Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the show must go on

the rain is here. everything is plush, green and mushy.

the hill is misty most mornings.

it's bliss.

i need to sleep more. holidays have hardly been restful. no sirree.

so much to tell.

but must rush off to the little macedonian dentist for some more lovely root canal therapy.

love it.

i'll just fall asleep on the lovely rocking chair as she rips nerves from my head.

late already.

back later, oh bestests, bisous X.X.X. ephereal misty ones. x j


Val said...

oh err good luck with that - hope all goes well, and you stil have time to hang out with Pam today :-)

Angela said...

Is Pam still there? You are lucky!
How is your little girlie?
I `ve just had some hard dentisting, too, but all the while I keep thinking, How GOOD that there ARE dentists! And not barbers.

ewix said...

Hm........ my lovely dentist gives me oodles of GAS
hee hee almost makes it worth it.

Yes, how is the little one doing
You got us all worried

Hot here now 80f

winter to midsummer with no spring

Linda Sue said...

Oh ow! The suicide rate for dentists is high, no body likes them. Digging around in your head right next to your brain,not pleasant, uncomfortable. I hope that you get some blissful drugs...

Reya Mellicker said...

Glad about the rain but sad to hear you have to have another root canal. Sweet dreams!

Dumdad said...

Love the painting!

joo said...

Hi from Brasil!!

karen said...

I still can't see the picture (internet too slow today) will come back for it later! Enjoy the mistiness, and good luck with the dental visit, of course!

Spiny Marshmallow said...

Great pic - what a clever sweetie

Carolina said...

Yes, please come back soon! I miss your stories! :)