Thursday, May 28, 2009

i'll be seein' ya. .

well bestest blogging babies, i am off tommorrow for a week-end of riding.
this time it isn't a safari. oh no. this time it's what they call a "clinic".
nothing at all to do with medecine or general health.
this beautiful lady called Judy Limb comes down from kenya and teaches us.
she has a perfect figure, is very gorgeous and naturally an absolutely brilliant rider herself.
last time delly belly and i huffed and puffed around the arena, me, terribly red faced and sort of exhaling, "ouf this is hard work", and trim ms limb shouted back, well, if you want a bum like cindy crawford, keep going. . . wtf?
sheesh. i did. i have and i will. i have been training and training ever since. ask everybody. my bottom still looks remarkably like aretha franklin's and not cindy's. . .
the terrifying thing is, that on sunday we all have to do a dressage test AND a round of jumps, on the polo field, IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE...a sort of fun day out. gather gather to watch the's all sounding terribly daunting for an old cowgirl like me....
everyone else's horses are so posh. thoroughbreds. warmbloods. super bloody star machines. but i can tell you, in fact, i know, delly belly is smarter than all of them put together. we'll do our tricks. we'll show 'em....
(famous last words. watch this space.)
what i am looking forward to is hanging out in the andre's garden "cottage" which is more like a 5 star girl pad....with tati (yes, my spaghetti thin riding buddy) and lots of champagne and asparagus and hosses hosses hosses. i will be on my own. no kids. no nothing. just memememememe. choccies, champagne (did i already mention this?), boots, hats, sunbirds in the plush garden and kilimanjaro dominating the scene. bliss.
other exciting news on the hill is:
1. gabriella lara rosa is in the KS1 (key stage 1 (the littlest classes in primary), for those who don't know...i didn't for ages and was too scared to ask because i am supposed to be a teacher...and i didn't want anyone to find out that in fact i am rubbish) play! i received a letter from school and it reads like this:
Dear Parents or Guardians
On 25th of June, the Key Stage 1 performance of Ocean Commotion will be staged here in Kisongo. Gabby will be acting as a Barnacle in the performance. She will need either a grey or white or beige T shirt and trousers... etc etc.
i mean. A Barnacle???? how do you act as a barnacle? sit crouching very still? do they even have eyes? i mean couldn't she have been a piece of sea weed or something?

2. winter has arrived. quickly, sneakily and exhiliratingly... and i am once more happily ensconced in my famous, false lion mane waist coat and sheepskin slippers. davey crockett king of the wild frontier. ish. although safari craig says i look like a caveman.
very difficult to get a picture of my deeply loved coat. this was the best i could do.

one sad piece of news from the house on the hill is that nyota (means star in swahili - she has a little white star on her chest), my dog, is very, very very ill with tick bite fever...we've been spoon feeding her milk and eggs but she really isn't improving. she can't even hold her head up tonight....please shine on little nyota.

i am reinstating the kitchen board, because elizabeth asked me to. wonderful elizabeth who takes me to NYC all the,


see the limpid faded pink roses....still there... same old Shopping Sign...nothin' much changed 'round there siree.

i'll be seein' ya - clad in ribbons, rosettes, silver chalices and delusions of great equestrian conquests...soon.

so tooooooooooooooooodely old toot, You. . .bisous, fady pink cowgirl ones..X.X.X. j


PurestGreen said...

1. Your poor puppy. I do hope she is okay.
2. Your cavewoman coat rocks.
3. Barnacle? I howled with laughter. School plays have gone off the rails since I was a child.

family affairs said...

I played the part of a sea urchin in KS 2 and therefore I know exactly what to do as a barnacle. I shall be sending notes over immediately - but in the meantime the role is pretty much the same, only I was green. Have a wonderful time - and I think your arse looks pretty good in the mirror - def more Cindy than Aretha - go knock em dead you and farty pants or whatever your horse is called Lx

Janelle said...

the purest of purest green. dog died last night...ohdearohdear..x
oh lulu you make me laugh, thank christ! love ya for it. xxx j oh and the fact you think my arse looks good in the was the angle darlin'. the angle. xxx

Mud in the City said...

Sooooo sorry about your dog. Ugh. Horrid loosing someone you love.

As for the barnacle shenannegins (sp?) I had to play a wall once. There isn't much you can do with a part like that!
(WV is "rieden" - have a great weekend and knock their spotty socks off!)

Bee said...

How glorious to just concentrate on doing one thing well at a time . . . mothers rarely get that sort of opportunity!

p.s. Despite choccies, your bum looks nothing like Aretha's.

karen said...

Wow, I do love the cave-woman waistcoat look!
Really hope Nyota pulls through... and have a wonderful weeekend. Looking forward to the report back! x

SafariB said...

So sorry about your dog. Man. Tick bite fever sucks. We very nearly lost our Lab to it. Sorry sorry Janelli..

Anyway - have a super fab time this weekend. Wish I could join you!!!! Yes, I never knew what flabby thighs were until I stopped riding. Sigh!

Yay for the kitchen board!

Elizabeth said...

Hope your puppy is feeling better?
D'Ora in Austria was bitten by a viper last summer...and survived.
You riding clinic sounds wonderful if a bit stressful
Glad the kitchen board is back.

Hope Gabby is a most EXPRESSIVE barnacle....!

Jeannie said...

Oh, Janelle, I'm so sorry about your little star. What a terribly sad thing to happen.

I hope this weekend of riding helps soothe the soul a bit.

Lover of Life said...

Have fun. I hope you little dog is okay. Someday I will do a post on my friend's current passion - the "Parelli Method" of horse training. I guess it's a sort of horse whisperer+playing with your horse.

Miranda said...

Ah, sorry about Nyota - Gabby must be devastated.

Have fun at the riding clinic and look forward to seeing your bum when I get back....hmm, that kinda came out wrong!

Ron and Lou Ann said...

sorry to hear that your little Star passed on over the rainbow bridge... she will be waiting for you one day!

I think dogs are angels in disguise....I still mourn all the dogs I have had who passed over.

The Lord bless you and console you

Ron and Lou Ann

Val said...

oh not sure from the comments if Nyota made it or not - i really hope so; an intensive weekend it sounds - look forward to hearing all xxx

Chimera said...

I am so sorry about nyota too. Ach..your poor heart.. I nearly died from tick bite fever when i was about 5. I had fever dreams for years and years. Pole pole.

have a good and bum toning fandango of a trip and best of luck. Hope you OK and all love,
T x

Frances said...

So sorry about Nyota, how awful. I hope she is ok and has improved! Sending positive thoughts your way! Hope you enjoy your horsey weekend!

Reya Mellicker said...

You're home now from your weekend - hope we'll see a report here.

Janelle, your bum is far superior to Cindy Crawford's. Please. By "superior" I mean far more lovely and shapely. No I've never seen it, but I know it is. I just know these things.

Sending love and healing energy to your beautiful dog, hope the fever soon passes. xxoo

nuttycow said...

Hahahahha! I know Judy! I'm sure you had a great time.

nuttycow said...

Dammit - serves me right for not reading the whole of your post. Sorry to hear about your lovely dog. TBF is horrible horrible :(

Anonymous said...

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