life!

Can't you feel me here even when I say nothing?

Enjoy the rain!

amandasearle said...

Howzit Janelle!!! Bloody long long time no coms - BUT! I stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and I have been enthralled in it ever since! Love your style, zest for life and the thoughts about the responsive universe! Keep us entertained please!!!!!! Wish we could see you guys again...just sooo far away now!

Janelle said...

oh bloody hell phoebs...well got to rally the old troops somehow you old trout! LOVERLY to hear from you, Soup Mongerer...lovelovelovexxx daphers.

oh bill. you're sweet. you always comment! heh heh heh xxx j

me too julz! XX

yes yes yes reya i do! i do! THANK-YOU shiny reya...oh the rain makes me feel absolutely bouyant! it's beautiful!!! lots love xxx j

AMANDA!!!! fantastic you have found the blog...did you find the one i wrote on your darling mama??? god. i miss her. i loved myrtle and was so GLAD we had that time here before she died. SO HAPPY read my blog...THANKS DARLIN'..yes you are sooooooooooooo far away XXX j

Janelle said...


Val said...

hehehe -yup the comments are the best! happy camping in the RAIN!! love those photos.. enjoy it all xx

Dumdad said...

Oh, I've just missed you then, Janelle. Sod. Oh well, Happy Easter and have a fab time.

"i'm making time, babies" - love it!

Catofstripes said...

Oh mistress, I obey!

Sounds like a great weekend you've got lined up. Have fun.

family affairs said...

THAT RAIN!! Have a wonderful time and where can I do a course on Astro travel for beginners? Lx

Mud in the City said...

I'm Late, I'm Late - but I am here, with a comment too!

Can you shelter from the rain under the large elephant?

karen said...

phew!! comment panic now..., and found I've missed your last post again.. (no internet @ home) of course I am sooo excited for you about the rain! Hope you have/had a stunning long weekend, camping in the rain, of course! xx

nuttycow said...

You're so demanding.

Happy Easter

tut-tut said...

I love your posts: pictures and writing like no one else! Happy camping.

SafariB said...

ok.... you got me there! Yup - I was being a voyeur... without revealing myself!

I'm with Reya on that one. Cometimes I'm just overwhelmed and have nothing to say! But I'm always there :)

Your blogs keep me sane girl!

Enjoy the rain xxxxxx

Ha ha.. and Veri word is "orighthy"

Joëlle said...

With a new baby and those sleepless nights I just can't think straight. But I always read your blog and as SafariB says, your blog keeps me sane as well.
Enjoy your weekend,xx

Tessa said...

Happy camping cowgirl! Think of me inside this cold grey tupperware box while ya ridin' the range and gazing at those far horizons. Kiss the ground between Kili and Meru for me please and ask if it remembers me, okay? Bisous.

Lori ann said...

here i am comment #27. i think? anyway, camping and rain? you are braver than me :)

Lori ann said...

Nope, i was wrong, I Was number 28, which now makes this #29. See? your demands worked!

enjoy your rain!!


family affairs said...

Well. Now I have to comment. Because I've hit your peak....and I bet by the time you get back you'll have more and I'm going to try the swearing at my readers option to get more comments - it obviously works xx

Anonymous said...

and this maes 31 - always get your way hey - look how many of us lurv you x

Jeannie said...

Ah, so I'm in the relaxed "over 30" bracket :-) As always, LOVE your blog, and I'm going through the same thing with a story I wrote... where are my ten reviews within three hours?? Why only three reviews in a day??? Then I wondered if perhaps everyone was dealing with school holiday kids, and preparations for going away, and my head forgave them.

My heart? Not so much. I'm sorry sorry sorry for making you feel that way too!! Have a brilliant time camping and the picture of rain brought the smell of newly wet African earth to my nose. Wonderful xxx

Elizabeth said...

Rain! Such joy!
I hope the camping is extra wonderful and that we hear all about it.
Your two students -guitar and riding - are pretty lucky to have a cool teacher.
Week has been spent entertaining puppy.
That's what happens when your children leave home............
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