Thursday, January 7, 2010

reading with expression. . .

read this with expression, with gusto, if you will. with all your hearts. please. i did. i tried. and you have to read The Names too.

and? was it exuberant? was it? do you feel uplifted? do you feel a little bit sick in your mouth? do you feel a little bit dead?

well. she read it about 8 and half times - every word full of emotion from the bottom of her heart. although at times you could sense a background perplexity. like, what the fuck ? but she read bravely full of hope. right until the end. as i said, eight and a half times.

toodely oh best beloveds. bisous X.X.X. lashings of rockin' enid blyton ones. x j


family affairs said...

Is it just me or did other people find that when the last three "YES YES YES's" were said with a huge amount of emotion I suddenly found myself in "When Harry Met Sally" which obviously isn't the idea. Sorry. Trust me to lower the tone. No boyfriend. Can you tell? Lx

Lori ann said...

You really have to wonder when kids look up to you with that W.T.F. expression. When even they wonder what is this shit i'm reading?
Perhaps you have dr.Seuss laying around instead.
i did read and even commented on your comment. I said asante sana very much and don't be silly, you know things happen and i can't wait to see if my immunitity is better now, next time over will be my fourth trip. (!)
all the best in 2010, and BIG love to you.

Miranda said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! Al of it! Said with great feeling xxxxx what a little lollipop angel you have there

ewix said...

glad you are home safe
it would have taken me 6 bottles of Xanax
to survive such beaurocratic , and totally African
How dull and safe it makes the US and England.
How I love safe and dull...
Brilliant writing as ever.

The book above does sound rather dire.
Read, Tim, read.
Up we go
go to bed
eat pie

Whay a thrilling book I could write with 3 letter words......
Happy new year

karen said...

Hi Janelle, I am just smiling to myself happily, after reading your 2 posts.. how great to have you back again! Well done for achieving that 'bionic'zambian passport - I can oh so sympathise with that whole situation!

Wishing you a fab 2010!

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