Sunday, June 21, 2009

wide open spaces...

pic by dom lever (do not steal or i will find you and chop your head off before dom chops mine off.) dinner in the serengeti.

you might think i am obsessed with star scapes.

i am.
someone said "it" was written in the stars. i am sure it is. but i am still learning how to read them. it takes a life time, for some.
i am back, cosily ensconced on the ngorobob hills, from a grand week-end safari to the northern serengeti, the lemai wedge, which borders the maasai mara in kenya...except the tanzanian side is empty of mini buses, empty of anything except rolling hills, dotted about with trees which i am convinced are dr zeuss's truffula trees...the last of them, where nobody can chop them down....empty except for herds and herds of topi, zebra, tommies, wildebeest, eland and very fat hyaena - mile after mile of great skies and wind swept plains....a complete dream scape....
i spent all my hours out there, off roads, following racing cloud shadows over the shiny short grass a ship at sea....feeling the sun on my face and the wind, which is constant, tearing at my hair. this is where i am happiest. these are my "wide open spaces, room to make a big mistake" -this is my dixie chick country. things are as they are. everything is as it should be. the scene is almost prehistoric. even my crazy warped thoughts seem so clear. and right. and fine. and good. and mine.

each night i drifted asleep to the sound of the wind battering the canvas and a distant hyaena whooping to perhaps the stars. curled around a hot water bottle, my dreams were crystalline. i was cocooned under a great spinning star packed world. it's where i am supposed to be. it's where i am from.
it's the beginning and the end of everything.

Kitchen Board: Monday 22 june 2009
monday. shopping day. and i know everything is not on that board. still. some things are better left unlisted, no?
oh. the cats have gone to babati. to a lady who loves cats (?) and lives in the middle of no-where. babati is about 2 million miles south of here. they left on friday. i feel good about this. mama paka is still here. we love mama paka.
and that, oh best beloveds, is that.
toooooodely then, bisous X.X.X. out on the plains cowgirl ones, yes sirree... x j


Mud in the City said...

Your wide open spaces are a glimmer of fresh air, they make me want to spin around with arms outstretched and eyes closed, just enjoying the space to Be.

(until I fall down an aardvark hole of course)

Tessa said...

Yes. Absolutely.

Elizabeth said...

We do not get too many distant hyennas whopping here in Manhattan
so your life sounds exotic and wonderful
hope the tooth is better
toothache is SO AWFUL

Val said...

delicious!!! glad you had some time out there xxx

Butternut Squash said...

May we always be able to take refuge in wide open spaces! Thanks for the beautiful photos.

Janelle said...

ah yes mud! one day you must come! and we can spin across the plains! lots love x j

yeah tess, you know exacterry, eh? xxx j

thanks elizabeth! tooth has settled down. have appointment on 3 july to see what the situation is...whether it will be root canal or not! eesh. XXX j

oh val its always just mind blowingly perfect. so lucky to get out there this week-end. X j

indeed butternut, indeed. thank-you. x j

Miranda said...

Ah, jealous! And you got to hang out with my gorgeous handsome husband on top of it all! xx miss you guys

Dumdad said...

Normal tea?! What's that (PG Tips for me)

And Axion?!

Tomato, carrot - what just one of each?

mighty jo said...

so beautiful...& congrats on re-homing the cats (i have a dream to live cat free)...

Janelle said...

yeah sure did hang out with your husband! your very tired hard working husband! xxx j

normal tea is not early grey tea, DD. axion rocks..a pot cleaner...and aherm yes one carrot and one tomato. don;t need to overdo the veggie bits and bobs eh? xxx j

oh mighty jo its WONDERFUL having a one cat house again...i have no words for it. . . thanks for swingin' by darlin' xxx j

karen said...

Beautiful! Truffula trees, indeed... :)

SafariB said...


Lori ann said...

god that was gorgeous.always your words but the photos too. will you really chop my head if i take that plains one?
so glad you had a Great

Janelle said...

thanks karen and b and lori ann..yes lori you can borrow the plains one. its mine! xxx j

Reya Mellicker said...

WOW! What a post. What beautiful images.

And the stars, I can't begin to imagine how many stars you can see there. The night sky holds all of history, from the history if 3 minutes ago, coming from the moon, to the beginning of the galaxy (it takes that long for the light to reach your open, curious and beautiful eye from far distant objects).

How I would love to look up at your night sky with you, sing songs and drink wine sometime. You can't imagine how much I would love that.

As always: thank you.

PurestGreen said...

Oh, this makes my heart ache. Because it is so beautiful, and because I am so desperate to see it for myself, to be out there in the wide open space.

Lover of Life said...

I just got caught up on several posts. I always feel like I'm there with you in that wild place. You are just an incredible writer. Thanks so much for sharing.

Do I say the same thing every time? I guess I just get blown away every time.

Nao said...

Such poetry,
what a magical world you explore, and explore it beautifully too~

Love those Dr. Zeus trees.

Wil Robinson said...

For what reason do you travel out to these places? Work - or merely pleasure?

Photo of said fat hyena...?

Janelle said...

oh reya COME COME! xxx j
and you too purestgreen xxx j
thank-you lover of life. thank-you x j
aren't they magical, those trees, nao? x j
um wil, for pleasure. i used to live out there for work but now i am lucky when i get the opportunity to get out there, into the wild. fat hyenas coming your way soon. watch this space. x j