Wednesday, July 8, 2009

things i know....

star scape by the indomitable, hugely talented, soon to be blogger dominic lever
i am serious. Do Not Steal. the stars belong To Me.

i am in one of those moments when i know i know absolutely Nothing about Anything. ( including anything to do with teaching A Level Literature and Language)
i know there is nothing fake about those stars above.

it's refreshing.

it so let's you off the hook.
most of the time.

take the internet for one. how on earth is it possible for me to speak to my sister and brother in law in sweaty singapore and me in polar bear invaded arusha tanzania? AND see them in a little video? how? ok. don't preach the oh der the underwater internet pipes, or anything clever like that, eh? i'm saying how Exactly Does It Work? i mean. wireless internet? how in Allah's name can you think all these things, type all these words and bingo? out it glitters into space amongst the stars. cell phones? i can type in a little message and send it across oceans in a tickie. our thoughts and words tumble intentionally across our dark star ridden skies...invisible lines must be tort. doesn't it freak you out? just a little? i mean, what's happening Out There? it sure must be busy. surely there are some repercussions? i mean, for godsakes, where are The Wires?

you see. soon we won't need to speak. we will be able to simply transfer our thoughts. direct them. immediately and absolutely. in the blink of an eye. literally. no screens or keyboards or anything. this will be a good thing. it will save us from ear cancer. it will make everyone more disciplined about their thinking. no idle dreamin', ya hear? because before you know it, it will lightening its way KAPHOEMP FLUMP UNT BLITZ CATAPAULTING. . .WOMP.
and you'll be blitzed.
you'll be seeing stars.

evenin' and greetings all round. lashings of apologies. talking garbeldy gook next to my coffee wood fire. (eco friendly, for anyone who might leap on any old tired band wagon). talking rubbish. quite possibly. whatever.

i had wanted to say how desperate this year will be. we have had very little rain. the national maize crop has failed. as far as you can see. maize stalks turning brittle. dry. yellow. dead. things are going to be devastatingly difficult for the majority of people. as if they aren't already. i despise and hate droughts. i am a farmer's daughter. i remember when my friends thought my father was an onion farmer. i remember no water.
next time dance harder people.

this time i am thinking ahead. this is unusual. me thinking ahead. call me hard arsed. call me african. (sic) call me whatever. i am so impressed with my planning ahead spurt. it would be politically incorrect to confess what this entails. i am presently buying a lot of hay.

we are having regular power cuts. i am assuming it's because there is not enough water to tumble through these big magic turbines on some large body of water somewhere north of here. and not because the Tanzanian Revenue Authority wanted to charge the Norwegians, who had donated, repeat donated, Saving Power Saving The Day Turbine Electric Generating Thingies, a large amount of import tax. so the Norwegians said, you know what? fuck you. and took The Power Generating Thingies back to Europe. this could be vicious gossip.

don't you hate it when people say, later or see you or i'll be seein' ya, and they don't mean it? they're just saying it? i do.
is this anal? compulsive obsessive?
say what you mean.
or remain silent.

i know that mars is going to be as large as the full moon on the 27th of august. the next time earth will be this close to mars is in 2738 years time. or something like that. it's a once in a lifetime, bestest beloveds. don't miss it.

i know that when my heart dips and flutters in my rib cage it means love. or fear.
i know it's written in the stars.

this i know.

Kitchen Board: Wednesday Evening. early july. winter. drought. tanzania. 2009.

oh yeah. it was my birthday a few days ago. my age numerically adds up to 7. not an easy number. no siree. perhaps this is why it was so, well, unexpected and extraordinary.

and carlos made me this lovely heart on the kitchen board. for my birthday.

around it is light and warmth. listed. in case i forget.

tooodely old toot, You. bisous, X.X.X. starry unknowing ones. x j


Bill Stankus said...

Here's what I know:

Stuff. Some esoteric, some practical some archaic and some from yesterday and this morning.

I also know I will forget some of that stuff as soon as I can.

em for mighty said...

happy birthday fellow cancer! (i will be 39 in just a few days)

i like your random thoughts like a technocolor dreamcoat.

& i think phones & internet & all that is amazing WITH wires...i'll never understand it. it's magic to me.

Nancy said...

The more I know, the more I realize how little I know. Funny how that works.

Thanks for the reminder on Mars! It is now safely written on my calendar.

Jeannie said...

I was at a Rhodes Alumni cocktail 'do' last night (said smart/casual on the invite and we were all in jeans and old shirts and some of them were wearing Festival gear way too young for us, it was wonderful) and I met a postgrad from Tanzania... and I said Ooooh, I read a couple of blogs from there. And he said "Arusha?" And I said "Yes! How did you know?" And he smiled slowly and said in this gorgeous accent that "all the chilled people live there..."

I wish wish wish it had rained.

Val said...

just wrote a comment and it vanished - its up there somewhere floating around..... Imagine if all these messages were visual ... maybe it would be like being in a bait ball on the sardine run??
we had some winter rain - not much but some..hope you get some too... keep those fires burning meantime

Val said...

oh and happy birthday!! xx

Dumdad said...

Bon anniversaire!!!!

"my age numerically adds up to 7"?

You're 61!!!!!


It's my birthday tomorrow. We are cool Cancerians.

Janelle said...

thank y'all for swingin' by and chewing the cud up on the hill with me. i know i can talk rubbish lots of the time. so thanks for bearing with me!
and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIGHTY JO and DUM DAD!!! cancerians ROCK! and aherm DD, um it's 3 + 4 = 7...steady eh? HAH! lashings of love all round the blogoshpere.xx j

Janelle said...

ok i lied. about my age...still. x j

Mama Shujaa said...

A belatedly birthday wish to you - wishing us many more years of chewing cud together; and praying for continued progressive thinking - maybe some people will catch on - T.R.A.


Anyway, it's nice checking out the universe with you here. And thanks for the heads up on August 27. I'll facebook it (I say that like I'm a pro facebooker, ha!)

mal8trs (aka see you later, NBO style) and I mean it!


Mama Shujaa

kimby said...

I love love love your blog.

But I am afraid that the Mars thing is simply not true. You can check any astronomy website, or snopes- there was a rumor like this about Saturn or Jupiter a few months back, I believe...why people start these things, I'll never know.

Janelle said...

aaaaaaaaah man...disappointing or what?! there ya go people...mars will remain the same size. it's a hoax, people. thanks kimby! xxx j
and mama shujaa...lovely to get your message..and DON'T FACEBOOK the mars thingymajig...baadaye.. .xxx j

Lori ann said...

Happy 43rd darling! oh you are just a babe, just think, in 10 more years you will be as old as me!
All of technology weirds me out, I still can't fathom how the t.v. works. But the Native American blood in me does understand a bit about smoke signals and rain dances. I'll get on it for Tanzania.

reluctantmemsahib said...

i know that if you wake a 15 year old up before noon they bite. does that help?


Tessa said...

Happy days, more happy star nights, happy birthday.

Karen said...

Oh wow, I love how you can see the milky way in that photo... do you think the information that travels without wires gets stuck in there?

Happy birthday!

Chef Chuck said...

Happy Birthday!! Stay young at heart,
I love the stars!:)

What Possessed Me said...

Many, many birthday hugs sent to you all the way from Iceland (no, I don't know how they will get there, so let's marvel in the mystery).

And I am sending many, many raindrops from New York to Tanzania. New York will thank you for taking its rain - I hope it helps. xoxoxo