Sunday, October 4, 2009

red moon sunday

sunday rolls in like a big ole evil watchamacallit.

like the bad penny. that's what my gran said one hot zululand sunday afternoon when my zimbabwean brother in law landed surprisingly at her door, long haired, veld skoen toting and rowdy.

"aha. i see the bad penny's rolled in again..."

maybe that's why some people go to church on sundays because they simply can't bear to face it. well why on earth? especially sunday evenings. the rest is too awful to consider. monday. monday and being sensible. monday and the week-end weight like an albatross. anyway. who is ever ready for monday? maybe god feels like this on saturday evenings...thinking about doing angel register early sunday morning...michael? present. neat black tick. gabrielle? present. neat black tick. lucifer? ah, lucifer? his bus is late sir, mumbles gabrielle, smoothing the feathers on his wings. muttering "goddamit", god marks a perfect red circle. again. hating sundays.

after that little rant, i must confess mine hasn't been too bad. in fact, it's been rudely beautiful. rollicking around on horses all morning after a 12 hour sleep laced with underwater secret lake 'n japanese holy men dreams; lashings of good tanzanian coffee. hearing the first rolls of thunder with the midday sun beating unrelentlessly and directly onto my head whilst i sipped cranberry juice and vodka; whilst i munched on cheese and poppy seeds. (ok and olives and camembert and chilli chutney and more cheese and pickled onions and whatever else was vaguely edible in sight and then asked what was for main course secretly meaning it.) storm clouds made a decent appearance north of the mountain. 'bout bloody time too. where ya bin all this time?? sweet jesus. i watched my friends fight while claire and i spoke in shrill voices about the weather and the children, ducking the peanuts which swiftly followed the "well fuck you!" i watched the full moon rise tonight from behind the crooked branches of the old acacia. a lazy blood red moon, briefly hooked like a balloon in its branches. so fat. so round. so red. so congruently auspicious.

i imagine i smell rain far away. scenting the dust wind ever so slightly.
ever so slightly.
My New Presents Board: Sunday Night: early october 09.

nothing quite like surprise prezzies, eh? and oh such beautiful ones. from beautiful friends. a bag made from old patched up lamu dhow sails (note rope), carefully handstitched. hand painted with LOVE. casually slung over present number 2: a hand sewn little leather jacket which smells like a new car and fits like it could've only been meant for me....oh. oh. oh my. how lucky am i?
toodely, oh bestest beloveds, bisous X.X.X. slow full red moon ones x j.


Mud in the City said...

So lucky and so throughly deserved!

My Sunday was spent revelling in pottering and drenched in heat. Wet heat, bone sucking heat. And all the time Monday was lurking on the sidelines sending me worky emails and poking her tongue out.

Ugh Monday.

Miranda said...

Oh that MOON! And the thunder, I thought I was hearing things. Just think of Pamu coming in a couple of days.....

Dumdad said...

I suppose you only get a red moon once in a blue moon?

Sorry, it's Monday and I think I'll go and lie down now...

tam said...

bontikee is your word veri. thats a good penny tho.
We've had big sloshing buckets of rain. Hope its coming soon for you guys.
xxxx miss you

family affairs said...

What a gorgeous photo.

Lucky you with leather jacket and love bag - leather jacket apparently THE must have item for winter (or have I just made that up because I want to wear mine?). Lx

word verif is "filling" - how is your tooth now btw?

Lori ann said...

Your birthday? a full moon present? I love the bag, I need that one too.

Sundays would def be better if they came in the middle of the week.

Excellent photo, so beautiful, still no match for your writing though, there is no one like you Janelli. I love you and your blog.
p.s. crossing my fingers for your rain to come soon.

SafariB said...

Lucky lucky madam!! Jealousssss for your jacket... that smell of leather hou la la! You choose your friends well!

Yay for thunder. Yay for Pamu coming. Yay for red moons. Know the feeling about mondays - stupid things. Monday should be banned from the weekly calendar.

xoxo me

Janelle said...

thanks y'all for commenting. always appreciated. love my jacket and bag. wish it were a little colder....but shall wait for the rain...the time will come! and lulu, tooth is FINE after two sessions of root canal which was PAINLESS!!!! amazing. so am happy and off the routine pain killers. yay. lots love all round XXX j

Nancy said...

Just catching up to your incredible world, Janelle. You bring it right to my mind's eye. Probably the only way I will ever see Tanzania. Thanks for that. And please, God, let it rain for a while.

karen said...

great moon image, and I love the bag made out of dhow sails - how fabulous! Hope that rain sticks around!!

connie said...

Beautiful writing.

Reya Mellicker said...

Many happiest returns of this year and many many more, magical woman!

Elizabeth said...

The horror of teaching on Mondays after the bliss of the w/e.
So glad your tooth is better.
Greetings from NY...which you must visit soon.