Friday, July 3, 2009

untitled ramble.

hardware vatican shop, kisongo.

i feel like i am in a movie.
with the best soundtrack in the world.
i sit on pause. smiling like mona lisa. side ways, ish.
ok. look. i can be in any movie i dream up. i can sit at tea parties (i never dreamt this up. i just really like cake and by some simple twist of fate, cracked the nod). i can say all the right things. i can entertain.
and boy can i eat an inordinate amount of cake. and even drink green tea. there wasn't any early grey as far as i could tell, in the little boxes, all labelled.
her cakes look like they have simply been removed from a picture and had a wand waved over them to make them real.
i am a useless cake maker.
i love eating cake.
i love eating. period.
fortunately my teeth are hampering this passion presently. i have another dental visit on monday. it was supposed to be today. but the dentist is on safari, apparently. anything to delay the hideousness is fine by me. go on holiday. do whatever it takes. just stay away from me as long as possible.

i'm officially on holidays now.
i should be leaping all about like rumpelstiltskin. if i rightly recall, he did a fair amount of leaping about, didn't he? when the queen had to hand over her baby. a forgotten promise. she was in a right pickle.

yes. hols. yes. i should be.
leaping about.
here i am. snugly ensconced next to a coffee wood fire in the hearth. almost in the hearth. and trying to think of something to say. in this latest movie.
just deny everything balders.
piper at the gates of dawn plays in the background and the coffee logs crack.
and she dreams on the hill. . .
dreams. no words.
so. bestest beloveds, best i be off then.
before i burst.
could be messy.
Kitchen Board: Friday: 3 july 09
don't you love an unlisted kitchen board? a fat smiling princess is all i need.
things i bought today: 5 cheap yo yo's which sparkle when they spin, like my heart, (2 already broken), 2 large bottles of bubbles, which left trails of irredescent majik all along the road behind us in mbauda, g and niamh, heads out window, wide laughter with missing teeth (1 spilt and finished), 6 packets of M & M's (5 finished 1 hidden in the cubbyhole of toyota for secret consumption when i can lose kids) 1 bottle of jameson's (three quarters full , a work in progress).
justin once bought footballs from shopright and they all popped in the car on the way home from the heat. last summer.
toodely old toot y'all....bisous, comme toujours, X.X.X dreamy lost ones x j.


Elizabeth said...

Happy holidays and freedom.
Love the stout princess.

Bill Stankus said...

Just to show --- this type of comment box works just fine. It's the other kind that doesn't work..

I read all that you write - sometimes there's no comment because what's to say if the story is precise and the words fit jigsaw puzzle tight.

Other times I just add kibitz noise.

You have talent.


SafariB said...

Bill says it in a nutshell...

Got talent there girl!! :)


family affairs said...

Nothing more to say Lx

Mama Shujaa said...

Happy hols and I've missed coming here...glad to be back. Reading this lovely post I realize how much. Napenda sana hiyo picha hapo juu. Makes me homesick.

Mama Shujaa.

mighty jo said...

as i leap about like rumplestilskin (who did leap about) i will drink my jamesons & think of you & maybe travel for a moment to another--different--world (courtesy of your beautiful words.)

Janelle said...

thanks elizabeth! still getting used to the idea of being on hols...pinching myself..theres still SO much to do though..xx j

jeez, bill, thank-you ever so much! glad you commented though! x j

hey b, thanks darlin' ! howz the rowing going? xx j

eh lulu...thanks ya xx j

mama shujaa! iko siko mingi mama! karibu! dig the profile pic darlin'! that pic was taken just down the kisongo...liked the sign..yes. its pure east africa. home. x j

ah mighty jo, leap, darlin' leap...just don;t drop the jamesons eh? thank-you thank-you! xx j

tam said...

I'm commenting! I am. See?

tam said...

love you tho, and you know that but I know you wanna hear it, see it. Yeah, baby - you rock. Jamesons n all, - thessur - is wot it says down belo)

Janelle said...

heh heh! love you too tam tam tamara! AUNTIE tamara! xxx j

Mud in the City said...

How joyously joyful!

Just heard Miranda's good news, that's something to leap about!

Lori ann said...

Beautiful words, your thoughts plink down like little gems on the page all sparkly and majical like the bubbles and they always make sense, even when they don't.

i hope you get your tooth fixed soon dear.
xoxoxox ☺

Tessa said...

Isn't life just the most wonderful cheer of bowlies?

Reya Mellicker said...

She was in a right pickle, but she got the baby back at the end of the story. I can't remember how ... did she eavesdrop?

Love the clean slate in your kitchen. All is possible, all potentials are ready to be tapped. You're officially on holiday - the world is your oyster.


family affairs said...


Jessica said...

Oh, Janelle:
Your blog is irresistible. It will be no trouble at all for me to catch up on all your many, many posts. What an inspiration!
(And I need to get myself one of those kitchen boards.)
All the Best,

Janelle said...

hey mud! isn't it the best news ever!? xxx j

hello lori darlin'! yes tooth fixed...phew. still chewing on the other side though...hmmm. too scared to test it...xx j

hi tessa..indeed! bowlies all

hello reya...i LOVE your new piccie...beautiful. yes. the world is my oyster i guess..yes yes i
know it is....yes. xxx j

hey lulu. b day was 6 july. mo's babe born 4th july! thanks sweetie! xxx j

hi jessica! thanks so much for your very kind sweet words. hope you enjoy the rest as j

Rob Inukshuk said...

Vatican shop, Advanced Anointing? WTF???

Love it really.

Janelle said...

heh heh heh rob! yeah. with hammers and nails, i think you'll find.