Tuesday, September 1, 2009

fishy. . .

(a pam ghurs carr painting)

life in the wee pink house has become regimented. shockingly regimented. yes. that's it. i think i am in shock.

school has started.

i now wake up at the ungodly hour of six thirty. and then sort of shock myself into a levitated position, about a meter above my bed, before i stumble out the net, mumbling all sorts of curses. narrowly missing stomping my toe against the stairs. and throw on pin stripes and pearls. with my takkies. as my brain audiably chugs into life, throwing out a million things to remember at once. along with a pretty tendril of smoke from an ear or two.

not good. not good.

i have been neglecting my daily little gratitude ritual. which goes like this:

open eyes to a soft dove grey light. a blurry light. i am awake. i think. yes. i am. i lie still, not moving a muscle. a lash. sometimes i curl over to my right and find my little silk piece of silver satin, smooth as water (called a lala. don't ask.) which i rub against my cheek. i throw a hand over the edge of the bed and blindly feel for my phone, knocking yesterdays earrings into the cracks of the floor and try and focus on the time. this can take a while. reading the time.
after messily staggering off the bed i fall through the mosquito net. i stare out of the window, look longingly at the mountains and southwards over the maasai steppes. i pointedly ignore the factory, appreciate the skies and the tiny deep red desert rose below my window. in a wee while i start remembering all the things for which i am deeply thankful. the list grows as i go along. and grows. uncurling itself like a sun warmed snake. so by the time i carefully and lightly wind my way down the spiral stair case, i feel well, like an incredibly lucky, lucky, lucky little fish.

this is a good feeling. and i want it back.

something is up in Bloggy World tonight. the font is cunningly and ever so slightly not the same. i don't seem to be able to see the posted picture. it appears as lines of secret printed codes. bold and italics are being tricky little upstarts and refuse to do what they are asked to do.

it's all a little odd. do you think wordpress has sent little gobbling aliens?

in which case, i shan't be posting the kitchen board.

so you won't know, oh bestest beloveds, that we need:

de worming dawa for the dogs
to fix the bearcroft gate post
to mend the fence on the upper paddock
to mend the gate to the schooling arena.

and other such rivotting things.

i hope the handsome blogger fix it man has his spanners out and is wearing a crisp navy blue overall rounded off with squeaky clean gumboots. and a shiny silver space age gun to detonate any wordpress invaders. i sure hope it's him doing some maintenance to our sparkly spinning blogging planet and its not our tanzanian network - which i am now convinced consists of an intricate web of fish line and tins. . .

this could get complicated.

even for an ever so lucky fish like me.

toodely ole toot, y'all...bisous X.X.X. fishy ones. on ya nose. x j


Miss Footloose said...

Janelle, just getting to know you and your blog, but somehow I don't see you in pinstripes and pearls, not in the Tanzania I know, which may not be the one you inhabit.

Happy teaching (I gather that is what you do).

Oh, ja, en groetjes.

Miss Footloose

family affairs said...

I love that painting -sorry that I missed seeing her and her studio when I was there....

love pin stripe pearls and takkies...something my dad always says still AND HATE the fact that routine returns on Thursday with school. Don't want it at all....

SafariB said...

Beautiful post...

Janelle said...

dankie miss footloose.
anything is possible in the tanzania i inhabit. in kisongo you find:
maasai robes, taka taka, pinstrips 'n pearls, cows, landrovers held together with legging and spit, mercedez benzes....you name it, you can find it. i used to wear gold dresses in the bush in zambia. hell, why not, eh? thanks for swingin' by! x j

oh lulu its GRUELLING...anyway. guess we'll all get used to it soon enough... xxx j

thanks safari B XX j

Mud in the City said...

What a fabulous picture!

Do you know, they found a piranha (sp?) in a river in Devon the other day so maybe things are a little upside down in the real world as well as the bloggy one?

Dumdad said...

What a cool painting.

Over here in Paris, school starts for my brood on Thursday. The summer hols are over. The Frog Queen has been back at work for several weeks and also arises at 6.30am. My days of being lunchtime chef for my kids will soon be gone and I shall miss that although I'm looking forward to having the house to myself (well, shared with Scabby the cat).

karen said...

Great Lucky Fish painting... I do enjoy Pam's work. and,yes, I feel like one of those too! Love the description of the world outside your window!

Nancy said...

Glad to see you are surviving back to school. Pinstripes and pearls...

mumplustwo said...

Hi Janelle. Have been reading your beautiful blog for a few months now(discovered via Family Affairs) ... love it! As an ex-African, your words never fail to transport me 'home', for a little while at least and quite regularly take my breath away.

A SPIRAL staircase?! I am green!!! You are a lucky fish indeed.

Janelle said...

hey mud..a PIRANAH in a river in DEVON!? good lord... x j
hello DD! thanks for swinging by. yeah. the house will seem deathly quiet and you and scabby will have to "do lunch" a deux...X j
ah thanks karen. yes. i have stupendous views from my upstairs windows..and at night i can see the moon sail by...from exactly where i lie. i love it. x j
hey nancy. yes. surviving is exactly right. but i know it'll get easier as time goes by. just wish time wouldn't whisky by THAT fast though. x j
thanks for your lovely lovely comment mumplustwo...which part of africa were you from? where you now? thanks for leaving a comment. ALWAYS appreciated. toujours. xx j

Reya Mellicker said...

Though terribly unnatural to fence you into any routine (as you and your hoss should always be free to roam wherever and whenever) your description of the discipline and routine is truly hilarious. Pin stripes and pearls?? That is something I would love to see a picture of.

Come to think of it, you're probably as elegant as a movie star from the 1940's in your school marm drag. Of course you are, enchanting woman of the dusty hill.

ewix said...

Such a nightmare to go back to school...
This is my THIRD September of freedom.
Do hope you manage to get your pictures up and running soon so we can see your kitchen board.
I have abandoned Blogger hee hee and am now n typepad because the pictures are BIGGER.
And I'm going to meet Reya in the real world.
Now, aren't you jealous as hell.
Good luck to you and the kiddies in the groves of academe.....

Janelle said...

aw reya thanks darlin'! and elizabeth. fancy NEW site eh?? must change the address in my settings. and you're going to meet reya! woohoo! great stuff. lots love to ya both x j

mumplustwo said...

oh janelle! have only just this very minute & quite by curious chance realised that you commented on my comment way way back in early Sept!! How rude you must have thought me for not replying!?Just can't keep up with commenting sometimes, get quite breathless & overwhelmed re. who I've said what to and whether I need to say more!?! Must check if I can get comments re. my comments emailed to me? ... (am a bit of a novice here)... and then I won't ever be so tardy again!!

And so. I am from Cape Town, now London. Feel utterly marooned here sometimes but other times i just love love love it to bits(like last night, when I went to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert). Beyond fabulous. Gorgeous men in feathers and sequins and pearls. But then I miss the smell of the sea and the Free State dust and the way the wind barrels through the valley at Fish Hoek and I feel sad.

Gosh. This has turned into a rant. Love your blog. I'll be back ....xx