Wednesday, August 19, 2009


the pink house is bulging at the seams. from all sorts of things. let's not talk about the termites just yet. bulging mostly from the hill children. everyone from the hill is here, except for niamh and oscar, because they went on a long road trip with their ma and pa. like a really really long one. all the way to south africa, via namibia. they're still driving, i guess. lara isn't here. because, well, she is still too little.

the line up: gabby clingy beetle doria (5) jasper (5) finley titan bell (3) daniel (12) rubin (10).
so it's been like hectic, my chinas. but wildly wonderfully this is life at its best (almost) hectic. i like a sprinkling, ok a summer storm, of chaos around me. i really do. it allows me to be messy too. but i'm an organized messy person. i know where my shit is in the pile. i mean at least i know where my pile is. unlike FIVE OTHER PEOPLE I KNOW AROUND THESE PARTS. like have i ever "lost" my shoes? ever? at least daniel is the same shoe size now. he "lost" my shoes. Wtf?
i like edgy. i feel particularly edgy tonight. i'm taking this as a good thing. obviously.

my friend sue said as we get older we should "go edgy". she was muttering on about styling her hair pixie style. she said my new frenchy tango high heels shoes were edgy. my new "retro" coat (present), sporting only three enormous moon white buttons (and perfectly placed darts), is also "edgy" i'll have you know. but you see, tonight, i would describe the kids bathroom as most definitely edgy. way edgy. like way over the edge.

as i said. i like edgy.
i walked out to start the generator. no tanesco tonight. but hey, what's new? i walked out into a brisk mercurial evening. all round. inside and out. my nose felt cold. a small plane flew over the hills. i knew it came from far away. you could just tell. and it was way late. it looked so brave against the dark, cold we shall be forced to camp sky. it's headlights shining bright. unwavering. coming home.

i thought, as the little plane droned hurriedly towards its descent and landing, in the dark,
"edgy. way edgy."

Kitchen Board: Wednesday Night: 19 august 9 (i think) 2009.
the board was empty tonight. completely. but i found this old image from a few weeks ago so i reckoned it was better than nothing. or a blank board, i reckon.
i think i did the stars. or maybe not.
toodely old toot y'all..bisous X.X.X. dark chocolate an' cherry ones... x j


Dumdad said...

I'm more hedgy, way hedgy.

That's to say, I hedge my bets.

Walk on the wild side? I will but only if there's street lighting and a nice pavement.

I'm a pathetic city wuss really.

Elizabeth said...

This is one cool notice board princess
hope you have an edgy evening/night
I'm sweltering in the country with 2 wet smelly dogs
have moved my blog address
since I'm bored of blogger

Miranda said...

and as it turned out Lara did make an appearance in your house last night too! Thanks for putting me back on the sane track! Saw a glow worm on my walk back last night - how lucky is that!

karen said...

I like the idea of the mercurial night with the plane.. plus Miranda's glow worm - awesome!

Janelle said...

heh hehe DD...a walk under bright lights and a smooth pavement can also be wild, ya know? x j

oh elixzabeth..will check out your new site. thanks for letting me know. XXX

aw shucks mo, anyday. i know the place you were SO WELL! any day. any day. xxx j

Janelle said...

hey karen. thanks! i LOVE fireflies and glow worms. they're so magical. x j

Mud in the City said...

Headlights on planes have always confused me. Surely by the time they've picked something out in the brooding dark, going at that peed, its too late? or are they more for parking at the airport.

WV is 'crylieri' - sounds a bit like Lara's trip to your place!

Janelle said...

heh yeah mud! maybe its so other things can see It?? xx j

Reya Mellicker said...

I'm definitely still edgy ... I was thinking it's because I'm here in my room all alone. A big party with lots of kids would help, I would think. But maybe there's no cure for the edge in the air. Who knows?

alex said...

well, as you know, feeling rather edgy myself since my trip to the hairmesser...all Im saying is... beware of girls with scissors with ambitions larger than their skills. Honestly Daff one feels like giving up.
Titan Finlay Bell. Marvellous name. He must surely become a novelist... or an explorer if there was anywhere left to explore.
And love the b an w photo. Your photos are always so great. xx

Janelle said...

hmmm reya not sure. edgy is GOOD though. keeps ya on your toes! x j

christ phoebs. do be careful of hairdressers! honestly. thanks for the photo compliment. coming from you it means the world. i know how good you are! miss you. X j

Nancy said...

Edgy is good unless it goes over the edge. I've done that a few times. :-)

Val said...

ahh hows life on the hill - it always sounds magical to me xx

Lyn said...

Janelle, Lori Ann suggested I drop by your blog and I am so glad I did. You drew my in and I shall have to return to read all of your older posts. Your style is unique .. and the images are spectacular - very moving.

Janelle said...

thanks nancy! yeah. unless there is a lovely lake of warm water waitin' below...? x j
oh val life on the hill pootles along. horse jumped highest ever today...whew! stoked man. x j
thanks for reading lyn! glad you enjoyed! x j

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Your kitchenboard photography is really lovely (as are the other photos). Pls share your photography tips!