Thursday, February 18, 2010

good intentions....

look ma no saddle.

so it's a rainy lunch time up on the hill and i am blissfully on half term holidays.

god it's luxury....time to do just what i want to do. even if that means pressing my nose against the windows and watching this dark storm lash the hill for a good ten minutes.

i intend to watch movies. last night i bagged a documentary on the only REAL cowboys left on the planet - the los californios vaqueros of the baja peninsula. it's called Corazon Vaquero - The Heart Of The Cowboy and it's absolutely magnificent. i want to saddle up a mule and ride into this rattle snake ridden final frontier. horses don't make it there. these people are my people. i know it.
then some robin hood - only because second born insisted - which was disappointing...not even one arrow was shot and Little John didn't kill the sheriff when he had a very good opportunity to finally finish off the unconvincingly evil sheriff of nottingham. i so would've. the finale was District Nine which was brilliant. but it meant that i dreamt of prawns all night - the parktown kind.
i intend to ride horses, which is nothing new, as y'all know. it's what i do second to sleeping and eating. thank god it's raining though because my bottom needs a rest. i've been messing about with some bare back riding, trying to get centered and have a perfect seat. hmmm. i am damaged poor bum. and next on the list is to play the piano. i have already mastered first movement of one of amadeus's little songs and have bach and clementi lined up next. oh. i intend to "lie in" too.

and let's see. oh. i have a smattering of marking i intend to complete....and should probably try and read something on arthur millar if i am to teach him in the not too distant future. yes. so not a lot to do in the next 4 and a half days. christ.

so, with this schedule in mind, and all these good intentions, after toast and marmite this morning, i strolled along the road to go and visit miranda (not on list) - for a coffee, (the kind puts hairs on your chest and keeps you up for days) and a catch up session. we hung out on her verandah, listening to music, watching thousands of butterflies hovering over the acacia...i think there is a butterfly migration going on. she said that her sister in law told her there's hardly any butterflies or bees left in england. that's worrying. is it true, i wonder? i lazily watched her chasing the cows away. it's true. they come and eat her little herb garden and they're really scared of her too. we spoke about blogging and watched the storm clouds building...and we came to a unanimous decision that we need many more comments to keep us going. (nudge nudge, eyebrows wriggling decidedly and uncomfortably in your direction)

i wish i had something deep and meaningful to share but honestly. just nothing nothing nothing. my god. maybe i should just, well, Stop. ? she says in very small bewildered voice.

i could blather on about how first born is in zanzibar with his class on a school trip swimming with dolphins, perusing the spice tour, checking out prison island and the spooky dungeons where recalcitrant slaves were kept. i will confess when he left on the Dar Express to, well, dar es salaam, i said my ten hail marys, summoning up the mother of all mothers. i am not catholic but i learnt this prayer at the convent i attended for school. mary and i are like this (she says crossing her fingers) i sent her packing with all the kids to zanzibar. well. it's not like she's not busy or anything like that...humbly ironing her blue robes. looking serene and beautiful in the mirror and watering her rose garden while glowingly waiting for her next magnificent mercy mission.
hail mary
full of grace.
the lord is with thee.
blessed art thou among women.
blessed is the fruit of thy womb, jesus.
holy mary,
mother of god,
pray for us sinners
now and at the hour of our death
amen. and please go to zanzibar now and make sure the bus doesn;t crash, and that he doesn;t fall off the ferry from dar to zanzibar and please make sure a dirty arab in stone town doesn;t kidnap him and that he doesn;t drown when he swims with the dolphins and that the plane doesn;t crash when he flies home on saturday.
hail mary full of grace i love you. thank you. x ten.
or how second born is annoying the hell out of me with his mates here in the house running riot, leaving popcorn shells in the last born left last night to go and watch those goddamned chipmunks at the cinema in njiro and has still not come home. i know where she is...just next door....probably painting her nails and watching mama mia for the 502nd time.

yeah. it's 2:30 in the afternoon. it's raining on the peely green roof and my eyes are heavy after my lunch of a piece of cake covered with lashings of butter lemon icing (not on list) .... i think i shall stumble upstairs for a snooze. (not on list)
just because i can and anyway, didn't john lennon say that life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans?
toodely old toot oh bestests, bisous X.X.X. unplanned lemon icing ones with all good intentions. . . x j


Mud in the City said...

FIRST COMMENT! You see - I take the hint....

Riding and reading and sleeping and yacking and snoozing and pottering - how perfect. Just add in baking a cake for utter perfection!

P.S. Got your message about dear Lulu - but the 'comments' doo dad is working for me. I've 'commented' to her too and hope my blog is behaving itself tomorrow.

Janelle said...

ahhhh you ROCK mud! thank you thank you thank you! maybe its something to do with lulu's machine then?? xxx j

Janelle said...

oh. and confession. i never baked that cake. veronica did. i never bake cakes. i just eat them. is that really bad? x j

Anonymous said...

Noooooo!!! Do. Not. Stop.

Have never commented but I read faithfully from the other side of this litle blue marble where I live in a completely different reality. You contribute to my life in a small but significant way and please don't stop.

Janelle said...

okokok anonymous! thank you sooo much for leaving a comment. i love getting them..good and bad and lovely to know you're out there reading this. thank you! x j

Bill Stankus said...

Millions are being spent in attempt to discover why bees are dying ... is it too late? Dunno but the list of species lost forever continues to grow. Very Sci-fi... that is, books were written about when all that's left are humans and cockroaches.

tam said...

Rachel Carson warned us long time ago.

Glad you saw the prawn movie, wasn't it funny? I love the Kempton Park University bit.

tam said...

and i'm sorry i haven't commented in so long. i don't know whats the matter with me. I've had blog fright. Time to catch up. Except I have so litle of it right now. Time that is.

PurestGreen said...

Doing nothing is an art. Commence dramatic lounging.

Rob Inukshuk said...

Comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment....enough comments for you?

Reya Mellicker said...

Sounds like a very pale version of Robin Hood. Hmmm ... but I love it that there ARE still cowpeople out there in Baja. Yes they are definitely your people, no doubt about it!

Last summer I saw more bees and butterflies in DC than I have in several years. I think they may be making a resurgence here. Maybe soon in England, too.

Enjoy your stormy holiday day. xx

Karen said...

Dear Janelle,

I know I am a stranger and all, but I need you to keep writing. I read your voice here and it's like getting a jolt of energy, or magic, or something. It's not just that where you live seems so exotic, viewed from where I live (though it really is). It's not just that you love horses and cuss in front of your kids and sing and play guitar and teach (though I love reading about those things, too). It's not just the beautiful photos (though I love them). It's that you write and a real person comes through. Your voice gives me back some kind of faith in writing, that writing can in fact bring forth the ineffable, a spirit, some bit of magic. (Wow, I didn't even realize that's why I was reading, but there it is!)

So if you like comments, I will try to leave more. Because I need you to keep going.


Janelle said...

bill - humans and cockroaches? waaaah......x j

hey tam! yeah. loved district nine. yes. i found myself laughing in places that are perhaps inappropriate to laugh in if you didn't know seffefrika. . . ag thanks for commenting. mo and i just decided that we should just say somehting and also become more proactive in commenting ourselves! hah. x j

heh he purest green! a GREAT comment. thank you! swinging over to yours in a bit..have been quite rubbish. own fault. x j


thanks darlin' reya...yeah. a real namby pamby version of robin hood. gad. and happy to hear the bees and butterflies are prolific in washington! yesssssssssssss. x j

aw karen! THANK YOU!!!! your comment is so heartfelt and lovely and kind....thank you thank you thank you...x j

Janelle said...

whoa. mustn't get stuck on thirteen...move along now, move along now...

Miranda said...

And here, another! That's better, hey! Thanks for the lekker visit yesterday. How was that RAIN! You should have seen the river-road. Vok!

SafariB said...

Awesome. Always awesome. Does it count if I comment weeks after? ;) Cos I do sometimes.. sorry if I'm slack.

sitting on the verandah watching butterflies with you guys (and eating lemon cake) would be the best food for the soul. Wish I wasnt soo far away in this godforsaken place with rocks in my head!

Dreaming of the smell of sweaty horses


ArtDesigNature said...

Hi Janelle,
It's Michele from Montreal and I'm still following and enjoying your blog... just rarely comment. But don't stop writing and sharing your adventure!
Have fun on your break.

Karen said...

And thanks for leaving a comment chez moi! :)

P.S. I just LOVE the photo of the horse in the house. Too funny.

Dumdad said...

I've just rented the Prawn Movie (aka District 9) and will watch it tonight with wife and son. Looking forward to it as reviews, yours included, have been good.

Carolina said...

Please don't stop writing. Your blog is so beautiful. Your words are poetic yet heartbreakingly real and keep me coming back to read your adventures.

I've read every post since I've discovered your blog, am just terrible at commenting! Will try harder in the future. Thank you for your stories and sharing your life with us.

Much love from NYC,

Janelle said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww THANKS y'all!!! EESH. TWENTY!? overwhelmed. i would just like to thank my parents. without them i would never have got where i am today....(in silver sequinned dress, hair like jennifer arniston and holding up golden award for 20). no. really really thanks. its lovely to know my blogdom is being read by you. lashings of love and thanks all round XXX j

Val said...

ahh just love it - everyone in their niche and all well with the world. sorry dont always comment but always read. just love your blog - it never fails to lift the spirit xx

ewix said...

So sorry I'm late in commenting on half term....
yes it is hell being a mother because of all the things that could happen but almost always don't!!!
so lots of hail marys coming your way
a stiff drink might work too
re Arthur Miller totally love
Death of a Salesman because so sad n so much to talk about.
However, I think A. Miller WASN"T A VERY NICE MAN
See a long recent-ish article in the New Yorker or Vanity Fair.
He had a handicapped (Downs?) child that he sent away and did not bother to visit much.
Except who am I to judge him? But I HOPE I would never reject one of my children if they were not perfect.
Now this is an interesting discussion
should an artist be a good person? Does it matter?
Gaugaun (spelling) was a jerk to his family etc etc
but did good paintings............

Lori ann said...

hey i'm #24! perhaps you prayed to the comment god along with the hail mary?
i'm sorry you bum hurts.
i hope your #1 is back to the hill safely.
i hope you don't step barefoot on any of those popcorn shells, ouch.
be glad you didn't have to see chipmunks or mamma mia.
that's awesome your working on your piano skills.
come here and we'll go find the vaqueros, they are a days drive away...
and don't.stop.blogging.

xoxoxoxlove, lori

p.s. did you get to hold mirandas darling baby??

Janelle said...

hello elizabeth...yes interesting. my take on miller and his imperfect child is that perhaps he did not have the emotional means to deal with was his lack, not the other way around. who knows? perhaps this decision was torturous to live with. i imagine it was. i can't judge anyone on this. and no. i don't think artists have to be good people. loads aren't yet they still have perfectly valid commentary on the world...aren't we all the same, to greater and lesser degrees? like a puzzle?? lots lots love to you XXX j

hello beautiful lori!! thanks number 25! number one is back safe and sound...a little smelly...i don't think he did much showering but he swam lots in the sea and knows all the short cuts in the higgeldy piggeldy streets of Stone Town...! love having him back though...all brown and tow headed...god i love him. oh YES please i need to visit the day one day...and YES i always hold miranda's baby...she is a very sweet little peanut, for sure. love you lori darlin' XXX j

Annie B said...

I read somewhere that butterflies are responsible for most of the pollination on the planet. But to think of a world without either bees or butterflies is too sad. There must be millions swarming around up here in Karatu. Terrific that your fans responded to your call for comments. I miss you, haven't seen you in yonks... A big hug to you.

nuttycow said...

I see what you're doing Janelle. You're making us all confess how much we adore you.

I confess, I don't comment much either. Not because I don't want to, but just that I'm overwhelmed and don't have anything to say :(

Much love.

Janelle said...

hey annie! yes where in allah's name are you? obviously not in karatu! lots love XXX j

nutty cow! indeedy indeedy! heh he...THANKS for commenting darlin'! X j

Angela said...

Am I 29? Maybe I should write two comments to make the thirty full. Here`s one about bumblebees. In fact, bees are getting scarce here, thanks to a mean American disease which came over the ocean and killed all the tiny little bee babies in their cots, and now the last ones must soon recover and hopefully fill the air with bee sound again, so we have a bee-loud glade. But until this happens, we breed bumblebees! I love them, they are so thick and dear, and they cannot actually fly, the rumour goes, only they don`t know it. We have an extra breeding house for them, so hopefully as soon as our bleahbleah-snow melts, they will return to my garden!

Angela said...

Hi I`m back. Yes please Janelle, kep on writing and telling us about your music and your horse and your children and life on the hill in general. You cannot imagine how DIFFERENT your life is to ours. Well maybe you can, I sent you the beach-snow-photos.

And oh, just think of what our connection made possible, like on a bee`s wing...thank you for this!

family affairs said...

LOOK you see, over I come, late as ever these days AND Y0U HAVE 30 COMMENTS. Which I think is pretty damn good. Lovely lovely photo as ever and great post. Hope your son is back in your arms v soon. Isn't it scary when they go? Lx

ps and word veri is "fliti" which is exactly the sort of half term you appear to be having (not on list) x

Tammie Dooley said...


Look. here it is. I want my blog to be on your blog list. "they" say we're known by the company we keep. it's that simple. your writing has so moved me, the light of your photographs has so transcended my dimmer world that being on your list of blogs would be an instant medal on my chest. of course, I make the request in jest. The rest however is truth and one writer's humility. here's my comment as you requested. please don't stop blogging.

Mama Shujaa said...


Habari gani dada. Are you now on day two, three and a half to go? Well, unajua after I read hii blog post yako, my heart now really really wants to go home. Nimechoka na America for real, but it will take some working out kurudi nyumbani.

Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. and never stop. I've not been consistently commenting, kwasababu mostly of the j.o.b., and then had some internet access issues over the last few months. Lakini that is all fixed now.

So my dear, I look forward to reading more, Janelli!!!

Mama Shujaa

Mama Shujaa said...

Ooops! no way are you on day two, if you posted this on Feb 18. Where are you? LOL.

Anyway, on the subject of comments. I think that when you put yourself out there in love, folks should give something back, like just a word or two. But I think folks more readily take, than give.

I feel you girl.