Thursday, April 22, 2010

autumnal spinning

i love it when seasons are on the cusp.

they're ever so illusive here. guileful. you can hardly tell.

unless you're me.

sometimes i'm jealous of the northern hemisphere spring.

it's just so definite. so obvious.

here seasons declare themselves with a japanese hint. a nudge. a slight change in light angles and shadows. a double edged clarity. african winters.

it's that time of year again....just when the rains are tailing off, the grass is green, rudely lush and wild yellow flowers dot the green, like little fallen tender stars.

and flame lillies . oh flame lillies. so overtly hand painted. they're mostly yellow here. in zambia they're red.

i think i prefer red....but cain't complain 'bout the yella.

the moon is crisp and clear cut and i wish i were her. i wake in the early hours with the dogs barking. i stare out the loft windows, marveling at the star packed sky scapes. which an hour later turn into raging storms.

the stars are spikey, irredescent and clear.....crystal.

and me. i have wings at my feet.

i'm dreaming.

i'm smiling.

a lot.

even my students are noticing.

is it that obvious?

"but miss you look so happy? why?"

just coz. ok?

coz life is sweet right now, k?

just because i see the way the clouds skud across the blue. i notice the flame lilly on the way to school next to the gnarly balanites. i notice the angle of the moon. and the sun. who is edging her way slyly north. poetry comes easily. curly sapphire blue ink words splodge simply and prettily into my secret note book.

and i have discovered the sudanese poet of love.

the sky is buzzing with swallows and swifts and buzzards hanging in the last twilight wind at the tippy top of the ngorobobs.

yesterday i was smoking outside the school gates. a young maasai strolled by with his cattle smiling happily, amusingly at me. i smiled happily back thinking "you see? it isn't just me. nice maasai man." until i looked down and realized i was standing in a big fresh cow poo.

i exhaust myself by containing myself.
no no no no you can't whoop here, man.
wrap it.

you try marking A Level coursework under similar conditions.


toodely toot oh bestests. bisous X.X.X. moon sliced burnt orange autumnal ones x j


Carolina said...

So good to read you're happy, makes me smile! Spring really is the best, even soft barely there Spring...

Mud in the City said...

Oh I could smell the warm damp earth and feel the breeze in that post! Here on the equator it is hot and wet, and hot and wet, with a change of hot and wet for tea.

rather dull really....

Dumdad said...

Janelle, you are poetry in motion when you write these glorious blogposts. You fly us to the moon and stars and back. And then you dump us in the poo of real life. C'est la vie, yin and yang, and smiles all round.

Amanda said...

oh those in between seasons. the celts may have given them names but you take us by the hand and give us a personal vip tour. thank you for another breathtaking flyover.

i look for the moon in early morning too when its all yellowy and sinking. love that seasonal tilting angle of the orbs.

poetry comes easily to you indeed.

Miranda said...

Ah J'nelle, I'm so damn jealous of your writing. So the rains are over huh? You reckon??

Indigo said...

So nice to see someone else happy and shining.. and just the plain brilliance of this weather.. pity I haven't been in your classes this week to soak up some of that radiance.
The stars and the moon are most probably my favourite things about the sky.. other than the clouds at sunrises and sunsets..and the utter explosion of colors you get from the sun and the rain.. aah, it's started raining again..isn't it great?!
Pole about the coursework...I'll try and make mine a bit easier.. and I'll be extra sweet and nice to make you know that I care.
Love your writing.. it's beautiful. Completely and utterly

Janelle said...

thanks y'all for your comments...and mo, nope. not over but season is changing kabisa! you can tell, cain't ya? and thanks sweet sposed to be writing a child's story, remember? hope your art exam went ok?
love to y'all. x j

Spiny Marshmallow said...

Lovely, lovely - love your writing - sweet and sharp

Lori ann said...

yep, always. inez said it best, completly and utterly. xxx

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I am glad you are in your sweet spot right now! And I wish I were the moon, too:-)

Reya Mellicker said...

Standing in the cow poo, eh? That is so hilarious, Janelle.

Please do NOT contain yourself. It isn't good for you, and certainly not good for the rest of us.

Is that the supreme being Gabriella in the first picture? Divine!

In California there are not actual seasonal changes either. Except Californians will tell you that the seasons DEFINITELY change. The only thing I noticed during all my years in San Francisco was the waxing and waning of the days. But that's me - I like the blatant seasons of the midatlantic seaboard. In your face seasonal changes. Yeah.

Elizabeth said...

Loved the juxtaposition of poetic joy and ciggies and cow poo
and isn't that just what life is all about really?
all these different things coming at you in waves

and I noticed that both Maryam and Reya wrote to you
and I know both of them really in real life
so you should come to NY and we would ALL meet up and have LOTS OF FUN

karen said...

I know what you mean.. Love that photo!!

Val said...

i too love the change of seasons - the cusp - almost as much as i love your blog :-) thanks Janelle

Caroline said...
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