Sunday, December 6, 2009

manda channel situation

(last born boogy boarding, pangani. 2009)

presently, i feel like the time when i thought it was a good idea to body surf across the manda channel, (between lamu and manda islands)...towed by a dhow. i desperately clung onto a rope, stoically rubbing up the finest finger blisters that side of the equator, as the dhow caught the thrifty kazi kazi winds winging their way down from mogadishu. the time when i nearly drowned. and if i hadn't drowned (or hadn't had drowned) i would've surely been sucked out to sea by the nasty undercurrents of that particular channel if i hadn't had water pedalled so furiously. so bloody magnificently. i tell you.

the fear of being sucked out to sea is an old one. it's a dreamed one. a real one.
i am away now. for a month. arusha - zanzibar - dar es salaam - lusaka - joberg - durban - joberg - lusaka - dar - pangani - arusha.

the chances of things going wrong are enormous.
the chances of things going right are slim.
my bets are on the latter. risky but damned fine.

isn't it miraculous when your luggage arrives the other end?

i think so.

a wood man in africa: 6th december 2009:

here he is, the little wooden man. so jaunty like, on top of my piano.
nothing chistmassy about him. he has no idea.
i might try to blog somewhere along the line.
here i go, inshallah, zig zagging 'cross east and south of the continent.
so, toodely y'all. toodely (bravely waving a hankey in the wind)
bises X.X.X. torn, stormy ones x j


Dumdad said...

Bon courage!

family affairs said...

Oh you MUST post....I'll miss you but at least I'll be able to imagine you hanging out in Lusaka - btw a mate of mine who is an airline pilot is spending from 26 to 1/1 in Lusaka and only knows the crew. Will you be there then or Luangwa? Email me Lxxx

Miranda said...

Ha, it will all go umm, swimmingly! When I was a kid I used to think that they pushed the luggage all the way while the passengers went in the plane!

Kiss home and my family from me. xxx

tam said...

Oh pull yourself together! what can go wrong? oh, luggage in South African Airports. Yes, that. Naaah, you're going to have a blissful time. And I CANT WAIT to see you!

Val said...

wow Janelle - have a fantastic time everywhere - and dont worry about the luggage - its just baggage really :-) travel safe and ENJOY xx
(awesome photos again!)

Ruth Trotter said...

Go well my friend - I arrived at your 40th with no luggage and borrowed a small japanese lady's cossie!! (SO glad no one arrived till much later!) have fun and many happy christmas greetings to all you delicious dorias x x x - WHEN will you do Christmas with us in ol blighty ????

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