Friday, April 16, 2010

time musings

when i woke up, easter was miles behind me, winter was edging through the door, disguised in veils of rain, but yup, that surely is her pale foot wedged in the gap and had i blogged? no. had i recorded my music? no. had i recovered the torn cushions? no. have i thrown out all my sparkly indian clothes? no. in fact, i bought more from the markets.
but yes, i have nearly finished the jack kerouac novel. he, crazy neal cassady and a smattering of other beatniks who kept the faith, have recently arrived in mexico, glittery eyed and wild.

and school is about to start. monday. god. school. monday. mondays will be Real Mondays again. which means sundays will be Real Blue Sundays again. and week-ends will be sweet relief. but then again it also means that the summer hols (which are really winter ones here but lovely and long) are only ten weeks away. and have i read julius caeser? no. and have i finished death of a salesman? no siree, i have not.

what would it be like if Time had a pause button? and a delete button. but no rewind. but you were only allowed to press them three times per life. . . and for as long as you liked? and you could press play when it turned nasty or as W.C Fields said, when things were filled with "eminent peril".
of course this would all work terribly well if other people would kindly co operate with your pause and delete too. but if not, golly, things could be even more perilous than they presently are. "gosh!" (napoleon dynamite)

i know where i would pause my time. and i certainly know which bits i would delete. retrospectively, naturally and herein lies the inherent problem with this idea. one has to think carefully about this, ya know. repercussions. consequences and all. time is no flippant thing. mostly it feels like it's on fast forward. was it only 30 odd years ago when cowboys wore tight white pants and thought it cool? ? and magnum PI was It? when we wore lee jeans, checked shirts, hand painted silver high tops, tied pony tails on the side of our heads and wore cherry red lip gloss, boogying on down to Heart Of Glass and Funky Town in crappy little backwater towns?

oh this rhetorical blathering is doing my head in.

time to move on.

taa ra then, from a rainy wet ngorobob hill, bisous X.X.X. lightening flickered ones x j


Angela said...

Trying to think what I would delete or change or replay - hmmm, wondering. Nothing, perhaps if I give it a long careful thought? Because if I changed one thing, another thing would not have happened. And if I would re-live moments (would I have my knowledge of now?), would I not laugh all the time at my own queerness? Somehow it all worked out, all those moments that I thought I could impossibly survive - they took a turn and here I am. Still.
And can have more of those happy, queer moments.
Good post, thanks Janelli!

My name isn't Evan said...

I decided it’s quite possible to make a reasonable calculation of subjective issues which are often considered outside the norm of measurable quantities. Using some of the basic psychometric work of Schwartz and Bowlus, I extrapolated their data, keeping in mind the cutting edge theorems of McGee, Harper and Bernie done at the Big Sur Symposium in the mid 1990s on, "Human Nature and Common Variables".

Not finding a suitable algorithm, I’ve drawn upon my experiences with a variety of apperati; specifically magnetometers, spectrometers, seismometers and oscilloscopes and I’ve determined the following:

I've been awesomely happy for 21.5% of my life (±0.03%) and so-so happy for an additional 0.93%

Therefore making a time adjustment or jump would be an easy choice.

Dumdad said...

Delete flares...

Miranda said...

What's wrong with ponytails on the side of your head? Huh? Huh?

Janelle said...

therein lies the conundrum, eh geli? xx j

well, Not Evan (bill?) quite. . . awfully complex. and can happiness be calculated accordingly? x j

oh DD i LOVE flares...if you;re talking about the trouser kind...and the other kind too, in fact. x j

and mo i never said anything was wrong with pony tails on the's just that times have changed so fast, no? x j

Spiny Marshmallow said...

Wots wrong with cherry red lip gloss?

Amanda said...

if i had to choose one it would be pause. at greek sunsets with an ouzo in hand, babies at the stage where they fall asleep in your arms. the moment before you do something you really like.

oh yes all those wide lapel shows.

duck magnum, duck!

Lori ann said...

why no rewind? that's the one i'd like most. but yes, amandas right, babies, milk drunk babies, falling asleep (with sleeping smiles, they do right?) and your african sunsets (drink in hand) and rereading kerouac while in mexico (when we had a house there).
if i think about these things so much real sunday and monday are not so bad.(espically when you can wear sparkly clothes).

better get crackin on those books. :)
XXX lori

Reya Mellicker said...

Fantastic post, Janelle. Of course it is.

Ah. A pause button. I think back in the day when I smoked a lot of ganja, I did so for just that reason. When stoned, I FELT like I had hit the pause button. Everything slowed down.

But I became even more anxious in slow time because I felt even MORE compelled to do and read and toss out the glittery Indian clothing than in "real" time.

One thing about getting older is that I now am absolutely certain I will NEVER be able to do everything I think I should. It's easier to let go of ambitions. It's one of the comforts of aging.

In the meantime, I am SO grateful for you. Wow.

reluctantmemsahib said...

ah. lovely. pause and delete and pause for thought. and it was wonderful to see you x