Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ngorobob hill and some...

call me a gypsy (which is a very good thing in my books. by the by.) but the ngorobob hills are lately a decidedly quirky little place. maybe it's something to do with the elevation. or perhaps it's the clarity of the mornings - meru and kilimanjaro clear as crystal. white skied mornings. laced in very clear gold. it's state of the heart i'm tellin' ya. or maybe it's the way thousands of butterflies hover over the lavender around the house. sparkly and flighty. who knows.

after much contemplation through this particular looking glass i have decided that plastic bottles are out. a no no. they give you cancer (ignore the fact that i am happily smoking myself to death on camel lights. please. just this once and then you can get back up high on your Hyde Park Corner Box.) so The Order has been given that only glass bottles please, are to be filled from the precious rain water collection tank in the courtyard. the thing is, most of the glass bottles are, well, old (ish) vodka bottles....and unfortunately this morning second born took a swig of what he thought was water...and we all know what Thought did, eh?
a rude shock at 7:00 in the morning before school. teeth cleaning stuff.

the newly broken in colt, sukari (sugar in swahili) has toured the house. confidently it would seem. when i wasn't looking. the fact remains that third born was watching mama mia for the 485th time and didn't even look up when the horse walked past her in the lounge.

we have quirky neighbours too.... a transcript from an evening at their house the other night:
ma baker: so oscar (who is about 5) how was your day?
OTB: (oscar tom baker) ooooh i've had a fuckn day.
(one of the fuckn days. OTB in the middle.)

his sister, niamh, who has starred somewhere in this obscure blog because she is third born's best best best best best friend and seven. SEVEN. 7. and OTB's big sister. and because she's well, beautiful. anyway. she reminded the said OTB to apply sun block before heading out to school this morning. his retort was "shut up bitch". i asked his mother where he got this from. she has absolutely no idea. naturally.

i'm tellin' ya.
so, um, toodely toot y'all bestest beloveds. X. X. X. white skied gold laced ones. yeah. x j


Bill Stankus said...

Just a slight soapbox moment ...

I posted this awhile back:

Last year Americans spent nearly $11 billion on over 8 billion gallons of bottled water, and then tossed over 22 billion empty plastic bottles in the trash. In bottle production alone, the more than 70 million* bottles of water consumed each day in the U.S. drain 1.5 million barrels of oil over the course of one year.

* That's roughly 3 million plastic bottles thrown away each hour in the U.S.

Also: It takes about a thousand years for a plastic water bottle to decompose in a landfill.

Mud in the City said...

Horses in the house and vodka in the water. And why not!

(P.S. Hoping to meet your sister tomorrow - very exciting!)

Nancy said...

You live in a rare and magical world. OTB is going to be a hand full in a few years! LOL!

Lori ann said...

it's pippi longstocking african style. fuckn kids.


Janelle said...

thanks for the stats see? no no NO to plastic bottles...sis. x j

hey mud! yay! hope you have fun! send her my love...x j

OTB is hilarious...and yes. what a handful he will be. thank christ he belongs to someone else...heh he heh! x j

heh he lori..indeed! lots love x j

Bee said...

That first paragraph: completely and utterly beautiful. I long to see that light and those butterflies. I look at my dried-up garden and wonder if luscious spring will ever come.

About plastic bottles: they really depress me. In the last 50 years we have invented all of these so-called marvellous conveniences and just filled this world with trash.

Dumdad said...

I just love popping over to your world - so very different.

MissingMoshi said...

I love the picture you paint for all who live 1000's of miles away and wish we lived there.
I grew up at the foot of Kilimanjaro. My heart is still there.
We use to go up to the farms on Kili, ride horseback, and look for the Colobus monkeys.
Love your stories, your words, your descriptions, your life.

ewix said...

Hi Janelle
just caught up on your chat will Bill S. on both death and plastic bottles..........
both are pretty bad.
I suppose we just have to trot along doing the best we can
and looking about us.
Love you and your descriptions of your magical world.
If I sent you attachment of my various silly books would you read them?
They contain my so called philosophy but in a very light sort of way..........
ps I rarely use plastic and drink water out of the tap


Hey darlin, LOVE that photo...can you do me a huge favour and send a Mud a message telling her that after numerous attempts I can't leave comments for her anymore - don't know why - some prob with wordpress, so can she give me her email or open up her comments so no restrictions? Also have a contact in Singapore if she wants it - how great she's met your friends Lxxx