Monday, July 13, 2009

fishy tales....

so that pesky little sun bird arrived at the window again this morning. his burning yellow chest bright in the early morning winter sun.
the last time this happened, my music buddy died.
apparently in hawaii, when a bird appears persistently, it's not bringing good news.
hmmmm...yes. so i wasn't exactly elated to see this bejeweled winged creature this morning.
it made the wings flutter in my stomache.
he once again flew into the house and sat looking at me. his head cocked to the side. early this morning. oh bother. now what? who next, i warily thought.

please no. no.

this time around, to my deepest relief, it was The Fish. danu p's fish. he lived with us for two years. quietly. kept mostly to himself. he was a siamese fighting fish. a lonely little fellow. never quite got the hang of english. went by the name of aherm, bob. after my hideous trip into town, where i lost it in the bank because the man behind me in the queue kept stepping on my heel, we discovered bob had left us for more heavenly fresh water. at least this time we didn't have to dig a horse size grave, or a dog size one. just a really little one, amongst the grasses....the panga was a little over the top, i thought. a teaspoon spade would have done the job perfectly well.

it was a quick burial. and hardly solemn. many ribald songs were sung which sort of went like me and bob used to swim in the ocean even though he was a fresh water fish amen...and then everyone laughing loudly and thoughtlessly.... what are these people like? thought the visiting photographer. mama paka (the cat) was sited as main cause of death. bob had a slice under his throat.

as i said, not a tear was shed. heartless, the lot of them. flowers were bought to the graveside though. at least. teeny weeny little yellow ones. perfect for a little cherry red fish.....

and lovingly arranged upon his cold little body which wasn't as beautifully scarlet as before....

rest in peace bob. up on the windy ngorobobs. a little forgotten grave of a lonely warrior fish. he who had gone where no other siamese fighting fish had gone....

Kitchen Board: Monday: Sometime in July.

shopping done.
being monday.
but ouf, i need to get out of this town. . . very soon.
the traffic jams, the queues in the bank oh just everything.
thinking of beach. and beautiful book stores and coffee and highways.
anyway, thank god it was only bob who died today. thank god. godspeed bob.
so bestests, toodely toot...bisous X.X.X. little yellow wild flower ones...x j


tam said...

RIP Bob.
Reminds me of when Mo and I buried my hamster, many eons ago. She sobbed and howled and screamed. When dad gently said to her - "Its ok, the hamster has gone to hamster heaven," she raised the pitch of her howl to a wobbly shriek and said "I want to bury my hamster too!!"

Elizabeth said...

A tragic tale of Bob's demise.......
fish are totally useless pets

your photos to document these sad events
were poetic and beautiful

much love from NY
which is bright and sunny
beach tomorrow

em for mighty said...

recently finian had a little toad die. i asked him if we should flush it. he said, "no, he belongs in the ground."
i thought that was sweet & much nicer than flushing.
i hope bob rests well under the beautiful sky there.
i love the funeral pictures.

Bill Stankus said...

It'd possible the bird sits at the window because of his reflection - must think there's another bird there.

Janelle said...

hey y'all...thanks for commenting and stories. well, bill. yes. EXACTLY but honestly he doesn;t come all the time. he came often before corbet died...and then has come again today...its not like he comes everyday...anyway. WHATEVER. i do love him. he really is pretty and irridescent...x j

Nancy said...

RIP, Bob!

Lori ann said...

Dear Janelle,

Oh My Gosh. your blog makes me want to give away my computer and go back to notebooks and colored pencils.
Your photos are so beautiful, i love what you've done. And your kids are so incredibly pretty. And that Sunbird! I feel as if i'm in a dream. Although I hope I don't dream about Bob tonite.
much love to all on the hill,

☺ lori

Mud in the City said...

God Bless Bob.

Any your beautiful photos! I hope next time the sun bird bring sun rather than shadows.

Janelle said...

thanks. yeah. he just a lil sparkly bird, 'as all.m yeah. x j

family affairs said...

What a lovely service - my kids just flush the dead ones down the loo and be done with it....Lx

Jeannie said...

Thank God it was only Bob indeed. But what a lovely eulogy for him! Stunning photos too.

ExAfrica said...

The awesomeness that you have named your fish Bob is indescribable! Daughter named her fish - after three years with us - Sir Bob. After reading a gossip mag about, well, Sir Bob. She thought that was the funniest name ever.

Sir bob is an ugly old sucker fish. Has not moved in 4 years. Promise you. Not sure anyone even feeds him.

Poor Bobs of the world.

Reya Mellicker said...

May Bob rest in peace!

What an incredible post, amazing images (how did you do that?)

I think it's incredible that the bird comes to tell of you of these impending deaths. How does it know? But it does, it does.

All I can say is, wow.

Catofstripes said...

Love those funeral photos, beautiful.